Saturday, November 8, 2014


My good friend Emily from Emily in Wonderland pointed out to me that in my 15 month update I failed to post about myself!  I always think of my kids and hubby before myself so its no wonder!
In March I got a new position at work and I'm now a Supervisor!  I work in a different building which is closer to home which is great and so far I really love it!  It is world's different then my previous job and I couldn't be happier!

I also just signed up for ballet class again!  
I have not taken for the last 4 years because I had a toe spur and really couldn't dance much.  So far it's been going good!  I can definitely feel my age and I'm the oldest one in my class but I don't care!   I feel like I've lost a bit of myself with all the focus on Joe.

Emily also asked what Venti and Mocha did with our house!  The trim in the house was stained to match the hardwood floors and they decided to paint it all white!  They also painted the mantel white and the kitchen cabinets.  Those things really changed the appearance and made it their own.  I'm sure Venti didn't want to look at the same things that he grew up in!  People ask me all the time if it seems strange to go back in there but honestly it really doesn't.  Its their house now and I'm happy that it stayed in the family and now they can raise their kids their.  Its neat for Venti that his son's bedroom was the same one that he had!!  Their dog Dudley loves the screened in porch!!

Grande and Tall are back at college!  I finally get used to them being home again and then off they go!  I have to get used to cooking for the three of us again instead of for an army!  Tall requested Mexican Dorito Chicken this past Sunday and was it every yummy!!   If you love Doritos you will love this!  Here is the recipe!

Keep in mind that this recipe is enough for a large baking dish and feeds all of us plus some for left overs!  If you don't want to make this much then cut it in half!

14 - Cooked chicken tenderloins (cut into pieces)
2 - Cans Cream of Chicken Soup
1 - Cup of Milk
2 - Packs Taco Seasoning
2 - Cups Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese
1 - Cup Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese (for the topping)
1 - Cup Sour Cream
1 - Bag Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips (16.875oz) I buy it at Sam's Club 
Mix all ingredients except for the 1 cup of cheese for the top and the Doritos.
Use a baking dish like a 9 x 11 or 9 x 14 size.  Spray the pan with non-stick spray and be sure to spray the sides too.
Crush the Doritos in the bag.  Pour half the bag of crushed chips into the baking dish.  Spoon half the chicken mixture ontop of the crushed Doritos.  Pour the remaining Doritos ontop of the chicken mixture and then add the other half of the chicken mixture.
Top with the 1 cup of Shredded Cheddar Cheese.
Bake at 350 until bubbly.