Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th and Grande's Birthday

I couldn't post pictures of our July 4th picnic and Grande's birthday before today because Monday was Meet Me On Monday and Tuesday is Tuesday Beauty Tips!

Sunday was our picnic that is always held at my parents house (next door) because they have to pool which was much needed on Sunday because it was 98 degrees!   We also celebrated Grande's birthday at the picnic so it was one big party!  There were 35 people there...lots of food and lots of fun!

I had to take a picture of my Dad while he was grilling!  He looks naked under that apron!

Just about everyone got in the pool!!

Joe and I relaxing by the pool!
Venti and Mocha were there too!!

Mocha was showing Talia pictures of the Flower Girl dresses!  Talia can't wait to be in the wedding!  Isn't she cute?

Short (2nd from left) and his cousins.  The 2 little ones on the right are the ring bearer and flower girl in Venti's wedding.

Grande's Birthday

Venti and Mocha

Everyone wanted dessert!!

There was a little incident with the fireworks!  My sister and her husband brought a whole box of them and he usually sets them of but this time my sister did them and the very last one fell over and we were all sitting or standing around watching them and I happened to be one sitting and when I saw that it started shooting outwards instead of upwards I got up and turned around to get out of the way and right then part of it hit me in the back of my thigh!  Ouch!  It really stung and now I have a bruise but its way better then one of the kids getting hurt or anyone getting seriously hurt!  Not a good ending to a fun day!

I hope everyone had a safer day then me!


  1. good family pics. i love your dad's apron' sorry about the fireworks incident. glad it wasn't worse. have a good day.

  2. Looks and sounds like y'all had a great 4th and birthday celebration. Well except for the whole firework thing! Ouch is right!

  3. What a fun time you had. Sorry about the burn. At least it wasn't too bad.

  4. So glad that you didn't get REALLY hurt. Fireworks are fun but they can be dangerous. That was a lesson learned. From now on, extra care will be taken with the fireworks!

    It looks like Grande had a really awesome birthday and everyone had a *FUN* time. Wonderful memories:-)

  5. I'm relieved you weren't seriously injured.
    And remind your dad that grilling naked is OK but frying naked can be dangerous:)

  6. I love the picture of your dad. That is great lol

  7. I am so glad you were not hurt worse and you are ok for the most part.
    Looks like everyone was having a great time.
    I love all the names in your family and I love the picture of your dad. ;)
    Thanks for adding us.

  8. Your 4th sounds a lot like ours! Good times, for sure!

  9. What a fabulous birthday party - glad you are OK if a little bruised from the fireworks!

  10. So glad you were not hurt...Loved looking at all your pictures...
    Happy Wednesday

  11. Gorgeous photos again girl!
    At least that firework only left a bruise and not a burn!

  12. OH and tell ya Dad that's one real cute photo of him in his apron! LOL

  13. Looks like a great time! Was it hot or what??? Beautiful family and I love your dad's apron. Too funny! Sorry about the firecracker. It could have been so much worse (thankfully it wasn't). Those things scare me!

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