Thursday, July 21, 2011


Joe and I are heading to the beach with some friends on kids!  I won't know how to act!  I just hope the house is in one piece when we get home!

Venti and Mocha drove straight from Chicago and arrived home yesterday afternoon!  They are coming over tonight and I can't wait to see them!  It has been a long 4 months!  I will take pictures!  Their Great Dane is supposed to be huge so I can't wait to see him either.  He was big 4 months ago so I can't imagine what he looks like now!

I'm sure you have all noticed that I haven't done any of the hops lately.  I have decided to wait until the Fall to start them again.  I noticed a lot of people not "hopping" on and found out that with everyone traveling and doing their summer things that blogging gets put on the way side.  No worries!  We can start again in September.  Until then I will post things about me!  Or the boys...or Joe...or the cats....hehe...I promise to post more after this weekend (the beach)...things should slow down then!

Hope everyone is doing well.  I am creeping on your blogs and catching up on what everyone's been up too!  I may not comment...but I am reading!

Stay tuned for pics of Venti's homecoming and our kid free beach trip!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Pics!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!  Thank you for your patience in my absence!  I had a much needed break and feel like I got a lot accomplished! 

Venti and Mocha move back next Thursday!  Yeah!!!  Then Sunday he leaves for a week to go to Texas and then they will be here until September.  Then he leaves for San Diego, CA until December.  We are excited to spend the remaining of Summer with them!  We haven't seen them since March so its been awhile!

Work is going okay.  My friend that started the same day as me quit last Friday which I knew she was going to and I'm so bummed that she is gone.  We got along so good and I felt like I've known her all my life.  She invited Joe and I to her Dad's beach house next weekend so that should be a lot of fun!  No kids!  hehe....

The boys are doing good...enjoying their summer.  Grande just turned 21 (pics to follow) and we took him out which I thought was pretty cool that he'd want to hang with his "cool" parents the night he turns 21....yes his friends came too and yes he drank too much!  Grande and Tall are getting ready to go to College!  They are both going to the same College (how nice is that!)....and so only Short will be left at home!  Talk about going from a full house to just one!  Should be interesting!

As you know I went to the Riviera Maya, Mexico for a week with Joe and 3 of the 4 boys.  We had a really great time.  There was a tropical storm the last 2 days there and all it did was RAIN!  Non-stop!  Then when we got to the airport in New Jersey we found that our flight to PA was canceled and had to stay in a hotel....with no luggage...I didn't even have a comb!  Boy did I look pretty!  We had to wear the same clothes any everything.  We were supposed to get home on June 28th at 10:02pm and ended up not getting home until June 29th at 2:00pm!  I had to call off of work and had to take a day off without we finally got home and I had a weeks worth of 5 people's clothing to wash.  All is done and now to enjoy the rest of summer. 

That's what's been going on with me....well at least the quick version! 
Now on to the pics!!!

How cute are those Monkey's??  And yes...they were real!




Enjoying the sun!

 Short playing in the beautiful blue water!

 Joe floating on his raft!