Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Beauty Tips! Make-up!!

I have used alot of different brands of make-up with modeling...some good, some bad!  In my day to day life when I'm not modeling I don't wear alot of make-up.  I use a pressed powder (I do not like foundation), eye shadow, eyeliner, blush and mascara.   Alot of Moms don't take the time to wear any make-up!  You don't want to do that!  You don't want to become the Mom that let herself go!

Babies may be the ultimate style camouflage: They're so cute that they draw attention away from the dark circles under your eyes, the neglected hair, and a wardrobe that revolves around sweatpants!

If you are one of these Moms, change that!  Take just 3 minutes and 3 products!  
  • Something on you lips...whether it be a colored lip balm or lipstick...I'm not talking about bright red or anything...just a simple shade of pink/mauve or which ever matches your complexion the most.   Makeup pros say that if you only have time to do one thing, do your lips — it can instantly brighten up your entire face! 
  • Dust on some color. A subtle peach shade works for most skin tones and can be lightly brushed on cheeks and eyelids for a hint of color. For a warmer look, you can do this using a pressed-powder bronzer, but use a light touch to avoid dark splotches and streaks!  
  • The 3rd product would be Mascara. 
 I have searched high and low for the right Mascara...not an easy feat!  I have tried Chanel, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, YSI...most of which are very expensive and was never 100% satisfied!   I was reading a review about a new mascara called L'Oreal Telescopic. 
The first time I used this I really liked the way my lashes looked. They looked well defined, thick and long but not clumped at all. I did not even need to use an eyelash comb. I was very pleased that at the end of the day, my lashes had not stuck together or flaked at all. They looked just as they did when I first applied the mascara. After using this for over a week, I still feel the same way. I love this product, it is the best mascara I have ever used.
Drugstore.com has them right now Buy One Get One 50% Off and they are only $9.48 each!  What a bargain!

The important thing is for you to look good and feel good about yourself every day.  If you take a few extra minutes for yourself in the morning, you can look and feel your best.  Not to mention your new-found self confidence will make you a better parent!   Go Moms!!


  1. Awesome! I hate the stuff I am using now. Will put that on my shopping list!

  2. Just catching up on my blog list and came across this. Thank you for the reminder, Java! I am guilty of being one of those moms that just don't bother. I did yesterday and felt good. I think I'm going to start making it a habit again.

    Thank you for the recommendation on the mascara! I'm going to look for it when I go to W-Mart today... :-)


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