Monday, May 3, 2010

Italian Ice?

I like to know what is going on in my son's lives as much as possible.  They aren't always a wealth of information and I usually have to poke and probe them to get them to tell me anything.

Grande's laptop wasn't working right and so my Dad had his laptop for a couple of days trying to fix it.  Grande couldn't go without a laptop (to him he'd rather go without food then his laptop) so he was borrowing the family laptop which is kept in the office for anyone to use.

After he got his laptop back, he put the office laptop back in the office.  I went to use it yesterday and his yahoo email account was pulled up onto the screen.  Well if that isn't an invitation to read, then I don't know what is!  Sorry, I like to be nosy and so I started reading.....There was only one email in the inbox...and it was already read so why not read it....right???

Here is the conversation:  I took out his name and put in his blog name:

  •  04/14/10 11:45 PM;
Hey its Grande in your 12:30 class! i dont think i will be able to make it to class tomorrow because i have an appointment for my wisdom teeth. Is there any way i could email you my paper so i could get credit on it and you could check it over? Also when is our final copy of the 21 questions paper do because i havent received my rough draft back. Thanks!   Grande


  • From: Jonathan Smi
         To: Grande
         Sent: Thu, April 15, 2010 11:49:19 AM
         Subject: Re: Class on April 15

I'm doing conferences for the next two weeks and you didn't sign up. So stop by sometime next Tuesday12:30 and 1:30 and I'll get you the 21 paper so you can revise. So you won't be missing class today. But when you stop by you can also sign up for a 10 minute conference for Care of the Soul. No need to e-mail it to me. Just bring it to the conference. Good luck with the teeth. I had that done and it wasn't too fun. Buy some Italian Ice to keep on hand, if the dentist okays it.

Thanks for letting me know about this.


Professor Smith


  •  4/19/2010;
Hey! Yeah I got them out on Saturday and they are still real sore and the dentist said I shouldnt go to school till Wednesday but can I sign up for a conference now or could you tell me available times I could have my conference. But I should be better by thursday so I could stop by then too and pick up my 21 Questions paper and also show you the other paper that we had due. And thank you for the advice, italian ice did help out a little bit!! But let me know about available times and I should talk to you about this tomorrow! Thanks, Grande
  • From: Jonathan Smith;
         To: Grande       
         Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 9:29:19 AM         
         Subject: Re: Class on April 15 

Come at 1:40 PM on Tuesday, April 27. (In the classroom).
          Professor Smith

Ok.....what?????  Not going to class AND saying you got your wisdom teeth out!!??
News to me!!!
Omg...he is in so much trouble!!

I didn't see him all day and until dinner time.  We were all talking amongst each other and Short had asked me to get some apple juice at the store when I pick up Tall from work.

So I glance over at Grande and say:

Me:  When I go to the store to get Tall's apple you need anything?  How about some more Italian Ice!!???

Grande:  Italian Ice?  What for?

Me:  Well you got your wisdom teeth out on Saturday and they must be still sore and Italian Ice is supposed to help.

Grande:  Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah....haha....that....(the look on his face was priceless...wish I would have had a hidden camera).

Me:  Haha that??  Why are you telling your Professor lies so you don't have to go to class?

Grande:  Ummmmm well I don't know...just didn't feel like going.

Me:  It wasn't 1 was 3!  And you told me that your classes were canceled in the afternoon!

Grande:  Ummmmmm Sorry??

Me:  Sorry doesn't fix it! (my famous saying to the boys) lied to me and your Professor!  And if you miss any more or are failing that class, your in big trouble!

Grande:  Sorry...I just didn't feel like going.

Sigh...he is almost 20 years old and so he can probably do what he wants right? 
Wrong!  I don't think a parent ever feels that way now matter how old they get.  Heck I'm almost 45 (yikes) and my Mom still parents me like I'm 15!   There are some things that I'm still not allowed to do in her mind!

These boys.....they sure do make my life interesting!

And yes I am nosy....because I do care!


  1. I think it's good to be nosy! Ha! I know I sure am!!! You got to give him credit...saying he was having his wisdom teeth taken out was pretty clever.

  2. Im sure I'd do the same. Actually, its sounds like you played it quite calmly, I think Id raise my voice slightly... alot! Boys, tck!!

  3. Oh my goodness!! This sounds just like my 21 yr old. You want to let them grow up but then they do silly things like this! I'm a nosy mother, too, but I always feel so guilty. I met Leann Touhy (the mom from The Blind Side) and she said she STILL goes through all her kids' backpacks, cell phones, and drawers on a daily basis (even the older ones). My boys said to that: "I'm SO glad you aren't THAT mom!"

    LOVE your blog!


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