Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh No You Didn't!!

Yes I did!! really didn't??

Yep...sure did....didn't even think twice!


I returned a box of Pantiliners!

Seriously I did.

I grabbed the wrong box.

                       I wanted the Dri-Liners:
                        Instead I grabbed the Flexi-Style:

 They look similar don't they??

Well they aren't! This is the 2nd box that I bought of these Flex-Style liners....both by mistake and I was not going to have another drawer full of these paper thin liners that the only thing they are good for is sticking to my underpants!  And I mean sticking to them!   They are so thin that when you peel and stick them you can't peel them back off!   They also do not have the dri-weave which is that breathable topsheet that keeps you dry!!

Look how thin these are:

Of course I bought them at Walmart.

And of course the employee at the customer service was a Young MALE.

Young Male:  Can I help you?

Me:  Yes...I'd like to return these.

Young there anything wrong with these??

Me:  (What I wanted to say was that I can't get them off my underpants and they don't have the dri-weave and so my underpants feel wet).....No..they aren't even opened...I just grabbed the wrong box.

Young Male Ummmm do you have the receipt?

Me:  I thought I did but I can't find it.

Young Male:  Oh ummm yea well since you don't have the receipt I'll have to give you merchandise credit.

Me:  That's fine because I'll just use it for the one's I wanted to get.

Young Male: (On the intercom system) Manager to Customer'll be just a minute ma'am.

Up walks Male #2...the Manager....had to get approval because it was over $5.00 ($5.87).

Held up the line for about 10 minutes.

Got a couple of glares on my way past them.

Returned home happy.

End of story.....PERIOD!


  1. LOL. At least you didn't send your Joe to make the exchange!

  2. Too funny! I would have returned them too!!!

  3. I would have returned them too! LOVE the dialogue with the young male employee, poor guy :-)

  4. Oh, that was priceless! Thank you for sharing your funny funny story. Made my day. :)

  5. lmao That was good. I would've done the same thing....I can't live without my Always liners with dri-weave! LOL

  6. I needed something light and funny. Thank you:-)

  7. That is too funny!!! I don't know that I would have been able to take them back!

    I found you today through New Friend Friday @ The Girl Creative!

    Thanks for the story!


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