Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The "Lion"

As you know we have 3 male cats.   Our youngest kitty, BoBo is 10 months old and when we got him we had no idea how long his fur would grow!!

When we got BoBo, he looked like this: 
Yesterday he looked like this:
 Today, he looks like this:
Bobo is now sporting the Lion Cut!!
When we picked him up at the groomer's I couldn't believe what he looked like!  I couldn't stop laughing....he looked so cute!!
We couldn't wait to see what the kids thought!  Venti was the first to see him and he just cracked up laughing and said how cute he looked!
Grande was next and he could not stop laughing!  He loved the cut!
Tall came home from school and said, "what in the heck did you do that to BoBo for?"...."He looks like a poodle!!"
Short was next to come home from school and laughed so hard I think he peed his pants!!!

Since he got home, he hasn't stop washing....mostly his little boy parts!  I think he couldn't find them before!!

Some people think that shaving a cat is cruel or is harming the cat in some way or that it is a form of abuse. This is NOT cruel to the cat! The lion cut can be done for several reasons:
  • Your love the personality of a long hair breed of cat but simply don’t want to or don’t have time to take care of all that hair!
  • If you live in hot climates, the lion cut can help keep your kitty cool.
  • If your male cat is not neutered, the lion cut will help keep him clean.
  • If your cat is a female breeder, the lion cut will help keep her clean and help her babies find mommy easier to nurse.
  • Older cats are sometimes poor groomers, and the lion cut will help keep them clean.
  • It cuts down on hairballs.
  • It cuts down on shedding!
  • And they just look adorable!! 
What do you think?


  1. Omg ...he is so precious! Doesn't he look proud with his new haircut!

  2. Yes, I think he likes it too! Very regal as King of the Cats!

  3. LOL! I agree with tall. My first thought was that he looks like a poodle. To funny :)

  4. Heee heeee! I can't stop laughing! He looks absolutely hilarious!!!! :D

  5. OMG I can not stop laughing. I had a cat that was that hairy once and my family thought I was nuts for giving him baths. That is too funny.

  6. That second floppy photo reminds me of my old cat, she was a Ragdoll breed. Is that what your cat is? I never gave her a lion cut, she wasn't too bad with hair.

    A friend of mine had a persian though and gave her a lion cut and she was already a tiny cat but she was pretty self conscious-he felt so bad after. LOL.


  7. LOL! Oh my goodness! I just love him and his cute little lion cut. Precious! I adore all of your gorgeous kitties.

    My Mr Chestnut says Meow to your babies! :)

  8. LOL We had planned to get Bandit groomed in that fashion. He just had so much matting that it would have been better for him in the end.

    I had heard about it and could imagine it, but had not actually SEEN it until now... LOL In some of the pics BoBo looked rather miffed about it, but in most, he looks most comfortable in it. :-)

  9. POOR KITTY! Good thing there aren't any girls in the house because they would be making FUN of HIM!

    He does kind of look like a little doggie, but I really think he belongs in the circus! Doesn't he look like he's ready to perform a trick? You should teach him how to sit and how to beg/go up on two legs! My little boy does that. Then you could say you had a true Ringling Bros worthy lion-kitty.

    PS: I think since you are down one male in the house that you should run out and get a little girl kitty so you have a comrade!

  10. PS: I kind of want to wag his tail for him.

  11. We just had our cat groomed using the "lion" cut, as well. How often do you think they should be cut like this? Every couple months, or just once a year? Our Bastian seems so much happier with all that hair gone! :)

  12. The lion cut needs to be done about every 5-6 months.


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