Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big and Little

  How can 2 brothers that come from the same parents and only 2 years apart turn out so different?   Yes Venti is huge and yes Grande is tiny...but wow...what a difference huh?  Venti is 6'4" and Grande is 5'11".   As different as they are in size they are that much different in personality.

They were raised in the same the same parents...ate basically the same thing and yet turn out to be so dramatically different!

Hard to believe when looking at this picture of Venti and Grande that they are only 27 months apart and more then 100 lbs different!!

Some siblings look like carbon copies of one another and others are a mix of genetics.

Which group do your kids fall into?


  1. I only have the one daughter, but my sister and I although we look quite alike are completely different personalities, like night and day. It's all just in the mix up of those genes, sometimes siblings come out looking amazingly alike and at others so very different, but personality wise we are all so unique and nature wins over nurture every time

  2. man oh man! What a height difference! How tall is Venti? (Aptly named too, Mom. lol)

    I am the last of 4 kids and we're more of a mix. If you're looking for similarities you can find some, but overall we really don't look alike at all.

    My BFF's kids though... they look ALOT alike, but that's also because her and her husband also look alot alike!

    If I get married and have babies with my DBF, I think our kids probably will look quite a bit alike because WE look quite a bit alike... I think it's cute. And it makes me excited because I always wished that my siblings and I looked more cohesive, so you could tell we belonged together.

  3. Hi Emily! Venti is 6'4" and Grande is 5'11".

    I think your theory is right!! When parents look alike, their kids tend to look alike. Joe and I are complete opposites (looks wise) and so maybe that's why they boys are so different!

  4. My sister and I have the same physical features but very different in personality. We don't want everyone to be carbon copies of each other.

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