Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Beauty Tips-Wrinkles and your Pillowcase!!

If you are waking up every morning with lines on your face from sleeping on your pillow, you may want to change your pillowcase!  Here’s why: When you sleep with your face all mushed up in your pillow, you could be creating something called compression wrinkles, which are fine lines that form on the skin when it's crushed. When this action is repeated night after night, the amount of collagen and elastic tissue decreases.  It's similar to the way repetitive motions contribute to wrinkles; Squinting leads to crow's-feet; frowning begets frown lines; initially these wrinkles will disappear during the day but eventually the repetition causes them to become permanent.   If you particularly sleep on one side more then the other then you probably have more defined lines on that side.

 The answer?  Switch to a satin pillowcase!  You can get them on Amazon for around $9.50.  They also have them at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $5.00.  There are some on the internet for up to $75 but you don't need to spend that!  You can get one for just a couple of dollars!

Ninety-nine percent of the population sleeps on a cotton pillowcase, but since cotton absorbs moisture, it can dry out your hair and skin.  At the very least, most hairstylists recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to help keep your hair from getting matted, tangled, and frizzy since cotton cases tend to have a coarser texture, which can rough up your hair, especially if you're tossing your head or rubbing it against your pillow at night.  Cotton pillowcase's will absorb your nightly facial cream where as satin will not.

I truly believe it is the single most important thing I have done for my skin, and will always be my best beauty secret.


  1. Eeek I always have lines from sleeping!!

  2. Hi Shelby! Oh no...maybe you should try this!! Sure can't hurt!! lol

  3. OK as an aging mommy I definitely need some assistance so if this really really works then I definitely have to try it!!!

  4. Right. Im swapping bed sheets from my cottons to satin. Thanks.

  5. Great!! I'm glad to see you girls switching!!

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