Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Week Of Lasts....

I don't know why I do this to myself.  Everyday this week I have been telling myself that every time something involving Venti comes up, I say "this is the last time...."

I'm driving myself nuts!  But I can't help it!  If you just started reading my blog, then read this first so you can follow along!

Here are some examples:
  1. This is the last time I do his laundry.
  2. This is the last time I buy his favorite foods.
  3. This is the last time I make this for dinner.
  4. This is the last time he will be sitting in his chair at the dinner table.
  5. This is the last time he will take a shower here and have to remind him that he took too long.
  6. This is the last time he has his friends over and I'll have to listen to them playing video games...loudly!!
  7. This is the last time I have to keep Short quite in the mornings (Venti's room is on the first floor.)
  8. This is the last time I have to make huge amounts of food for dinner.
  9. This is the last time I have to listen to Grande and him fighting over where to park their cars.
  10. This is the last time I wait up for him to come home at night.
What I really mean is:    
  1. I will miss folding his size x-large shirts and his black socks.
  2. I will still buy his favorite foods and take them to him when I visit.
  3. I will still make those things he loves for dinner and invite him over.
  4. I will glance over at his empty chair at dinner and sadly miss him.
  5. I will not miss the large water bill.
  6. I will think that the house seems so quite and would actually enjoy hearing the laughter of him and his friends.
  7. I will see the sadness on Short's face every day as he misses his oldest brother who is his buddy.
  8. I will miss making dinner that actually gets all eaten!
  9. I will soon have to hear Grande and Tall arguing over parking their cars!
  10. I will still lie there at night wishing he were asleep downstairs.

      He is such a good kid and I know he will do well and succeed on his own. 

      That still doesn't make it any easier and I couldn't have prepared for this day in any way shape or form....I am a Mom....he is my child....and this is life...and boy is it hard.....


      1. Oh sniff!!! And I promised myself that I wouldn't cry today.

        You see -- today, my oldest graduates from preschool and starts kindergarten in the fall. I know it goes fast -- and your post made me realize that all the more.

        My dad once told me that while you count the lasts, you can also count the firsts that are born because of the lasts. (If that makes sense!)

        Thinking of you my friend!

      2. Awww... this post is so sweet... I'm sure he will miss you too!

      3. Java this is just a beautifully poignant post. Despite the fact that my daughter is only three, I can so well imagine reading this every thought you are having and how every moment of the day is filled with just knowing your son will soon be gone. Sending you hugs today and I am not a hugs person normally I will have you know :-)

      4. very heartbreaking...oh, I don't want to even go there..I have 4 more years...

      5. My baby son graduates next week and I am so emotional about it. All of my babies will be grown. He had his last track meet last night , his last sporting event ever. Yep.I cried.
        ha! I will be doing a post on sleepwear soon! ( :
        Have a pretty night!

      6. These are the things that are bothering me too, Jave. Because Mike graduates this year and though he's not going to college until 2011 I am sure he'll be heading out on his own within the year. It bothers me so much that when I think about it I cry and though I so want Mike to go and do what makes him happy and I wouldn't in a million years hold him back I would for a dollar go back in time and spend an extra evening cuddling, reading his favorite book for the billionth time, fixing him rice and ketchup even though it is gross, smells gross though he says it's execellent.
        I am in the process of writing up my post to go with your Friday Follow, 40 and over and then I'll like up.
        Take care Java and have a great afternoon. Give Venti an extra hug for me and things will work out okay, at least that's what they say.
        God Bless!!

      7. Oh Java, it is so hard to watch them go...but I love the people they have become. Having our 10 year olds is good! This is the first summer that my oldest 2 will be in apartments and working and not at the shore with us. But the best part is when they visit-it is so much fun. What a loving family you clearly have... hugs and hugs and hugs this weekend to you.

      8. Dang. *sniffle* I remember when my boy moved out... It will take some time to adjust. Even then, you will have stabbing pains that linger


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