Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not a trace!!!

There is not a trace of Christmas left in my house!!  The tree was put away this morning right along with all the decorations around the house.  I know some of you think that is terrible but for me it is a relief!  I like when things are back to normal and it seems like so much clutter is around with all the decorations!  I went through the 10 bins of decorations in the basement too and I have 5 huge bags of donations to get rid of.  Whew!!

We had a really great Christmas! 

Grande, Short and Tall coming down to see what Santa left!

Grande and Tall with their new hats to keep them warm at college!

This was Tall's favorite gift!  He was always complaining how cold he is at school and he said he can't wait to wear them at college!  lol...only Tall!!

Dinner at my parents house...3 of my boys with 3 of my nephews!

Venti and Mocha with their Christmas pants!!

This is my whole family!  My parents are on the couch in the middle (Mom has a green shirt on and Dad is in Maroon)....My older sister is beside my Mom with her hubby and my younger sister is in the black shirt and her hubby is on the end of the couch.  Joe and I are on the right side of the couh with Venti and Mocha behind us. My boys are in front of us and then all my nephews and 1 niece!

Short, Venti, Tall and Grande!!

I have 4 days off which I am thoroughly enjoying!  We got 5 inches of snow today so it was a good day to stay home and undecorate!  I'm not sure what we are doing New Year's Eve as we were invited to a party by a friend of ours a couple of weeks ago but she hasn't mentioned it since!  Hummmm....if so then we will just go out to eat and then spend a quiet night at home!

I am hoping that once the holidays are over that our house will sell!  We had several showings in December and all of them loved the house but for some reason or another they didn't buy it.  One of them had a boat and needed a flat driveway which ours isn't.  The right one will come along soon I hope!!

If I don't have a chance to post again before New Year's I want to wish everyone a safe and happy one and here's to 2013!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

We have a winner!!

I am happy to announce the winner of the "This is 40"  contest is Mary from Life In a Small Town!!!!   Congratulations!!  The promotional company will be in touch with you shortly to ship you your prizes!  Enjoy!!!!

Here we are 2 days before Christmas!  I am getting there little by little!  Joe helped me wrap the other night which was a huge help!  I just have a little more to do today.  I wasn't going to do any baking because I didn't think that I had time but Joe got called into work today so I have the day to myself and I decided to do some baking!  I'm going to make my Grandma's soft sugar cookies and everyone's favorite peanut butter cookies!!

Tomorrow we will be going to Christmas Eve mass at 5pm and then we have dinner reservations at The Melting Pot.  Then we are going to Venti's in-laws for a Christmas Eve party!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Thank you all for being a friend, follower, or both as that is the best Christmas present I could ask for! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I couldn't think of an appropriate title for this post so I decided on midway because it is almost "midway" between Thanksgiving and Christmas! The time where some of us are not evening thinking about Christmas while others are all ready done and wrapped! I am somewhere in between where as I have some gifts purchase (not wrapped) and still have many more to get! Which one are you? I'm curious how many of you are prepared...or not prepared! December 25th will be here whether we like it or not. Its funny how some people absolutely love Christmas and can't wait for it to get here and other people cringe at the "C" word. I tend to be a cringer probably because of the cost and the how much work it is. I wish our world didn't become so commercialized and turned our Christmas into a day that is all about gift giving instead of enjoying the day for what it really is. Speaking of Thankgiving, I had a very nice day spent with all my family! It was Venti and Mocha's turn to eat at my Mom's so it great having them there all day! Here is a picture of the boys and Mocha.

Grande, Tall, Short, Venti & Mocha

We haven't had any luck yet with our house! We had one showing so far and the lady loved it but couldn't afford it. We probably won't get much action now until after the first of the year. We did find another place that we like and put a deposit down but if someone else comes along that wants it and doesn't have a contingency to sell their home then we will lose that one. We are so hoping that doesn't happen!

Venti like to wear bowties. I think he gets a kick out of everyone's reaction. He has worn them since he was little!

Some things never change! Hehe!

Work is going good....busy but good. I will be working over-time from now until Christmas which is good for the wallet but bad because I already don't have enough hours in the day! The boys will be home from college for Christmas break from December 15 - January 22nd! Yikes! I'll be cooking and doing laundry non-stop! I do like them home but its funny how we get use to them not being here! Short loves when they are home! What a full house it will be again!!