Monday, April 26, 2010

Money Tree

Grande bought his own brand new car!  A 2010 Nissan Sentra!  He is so proud of it!  Hopefully this will teach him responsibility!

We pay for the boys car insurance. Right now there are 4 cars on our insurance...including 2 boys..Venti had a speeding violation 2 years that's on there...Grande is considered a "youthful" driver and so that's on there...Something has to be done here! Our bill is outrageous!!

Since Venti is done with college next month and starts his new job June 7th he should be more then able to pay for his own car insurance...right?? I thought we would give him a month into his job and then..."here ya go son"...your very own car insurance bill!"

Is that mean or have we paid for it long enough?
Did I mention we also pay for their cell phone bills? I'm thinking that has to stop too once they graduate college!  Enough is enough.....right??


  1. You're so much nicer than I am, I think, Java. lol Though, admittedly, I haven't gotten to that point, myself. My son is 16, but not driving yet. (A question of grades, at the moment.) We've told him that we'll pay half the cost of a used car, but that he'll have to pay half the insurance. We'll see how things go, though, once we get to that point...

    We also pay the cellphone bill, but our two kids are still teens.

    I honestly don't know how long we're prepared to do that, though...

  2. Hi Dawna...we are doing the same thing with Tall and driving...his grades are terrible in 2 of his classes and we said he wasn't going to drive until he brings those grades up!

    Venti bought his own car..and now Grande bought we haven't given any money there...although we might have gotten off cheaper doing that instead of the car insurance! lol..

  3. My 15.5 yo is just starting to drive, and I think we will pay for everything until I let her get a job. She is so into marching band, church and other things that having a job, school and activities would be way too much for her.

    I think when they start working full-time, they are old enough to get their own everything. If you have to cosign, then so be it, until they get enough credit built up. Just my opinion.

  4. Yes I agree...when they are working Venti will be in June so its not unreasonable to have him pay for his own car insurance and cell phone. If he has the responsibility of getting his own apartment and working full-time, then he should pay that too! I'm starting to feel better about it!

  5. I LOVE the pictures in this post!!! Yep u gotta cut the strings some where. =)

  6. We're a long way off from all that but if my daughter goes to college I would want to pay her phone bill, car insurance etc until she was finished, rather than saddle her with debts before she even gets started in life. But after that, I would expect her to get a job and then take over responsibility for all the bills in her life. Because by then, being an aging Mommy, my husband and I will be retired :-)

  7. Oh, man! Cut off the cell phone bills now!!! Phones are a luxury item! I couldn't have a phone unless I could pay for it myself. Therefore, I didn't have one until I was in my early twenties! Phones have instant consequences for overuse- I think they teach great lessons.

  8. You are way more nicer than I plan to be! I already told the boys they will have prepaid cell phones when they get to jr. high age and beyond. Cars will be paid for beaters and if they have a job then I will pay for half (or maybe all) their insurance only until they are out of high school. Then they are on their own!

  9. lol...thanks girls! Looks like we are wayyyyyyyyyyyy to lenient! Whew I feel better after hearing what you guys have to say...thanks girls!! :)


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