Monday, April 5, 2010

The Basket Search

First of all I did NOT hid my kids Easter Baskets in the car and they did NOT search forever for them!

Also I did NOT tell them they had to find 20 eggs each when it was actually 16 each...I did NOT count them wrong!

It was all the Easter Bunnies fault!

This is how it all began:

As the boys get older the Easter Bunny has a harder time finding good hiding spots for the boys baskets.  The Bunny has hid them since they were little and will hide them as long as they are getting a basket in this house!  We have lived in this house for 17 years so the Bunny is running out of really good hiding spots.

Every year Tall gets discouraged.  Saying that his is always hid the hardest.  Its not...but he seems to think so!

Last year his was hidden amongst the food in our pantry:

So this year the bunny really had a tough time on thinking where would some good spots be?

I was talking to my Mom on Saturday and telling her the bunnies dilemma.

Her suggestion was...

Hide them in the car!


The boys know that their baskets are only hidden on the first floor...and the garage is still on the first floor....right??

So this is where the bunny put them:

In the car!

First came the egg hunt.  They boys each had 20 eggs to find.

After about half hour there was still 15 eggs not found!!

Turns out the bunny counted wrong and they were supposed to find 16 each....oops!!

After this half hour of egg searching, I go find your baskets!!



"But we searched the whole first floor for a 1/2 hour looking for the eggs....and we didn't see any baskets!"

"Well you better search again cause the Bunny said they are on the first floor!!"

So they searched..

And searched...

And searched...

And no baskets could be found.

Tall sat down on the couch and said "I'm happy with my eggs...I don't need any basket!"

Venti walks by and says, "This is an outrage!"as he smiles..

I said well they are keep searching!

After another 20 minutes, Venti wanders out to the garage and returns with his basket!!

The other boys didn't see him go out there and couldn't believe he found his!

I said, "keep looking...Venti found his!"

Finally Grande says, "In the garage!"

Off he runs...Tall and Short right behind him.

And the baskets were found!


  1. Wow, those are great baskets! My son is still too young to find the eggs on his own so I put them in the easiest spots I can find. As for his basket, the bunny left it in his room and that smile on his face when he found it was priceless!

  2. Awww that is so cute! I miss those ages!! Hope you had a nice Easter!!

  3. How cute is that! LOL We did hide our kids baskets one year and they loved it. Don't know why we stopped. Cute baskets!

  4. Thanks Tree!! You should try hiding them again! Maybe next year!!

  5. WOW!!! I want one of those baskets for myself LOL LOL LOL!!! ;)

  6. haha..thanks Iva! Glad to hear my hard work looked worth it!! Oops...I mean the Easter Bunnies hard work! :)

  7. That is really brilliant! I also love how you named your boys!! Makes me want a mocha, though :-))

    I am following you back - I really like your blog!!!!!

  8. Hooray for Grande! You made it tough!

  9. New follower from MBC. I love this story lol! So cute!!!


  10. Great story. I am visiting from New Friend Friday.


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