Monday, March 1, 2010

So different..

I am so frustrated! How can 1 of my 4 sons be so different then the others?? Not only does he get bad grades, but when we confront him about it he gets an attitude!! I just don't get it. We raised them all the same and yet he is so different. I never try to compare them because they are each individual but they were all brought up the same way...same household...same parents...same everything! I am talking about Tall. He now has 2 F' in Algebra and one his American History. Everytime I question him about his grades he gets all defensive and raises his voice at me! Well this does not go over too well with me. None of the other boys do that so why should he?? We even took away his laptop for punishment thinking he was spending too much time on it and not studying but this was a month ago and he only had the one F at the time! I get email reports from his teachers and yesterday I got one that said he got a 60 on his "quiz" in his Am. History class. When I asked Tall he said, "I didn't study because quizzes don't count!!!".....I couldn't believe it when he said that! I had made a roast with potatoes and carrots yesterday...had it cooking all day and it sure did smell delicious! Well when Tall came to the dinner table I asked him about this "quiz" and that's when he raised his voice at me and needless to say, dinner was ruined.

This upsets me. He doesn't even feel bad when he causes a scene like this. He didn't talk to us the rest of the night. He went to bed without fixing anything between us. This has happened before and we've had numerous talks with him about it and yet he still continues to do this....:(

As far as the rest of the weekend went, Short had a basketball tournament....they came in 6th place! 6th out of 6 teams....I'm so proud of him! He even scored a couple of times! They each got a medal:

Venti wasn't home this weekend and so it was quite. Latte starts her chemo today so I will keep you posted on that. Grande went on a date and I saw this morning that his facebook status said this: Girls have got to be the most confusing and complex thing on earth! Poor Grande!


  1. Oh my...I understand although I have a housefull of girls!! I have six daughters :) Unfortunately kids all come with their own personality. We can teach, nurture, and love them all the same but in the end they are an individual that came to earth with their own personality. I am not preaching...I have had to go through the same thing with my step daughter and niece that I raised for 4 years. It is so frustrating to feel like you have given EVERYTHING to them and you get nothing in return. I guess all you can do is to love him unconditionally . Eventually he will come around. This isn't to say he won't bump along the way, but if he knows you will always accept him, there will be a day when he will take a step back to look at his life and realize you have always been there for him. My husband was a pain like this when he was younger, but now he is strong willed in good ways. He works so hard to make a living for our family and won't give up if it kills him. Your sons traits can be used for good as well as being annoying, so don't give up :)

  2. Six girls!! How wonderful! Congrats to you! Yes I know they have their own personality but my other 3 are somewhat alike and he just has a way different personality then them...I guess that's what makes the unique! I had to laugh at the comment about your hubby!! That is encouraging for me to hear! Thanks for sharing and have fun with your girls!!


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