Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday....I'm not a fan of birthdays...anything after 40 seems scary!  And I am now 5 years beyond that!
But YES...life does begin after 40!
That is exactly why I'm Never Growing Old!!

I have 2 posts today...make sure you read my Tuesday Beauty Tips below!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Life after 40 is great!

  2. Happy birthday! I thought life begins at 40? Enjoy!!

  3. Happy Birthday! 45 is not old - spoken by a 46 year old :-)
    Have a wonderful day, I hope you are doing something special to celebrate

  4. Thank you Aging Mommy!! We are close in age!
    Hubby taking me out for dinner! :)

  5. Happy, happy birthday, Java! I hope you're having a wonderful one and many, many more to follow!

  6. Hey it was my birthday also. I turned 42. I had a great day. Hope you did also.

  7. sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated .

  8. Happy *belated* birthday!
    I'm a new Friday Follower! #141!
    Visit me at http://www.jonbonjovious.blogspot.com and sign up for my newest giveaway!

  9. aww java,
    i just caught this out of the corner of my eye! i hope you had a happy happy birthday!! and yest things do get much "clearer" after 40 LOL... wishing wonderful things for you this year!

  10. Happy Birthday! I'm 43 and this is truly inspiring. And you look gorgeous!


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