Friday, April 16, 2010

A Hickey!!!!

Tall asked if I'd drive him to school this morning.  He normally rides with the boy up the street but for some reason he wasn't going to school today.  So I set my alarm for 1/2 hour earlier.  That 1/2 hour sure does make a difference!   Not only did I have to take Tall to school but that meant that I had to take Short as well because his bus would come while I would be taking Tall to school.

I threw on some sweatpants, put my contacts lenses in over my still sleepy eyes, grabbed breakfast for Short to eat in the car, and out the door we went.

The conversation on the way to school went like this:

Me: "Your wearing a Polo today, why didn't you wear one yesterday?" (They go to Catholic school and wear the uniform Polo shirts in September, October, April & May, and the uniform shirt & tie the other months).

Tall: "Um cause I didn't have any that fit."

Me: "What do you have a whole closet full."

Tall: Not ah...I only have 2."

Me: No, there are more in just didn't look."

The rest of the ride was small talk...we were both half asleep and Short sat in the back munching on his breakfast.

So we pull up in front of the school and Tall gets out of the car...." ya."

He was just about out of the car when I glanced over at him.

My eyes wander down to his neck.

Is that......


I think it is........

But it looks like one....covered in make-up!!

A hickey!!!!???

Omg....can't be!

I was half asleep but I know what I saw!!

Not Tall!  He's been talking to this girl and she picked him up on Tuesday.  He was only gone for a little while...noooooo.

I was so shocked that I couldn't even holler to him...."hey..what's that on your neck"...even though I know full well what it is!

So I sit there for a couple of minutes processing this.  Short is still chomping away in the back seat.

I decide to send Tall a text.

Is that a hickey on your neck!!??

5 hours later I get a text back.

"Ummm kinda yeah."

Ummm kinda yeah he says!

My only response that I could think of right then and there is, "that better not be my make-up you used to cover it up."

My son gets a hickey and here I am worrying if he used my make-up!!

"haha its not."

So then I said, "you better come home and watch 16 and Pregnant!"

"haha Mom...its only a hickey and you and Dad prob had lots when you were younger!"

Oh no you don't...don't try and take the attention off yourself and on to me!

That also explains why he wore the shirt and tie cover it up!!


Do I lock him up forever?  After all he's the one with the white t-shirt situation!

Life with the boys was so much easier when they were 3!!


  1. Morning!!

    First, let me say -- starting to model at 40??? You go girl!! I just turned 40 in December and I'm still denying it!!

    I'm your newest follower from the FF! Hope you'll come visit me too!

  2. i am so not looking forward to those years of teenage drama - my daughter is only three so hopefully we have a way to go yet, but I know all too soon those days will be here.

  3. Ahh, that stage has begun. I'm so sorry! Hahaha!

  4. Hang on to your hat. its gonna be a bumpy ride! It is nice to see you part of Friday Follow! Have a wonderful weekend. Rita @ One 2 Try.

  5. Oh nooo Im so sorry! lol I would have completely had a BF (b*tch fit) haha! Mine is only 3 I dont look forward to that!
    You crack me up with he better come home and watch 16 and pregnant! LMAO!

  6. This is the reason I'm happy to have boys. Could you imagine if you had a daughter w/ a hikey on her neck! Okay I just read the white t-shirt post. O-M-G!!! That is too gross. Now that is something I am definitely not looking forward to!

  7. OH Noooo! I have two boys and I am totally not looking forward to this time in our lives.

  8. oh wow! cracking up over here. Can't do much about it after it's there. At least it's not a dumb tattoo!

  9. Found you through Follow Me Friday. Glad I did.

    Come visit me, when you get a chance

  10. They grow up so fast...Here from Friday follow. Thanks for stopping the Double Wide.

  11. p.s. I went to follow and I already am (thought this place looked familiar...:) )

  12. I love her books. Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  13. omgosh I dont want to go through this. lol I say make hime wear turltle necks all summer lol

  14. I got busted with my first hickey in the car too! I was in college (late bloomer :) I'ma good girl!) and my brother in law spotted it! I didn't even know I had it! I wanted to DIE! lol

    And I tottallllly prefer hickies to the crusty undershirts!!! Icky!


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