Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where'd She Go?

I know you are all probably wondering where I went!!  Here I am!!  I am sorry to abandon you like that and I certainly didn't mean to!  I'm not quite sure why I wasn't blogging.....I think I felt a little overwhelmed with the blog hops and the fact that I had to have them done...when instead I would have liked to have just blogged about myself!  I'm not sure if that makes any sense.  I do love the hops and maybe I'll start them again but for right now, when I blog, its because I want to....not because I have to!

So what's been going on in my little world?  Well I did get that job that I told you about.  I started February 6th.  Can you not hear the enthusiasm in my voice?  That's because there isn't any.  As you know I work for the State and you can bid on varies jobs that are posted.  I bid on a job with the State Police because it offered free parking (I was paying $155 month!) and it wasn't downtown.  Well I left a job that I LOVED and went to a job that I HATE!  I am so sad every day that I am there.  Plus I sit...and sit...and sit...and I can't stand it.  My butt hurts by 11am!  I know you can find some humor in that but I am being serious!  I at least got up and down in my other job...but no..not this one.  Plus the people that I work with are very different then the people that I left.  Not very friendly or one blesses me when I sneeze....and the work that I do is very boring! I should have left well enough alone...but I thought it was a good opportunity.  It is very hard to get in there and they had to do an extensive background check and everything.  My old boss emails me everyday begging me to come back!!  I want to but going back almost seems like I failed at my new job if I go back...but I was happy there!  I don't know what to do!!  What are some of your thoughts?

The boys are all doing good.  Venti got a promotion and him and Mocha will be moving to Maryland which is where he's been working but he's been commuting from here everyday and its a 2 hour drive!  Maryland is the next closest location that he could get besides his hometown and he was hoping to get it and he did.  Otherwise he would have had to move to either California, Florida or Wisconsin.  He has to stay there a couple of years and then he can work in the office here.  The Government is confusing!  But he is very happy and they are going to look at houses this weekend.  They have been living at her parents house so it will be great for them!  Mocha applied for a job down there and got it so they are all set!

Mocha and Venti

 Grande and Tall are doing well at college.  They come home every weekend so I can wash their clothes and buy them is doing well too.  He has one more basketball tournament on March 3rd and then he will be done for the year.

Short - #21

Some other news is that we may be buying a new house!  We just started looking and think we found one but we are still deciding.  We are taking the boys on Saturday to see what they think.  We have been in this house for 19 years and it will be very hard to go.  Plus we live next door to my parents and the same neighborhood as my sisters.  My parents are going to be very upset when they hear.  We want to downsize and Joe is tired of mowing and shoveling.  Our house is soon going to need all kinds of new things...roof...furnace...central air we are taking all that into consideration.  I'll let you know!!

Well that's a quick run down on me and I promise to blog way more often!  I love and appreciate you for sticking in there with me and waiting patiently for me to return!  I am still redesigning my blog and those changes will be here soon!

Hope everyone is doing well!  I love all your comments!!!


Grande, Tall, Short and Venti