Monday, March 15, 2010

White T-Shirt

Being a Mom of 4 boys is really rather interesting. Plus I have 2 sisters and all girl cousins so I grew up not knowing a whole lot about the male species. Things that I have seen over the years sometimes puzzle me and often times gross me out!

I am particular about bed making...I simply cannot walk past a bed without making every morning after I wake up Short, I venture into Tall's room because he never makes his bed and it only takes a couple of minutes to throw the covers on and fluff the pillow.

So for the last several months, when I walk around to the further side of his bed I noticed something white sticking out from under the bed....not thinking anything of it, I'd reach down it and was always one of his t-shirts....again..not thinking anything of it and tossing it into the laundry.

Well yesterday I was making his bed and I walked around to the other side and there was the t-shirt again.

This time when I reached down, my hand got a hold of something...well ummmm....dried and crusted!!?? I picked it up...touching as little of the t-shirt as possible....holding it up to the light (yes I really did that)...omg...Nooooooooooo...not my little boy (almost 17)...but still little in my mind!

So I decided to investigate alittle further even though I could hardly control myself...I stooped down and lifted up his bed skirt and found this:

A sea of white t-shirts! Is this really something teenage boys do?? Yes of course they do, but not my son! Venti never had t-shirts laying around...neither did Grande....what happened to tissues or in the shower?? Or never at all?? I know he is a normal teenager...but couldn't he at least throw them in the laundry so I wouldn't see them??

Joe said I should put a post it note on one of them and say, "please place in laundry or use a tissue"....


  1. OMG!!! Got your email...hafta say, no! I'm not offended...can't speak for everyone, but not me!

    In fact, I was giggling out loud...but what if your son sees this? Will he be mortified?!

  2. haha...thanks!! He won't see it..and if he you said, maybe he'll put them in the laundry! :)

  3. OMG! I can't believed you posted that! LMAO! I laughed so hard I cried! Really!! I am sooo terrified of that if I have boys! I have two sisters and one brother- but he's ages older than me so I dont really know about boys either. ICK!!! LMAO

    Did he know you posted this??? LOL

  4. Hi to make you laugh! I had to post it because like I said boys are so foreign to me and so when I came across this I didn't know what to think! No he has no idea I posted this. The boys don't know I blog and that's why I don't use their names. Well good luck with your boys and let me know if you come across any t-shirts! haha!!

  5. LOL... That's brilliant. The Secret Famous Blooger Lady. Fabulous, Java, FABBBBBulous.

    I'm so scared of boys...! My fiance to be is from a family full of boys... I know I am totally doomed.

  6. haha..yeah boys are scary!!! lol

  7. This is our style lol. We love our t-shirt but sometimes we do like this.


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