Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Males all around me...

When I say I live in a house full of men I’m not exaggerating. 4 sons + hubby + 3 male cats! I can’t even get a girl cat! I’ve always had male cats. They are supposed to be “nicer” and more cuddly. I grew up with cats and they have always been part of my family.  There were always lots of cats around with the farm my Grandfather had.  I have an Aunt that when I was little I use to love going over to her house because she had 3 Burmese cats. If you don’t know what a Burmese is, they are a breed of cat and are commonly called “Velcro” cats because the cling to you! And they do. Every time we could go over to her house these cats would lay on your head, shoulder, lap, etc. and loved it! I always wanted one of my own.

Well a couple of years ago we were looking to get another cat and I said to Joe that I would LOVE to have a Burmese and told him how much I loved the one’s my Aunt had. She had the traditional Burmese known as the sable color.
 So I started searching on the internet and didn’t realize that there is traditional Burmese and European Burmese. There are several different “colors” that they come in and the one that stuck out to me was the European Burmese Lilac. They actually have purple ears and nose (very faint).  I searched and searched and couldn't find one!  I had no idea it would be difficult finding one!  After many months,  I found a breeder that just happen to have one that was supposed to go to Europe to be a stud but the buyer couldn't come up with the funds and so he just became available.  I was super excited!  After several days of paperwork we were all ready for him!  He would be coming by airplane!

We brought Ozzie home and let me tell you, I've never experienced a cat like this!  He literally bounced off the walls!  We were ready to send him back!  I knew Burmese where athletic but wow!   I guess he was just getting use to his new home because he did calm down...somewhat.  He is now 8 and still acts like a kitten.   He is my baby!  He is the most loving cat I have ever owned.  He is also very vocal and will talk up a storm!

He is very muscular and likes to jump up on things:  
 He takes over the bed:
 He poses for pictures:

                                    He loves to lay on my laptop:
        He loves to cuddle with his buddies Brody &Woody:

So if you like cats and always wanted a cat that never leaves your side, get a Burmese!  I love mine!  Anyone else have cats?  I'd love to hear!!


  1. LOL - what a sweet boy you have there in your Burmese. I love their look. I live in a house with 2 teenage boys and my husband. So I put my foot down and said the pets will be "girls". I have two dogs and one cat but Sassie, our cat, rules the roost. Love her. She is a petite calico that thinks nothing of smacking our 85 lb dog in the head when the dog is not doing what she thinks she should be. Also, Sassie refuses to use her own water bowl and uses the dogs. She will interupt the dogs from drinking water so she can get in there. Dummy dogs stop and wait patiently ;) I love my cat as well. But you may have me looking for a Burmese in the future. Seriously, beautiful cat.

  2. Hi Susan...thanks! He is a sweet boy! Omg you have me laughing about your Sassie! I've always had male cats but never thought I'd have all male children AND male pets...lol..guess I could have "tried" a girl cat. How funny about the water bowl! Thanks for sharing! I loved hearing your story!!

  3. We used to have 2 burmese cats. They were huge (20plus lbs). When my oldest son went to go live w/ his dad he asked if he could take them and of course I let him. Now we have a mutt cat that we got from the SPCA and we named him Boogie b/c he's all black and Jaxon said he reminded him of the boogyman! btw - All our cats have been males. I finally got a female dog even though I wish we hadn't gotten a dog period! Ha!

  4. Wow Hattie those are some big burmese! Ozzie only weighs 13 lbs and he is all muscle. Haha I like Boogie's name! I know, my boys want a dog but I said forget it! Cats are much easier!!

  5. OMG! I could eat them up! Too sweet! I don't have a Burmese but I do have a Havana Brown who is very similar in size and personality to your Burmese. He's just chocolate brown and oh so... yummy! Too funny! Gotta love em' huh? :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Jenn :)
    I'm a new follower!

  6. Me too!! Ohhhh I've seen Havana Brown's and they are so beautiful! They are hard to find! I have heard they are similar. Yes I love em so much! Enjoy your kitty and thanks for visiting my blog too!!

  7. I just melt for my two Burmese kitties. I have two sables - half brother and sister...two years apart in age. My male recently had to have his left eye removed due to ongoing eye problems in BOTH eyes. We are praying the other will stay intact and healthy. They are hypoallergenic (I am severely allergic to cats), so affectionate, extremely playful, and I now understand why they are sometimes called "Velcro Kitties". :-) Thanks for posting the adorable pictures; they are so cute!


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