Thursday, April 15, 2010

Short order cook!

Dinner in our house is always a major production!  Especially when Venti is home.  When he is eating dinner I have to make as much for him as I would make for the other 5 of us put together!
  • If I'm making a roast, I have to get 2.
  • If I'm making potatoes, I have to use 10 lbs.
  • If I'm making chicken I have to use 4 lbs.
  • If I'm making spaghetti, I have to use 2 boxes and make 3 lbs of meatballs AND sausage and 2 loaves of Italian Bread.
  •  If I'm making Chicken Puffs (I will share the recipe for these soon) which are Venti's favorite, I have to make 36 of them.
  • If I make Meatoaf, I have to use 6 lbs of burger.
You get the idea.  This is why I needed a pantry the size that I do!

Somewhere along the way someone didn't like what I was making for dinner.

And what did I do?                          

Made him something different.

Big mistake!

What did that turn into?

Me being a short order cook!

"I don't like that" seems to happen just about every dinner. 

Venti eats everything.

Grande doesn't like alot of things.

Tall doesn't like everything alot of things.

Short eats almost everything...or he will at least try it.

So instead of me just making dinner, I have to think first, "who doesn't like this"....and then I have to plan something else for them.

Its a pain.

And its my fault.

Shouldn't have started it way back when.

Can I take your order please?

Anyone else have a similar situation or is it just me?


  1. Oh my! I have a hard enough time working with just one 3 year old and her selective food tastes, I can't imagine catering to so many varying requirements! I am trying to work on introducing my daughter to new foods and being tougher on allowing her alternatives if she does not at least try what is offered, but it is hard. Having read this though I find I have renewed energy for the task :-)

  2. Yes!! Start now!! See what happened to me?? is hard but I wish I had it to do all over again!
    Good luck with your little girl and food!!

  3. I have a picky eater and then I have one that eats like a tank. I just make dinner and if you like it, great! If not, then off to get cereal. LOL I do get caught up in the short order cook. I write about too.
    Shamrocks and Shenanigans

  4. LOL - well, I have 3 men in the house and though my quantities are not as much I still have to make a lot it seems ;) I guess I take after my mom who was no nonsense when it came to meals. She wouldn't make you eat it but she certainly didn't offer us anything else. Maybe cereal before bed if we didn't eat. I'm the same but I find my 3 to be pretty accommodating and eating mostly everything. Of course, us moms keep a mental list in our head of certain things one likes or doesn't like.

    I'm interested (if you are) in hearing some grocery tips you might have. Do you use coupons? Do you shop at stores like Costco or Sam's Club? Just curious. I'm always trying to find a way to save money.

  5. I'm so happy I learned this lesson early. If the boys don't like what I cook then they don't eat. The only time I will make them something else is if me & Justin are eating something spicy. I just learned to coupon last summer to prepare myself for when the boys get bigger and start to eat us out house & home!!!

  6. Susan that's a great idea...I will do a post soon and share my grocery savings suggestions!

    Your lucky that your 3 eat most everything! My mom did what I do...its all her fault! lol


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