Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moisturize Moisturize!

Had I known when I was in my 20's the importance of moisturizer, I would have taken a bath in it every night! I never even thought about it then because I was "young". I did a promotion a couple of months ago for some facial moisturizers at Costco and I remember a young girl (20's) coming up to me asking what I was demoing....when I showed her the age defying moisturizer she said, "oh I don't need that...I don't have any wrinkles"....I explained to her the importance of starting young and continuing on because having healthy skin in your 20's leads to healthy skin in your 30's and 40's.

My facial routine consists of only 2 products and have given me some really great results. I can't say whether or not my "young" looking face comes from using these or good genes! My Mom is 63 and looks no where near her age:

I shower at night and when I wash my face, I use water only! Then when I get out of the shower I use the towel and wipe off any remaining make-up. I don't wear alot of make-up and if its a day that I do, then I use a make-up remover cloth.

After my face is dry I use L'Oreal Revitalift Double Lifting Cream. Its a 2 in one and it works great! I couldn't find a coupon for this particular product but L'Oreal has some other great Coupons and samples that you might be interested in!!

This unique dual-action treatment instantly retightens skin and effectively fights the look of wrinkles. Advanced RevitaLift Double Lifting is the first double-action treatment that combines two exclusive complementary formulas in one application an ultra-concentrated lifting gel and a powerful anti-wrinkle cream for intense lifting action.

Then I use Garnier Nutritoniste Ultra-Lift Pro Deep Wrinkle Night Cream:

Visibly plump deep wrinkles, hydrate & intensely firm your skin while you sleep with this night cream. Click here for a $2.00 coupon!

And that's it!! Another Beauty Tip is to make sure you don't forget to moisturize your NECK!! I can't emphasize that enough! Alot of people don't do their neck and it is very important!

I'd like to think that I have great looking skin but not sure if its the lotions I use or the fact that I laid under a Sun Lamp when I was in 9th grade and had 2nd degree burns on my face...then I popped all the blisters and my whole face peeled! Talk about exfoliating!

This was from a recent photo shoot...unretouched!


  1. Great tip. I will have to try these items. My skin is so oily though would it still be ok to use? I am glad you stop by my blog. So happy to have someone with kids around my age. Pretty picture and so nice to meet you.

  2. HI Crystal!!

    Yes you can still use these if your skin is oily. Thanks for the compliments!! You have a great blog and I'm happy to have made a new friend in you!! :)

  3. Thanks! I have never used moisturizer, and now I see that I really should.

  4. Very good point! I couldn't agree more. Two things my mom passed on to me when I was 20: wrinkle cream and sunscreen. I'm now 32 and haven't skipped a single day of either in the past 12 years. I have friends my age who still tan and don't wear anti-aging creams and look several years older than they are. So important to take care of your skin!

  5. That's awesome Idoia! So glad to hear that! Well you will be one up on your friends in a couple of years! They will be so jealous of your skin! And I bet your also has great skin at her age! I sure wish someone would have told me when I was 20!


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