Monday, March 8, 2010

High Expectations...

Why did Monday have to start out on a bad note? I just got an email from my employer saying that she now wants us (there are 5 of us) to start using daily call logs for each and every salon that we visit everyday..that means that I know have to account for every second of the day which is a far cry from what all of us are use to. I don't think that I'll be able to continue on like this because she is now setting high expectations for us that I don't think I can fulfill! Its hard enough being a wife and mother to 4 boys and then have the weight of these expectations upon me. I have to give this some really serious thought. My job is so flexible now and that's what I like about it and its been that way since I started..and now its all changing. I've had an upset stomach and a headache since reading her email to us. Ugh...what to do...what to do...I have a relative that owns a salon and just saw her on Friday..she actually offered to train me to become a Nail Technician...I am a licensed Cosmetologist and so all I would need is the training...not sure if I want to do that either but it is an option. I don't think I'd make anywhere near what I'm making now and I don't want to add that stress to our marriage...guess I have alot of thinking to do...:(

Venti is home for 10 days (Spring Break) although I hardly saw him at all this past weekend. Grande has Spring Break everyone is home..lots of cooking to be done!

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