Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Dilemma #2!!

Sunday was Venti's Graduation Party!   Lots of people were there:

His Grandparents and Family Friends: 

  His Aunt (my sister) and Uncle
His other Aunt (my sister) and Uncle: 
   His cousins
More cousins, Grande and Tall: 
More Grandparents, Uncle (Joe's Brother)and G/F

Mocha's Mom, Grandparents, Aunt and Latte's (Mocha's Sister) B/F:

Mocha's Aunts and Uncle

Venti's Aunt and Uncle, and Cousins:
The little one's are going to be the ring bearer and flower girl. 
  Mocha's Brother and G/F  (left),
Venti's Friend, Venti and
Venti's Cousin and Short:

 Joe and I
It was a great party and everyone had a good time!  On the ride home, Venti says, "Just think...for the Rehearsal Dinner, it will be double the people that were there tonight!"

Joe and I: "How do you figure that?"

Venti:  "Well it will be all those that were there plus the bridal party and their significant others."

Joe and I:  "Venti all those Aunt's and Uncle's and cousins won't be at the Rehearsal Dinner!"

Venti:  "Yes they will be...they are supposed to be invited too and that's the way we want it!"

Joe and I: "No you don't have all those extra's at the Rehearsal Dinner!  Its just for those that will be at the church rehearsing....the bridal party...any spouse's...girlfriends/boyfriends...minister....Grandparents and the parents of the flower girl & ring bearer!  The Aunts and Uncle's and cousins aren't invited!  Why would they come if they aren't "in" the wedding?  It could get way out of hand if you start inviting all of those..the list would never end!"

Venti: "Well Mocha's sister had all the Aunt's and stuff at her Rehearsal Dinner and so we want all of them at ours....I will just pay for the extra ones!"

Joe and I:  "Its not the money, its the fact of who is supposed to come and who isn't.  Why would you invite people that aren't actually in the wedding?"

Venti: "Because that's what we want and I will just pay for them!"

So that's my Wedding Dilemma #2!  Any opinions on this one??


  1. Oh my, no opinions to offer, but reading about your wedding dilemmas I am beginning to hope that when my daughter gets married she might just head off to Florida and get married in her shorts like I did telling no one she is doing it :-)

  2. that what you did Aging Mommy?? Maybe I should suggest that!!

  3. Good luck with that - weddings are so highly emotional and everyone has such high expectations for the day that it's amazing anyone actually gets through them!

    Here's a resource that maybe you could point Venti and Mocha towards:

  4. I have nothing for this. You are technically right. The rehearsal dinner is for the people in the wedding party and their significant others. However, this sounds like it could turn into a battle and you don't want that.

    On a more positive note, I left you an award on my blog. Maybe that will brighten your day!

  5. Robin's comment was correct, but then sometimes things are not always are by the book. Do what cost less stress and keeps harmony. HAVE A GOOD DAY.

  6. Who's wedding? Gotta remember that. I hate to say it but I eloped because my mom wouldn't stop telling me the way it was suppose to be or her way. It was suppose to be my wedding. If she's willing to pay the extra and what not, then go for it. It will happen (hopefully) just once in her life time and she wants to share every bit of it with everyone.
    Now it's just my opinion and you have to do what you feel is right for you all but just remember, who's wedding is it?
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  7. At our rehearsal dinner, we had family who were not in the wedding party come. And I have been in several weddings which the bride and groom also chose to do the same thing. It may not be "right" but it was what we wanted and no one said a thing to us and we all had a great time visiting...which wasn't really as possible at the wedding.


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