Monday, October 29, 2012

Auntie Em!!

I need a pair of ruby slippers so I can click my heels 3 times and make this storm disappear!  Sandy is fast approaching and they are saying the worst of it will start in about 4 hours from now!  Right now the wind is howling and it is raining!

It doesn't look too bad yet!

I live in the direct path of the hurricane which is very scary as you really don't know what to expect no matter what the newscasters say.  Schools are cancelled today and tomorrow and work was closed today and will probably be tomorrow as well.  Joe left for work this morning and gets off work right when it is supposed to be really bad out!  Grande and Tall where home for the weekend and left last night and right as they were getting in the car they got the call that their University cancelled classes today.  They decided to go back anyhow since they thought if they stayed that they wouldn't be able to get back until after the storm!

See the eye of the hurricane at 2am?  That is exactly where I live!

They are calling for winds up to 50mph and wind gusts up to 80mph!  Yikes!  I'm just praying that everything will be okay!

Venti's sister-in-law got married on Saturday and it was a really get wedding! It was extra special because the bride was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma 2 years ago and has since received a bone marrow transplant and is now doing extremely well!

It was the first wedding that I have been to since Venti & Mocha's!  I found this plain black dress that I loved but it needed some bling added to it!

I found just what I needed at the fabric store!  A couple of buttons and some rhinestone rope which I sewed until my plain black dress was all blinged out!!

Then I decided to do my own hair and thought it turned out fabulous!

And here we are all ready to go!

I had to laugh at Joe in this picture!

Venti, Joe and I at the reception.

Don't you just love Venti's bow tie??  The reception was at an Antique Automobile Museum!  Very unique!

Thank goodness trick or treat in our neighborhood was last Thursday or it would probably be cancelled with the storm!

Short all ready to go!

Joe dressed up to scare the big kids!

I wanted to make sure my post was completed before we are supposed to lose power!  They say we could lose it up to a week!  I sure hope they are wrong!

Hope everyone has a great week and Happy Halloween!!  I hope everyone keeps safe during this storm!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 We've been Boo'ed!!!  We kept seeing signs on our neighbors front door that said, "Boo" and we couldn't figure out what it meant! 

This morning when Joe looked outside he saw a bag on the front porch!  

Inside was all kinds of goodies!!

To start a Halloween BOO, one neighbor secretly leaves a small gift basket, a BOO poem, BOO instructions and a BOO sign at a neighbor's doorstep.
The lucky BOO-ee is asked to post the sign near the door, alerting others that "We've Been BOO-ed!" That way, new BOO recruits won't leave a duplicate BOO on the doorstep.
In turn, the neighbor is asked to BOO two other households, leading to a chain reaction--and Halloween fun!!
Day by day, the BOO signs proliferate. Soon, the entire neighborhood is sporting BOO signs, and everyone is guessing. Who's been booed?

Here is the poem that was in the bag:

Okay neighbors, here's what you have to do:

Keep the Boo sign on your door.  Make two copies of the sign to pass along.

Make two new Boo Bags ($10 limit each bag) within 2 days to pass along to two neighbors without a Boo sign on their door.  Leave the bag at your neighbor's house, but don't let them see you!

Don't forget to pass along the signs and the directions!!

Let's see if we can get all of S---------s "Boo"ed by October 31st!

(If you choose not to participate, please pass along the Boo Bag left or you so we can keep it going!)

 Have you been Boo'ed?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Happeneings!

As you know we put in an offer on another house and they accepted it!  Our house is now for sale and we haven't had one single showing yet!  Hmmm...I know the market is slow but not one showing in 2 weeks!  I guess we will sit and wait patiently (or impatiently)....we have to sell this one in order to buy the new one so someone else could still come in and buy the other one before we sell ours.  Let's just hope that doesn't happen!

It was a sad day here at our house on Wednesday.  Our beloved Brody had to be put to sleep.  He has been sick since Labor Day and nothing has been helping.  He was on his third medication and he seemed to be getting worse.  He was urinating all over the house, he could hardly walk and he just looked ill.  The vet said that was the best thing to do.  He was only 3!

RIP Brody!

I took some funny pictures (at least to me) while I was out running errands.

She clearly doesn't understand the concept of "drive-up ATM's!"

And this one:  "Why get it fixed when you have duct tape and trash bags!!"

I have a new co-worker!  This is Sara!  :)

And yes that is pretty much my view every time I turn I try not to turn around much!  lol

Joe and I had a ball the other night at the Halloween Store with the "babies!"

Grande and Tall are on their way home from college and Tall requested ham, greens and potatoes so I guess I better get cooking!!

I love this saying:

Happy Fall everyone!!