Thursday, March 4, 2010


Since joining the fitness center on Sunday I've had to dig down deep in to the bottom of my dresser drawers and pull out the dreaded swimsuit. I hate winter but love it for the fact that sweaters and jeans are good camouflage!! Who in the world wants to shed the layers of clothing for a swimsuit?? Not me! I have 4 or 5 suits and not one of them looked right! I'm sure you can relate right? Each one looked worse then the other. I couldn't possibly have worn these last summer could I? I showed that much skin!!?? It was only 6 months ago and it seems like years! That means I'm 6 months older and my body is 6 months older....but I refuse to acknowledge that fact!!
I have gone to the fitness center every day since Sunday and have worn a different suit each time thinking it would look better then the last one...but it didn't work! I made sure I got into the pool as fast as I could...getting out at the ladder closest to my towel! lol...there's always room for improvement and I think we are each very critical of ourselves.
So since none of those suits "looked right" I decided to go shopping today for a new one. Its very hard to find a suit in March! And yet they decorate for Christmas in July! I ended up finding one at Ross....I got 2 actually....and they are one-pieces...I've never worn a one-piece...I usually go for the tankini's....but not in March...If I get brave enough, I'll maybe take a picture...and maybe post it!

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