Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Easter Bunny

How much easier it was to be the Easter Bunny to my boys when they were younger!   The Easter Bunny could fill those baskets and squeals of delight could be heard all around.  Eagerly digging to the bottom...opening plastic eggs and yelling "yeah" each time!   Those were the days!  I miss those days.   The Easter Bunny of this house now has to re-think the way he fills those very same baskets as those little boys are now big boys and wouldn't think much of a lollipop shaped like a chicken!

How the Easter Bunny came to realize that times have changed is when he went searching through the house for the baskets so they could filled again this year and found this:

This is the remnants of Tall's basket from LAST year!  Upon further searching I found Venti & Grande's bucket with lots of remaining candy in it too!   Gummy Bears?  Who wastes Gummy Bears?? 
Short's basket has long been devoured and gone!

So this year I took a different approached....I sent the 3 older boys a text asking them to send me a list of 5 things that they want the Easter Bunny to put into their baskets.  Short decided he needed to send the Easter Bunny a list too!

Venti's (remember..he's in college) list:
  1. Chap Stick
  2. Deodorant
  3. Body Wash
  4. Socks
  5. Dark Chocolate
In an Easter Basket???   I did see one kind of candy...but I couldn't believe the things he wrote!   My little boy has truly grown up if the things he wants in his Easter Basket are clearly necessities!  Part of me was sad to see this and part of me chuckled!   Guess those things won't go to waste!

Grande's list:
  1. Nerd's Rope (and only with the red wrapper because they are fresher)(he seriously wrote that)
  2. Tic Tacs
  3. Orbit Spearmint Gum
  4. Skittles (I threw out 2 bags from his last year's basket and yet he wants more!)
  5. Deodorant (I'm starting to see a pattern)
Tall's list:
  1. Starburst Sour Gummies (look at all the Starburst Sour Gummies he didn't eat from last year!)
  2. Trolli Worms
  3. Reese's Sticks (can't find these anywhere!!)
  4. Deodorant (do my boys all stink??)
  5. Trident Layers Gum
Short's list:
  1. Push Pops
  2. Tootsie Pop Candy (without the sticks...can't find these either)
  3. Trident Layers Gum
  4. Tic Tacs
  5. Club Penguin Cards (forget it...there are already 100 of these lying around his room)
My thinking was that if they gave me a list with specific things then it would not go to waste!  We will see in a couple of months if this works or not!  Having lists is also more difficult because then I had to search for each of these things which was not an easy task!  I put in some surprises too!

I found some Easter Bunny pictures that I wanted to share.

This one was when Tall was just a week old!
Venti, Grande & Tall
 Short was only a couple of days old!
Short was just 1 year old and super cute!

This was the last year all 4 got their picture with the Easter Bunny.....sniff...sniff

This will be the last year that Venti will be living here....I don't even want to think about it because I'll start to tear up.  Why can't time just stand still??


  1. The first year we did Easter after I moved out of my mother's home, I got a laundry basket and towels for my new apartment. I LOVED it! :) Shows how our priorities change as an adult. Now I want kitchen stuff, and household stuff for my apartment rather than the coolest toy or something. :)

  2. haha...that's awesome! I guess that's one way we change...candy vs.
    Happy Easter Angie!

  3. I love it when my mom sends me candy in an Easter basket (just for me) b/c I'm always giving it to the boys and not eating any myself! I love how they all asked for deodorant. Ha! Yes all boys are stinky!

  4. That's too funny Hattie cause my Mom still makes me a basket too! Just for me!! Those boys aren't getting any! After all there's no deodorant in it!

  5. We are giving our older ones money and gift certificates to McDonalds. College kids love that stuff. But our 13 year is getting candy a book she has been begging for and new flip flops for Old Navy. A must for summer. It is so hard when they are growing up.

  6. Those are great ideas Crystal! It is harder when the grow up...but in a sense, its easier!

  7. Lol I love how they all asked for deoderant! Bahahaha!! However, your post reaaaallly makes me want some starbucks! LMAO!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I love that you put deoderant in the Easter baskets! My eldest will be off at college next year, so I'm bookmarking this post to remind me what to fix up for him. It seems like just yesterday I put all of his Easter treats in a cool big-boy potty instead of a basket to try to interest him in potty training!!


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