Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Tips! Get More Comments!

Grande's love note YESTERDAY was resolved by him calling the bank himself and fixing the problem!  I told him that he did it so he had to fix it.  Turns out that his card (debit card) was charged $25.00 so the bank credited his account, canceled his card and are sending him a new one!

I wanted to post today about blogging comments and a couple of things that you may or may not know.

Here's a couple of ways to get MORE comments!

Respond to comments – Seriously, if you’re deciding between leaving comments on another blog and responding to comments on your own blog, choose your blog. If you can’t carry a conversation in your own home it doesn’t make much sense to try and start them in other places. Responding to remarks on your own blog lets readers know that you are truly listening and care about what they have to say. Obviously, that will often lead to more comments and repeat visits.

The thing you may not know is that when you post a follow up comment on your own blog to a particular reader, that reader does NOT know that you posted a follow up message to them unless they specifically come back and read it!

Make it easy to comment - Take OFF the Captcha!!
I do not like this validation.  If it rejects me once, forget it.  I’m not going to try again.  In fact, I ignore comments options with Captcha unless I’m doing it to help someone. You write a post and you would like comments.  If someone is writing a reply to your post why make them solve some image with distorted letters? They want to think about your post not whether that is an 8 or a B, a 1 or I or l.  If people have previously been annoyed by these things they may not even bother trying to leave a comment. You lose here — your blog lost a comment.  Commenting should be as easy as blogging because that is how to keep your conversations going. It is honestly not needed. You can ALWAYS delete stupid comments FOREVER with one click.

Go To Blogger Setting ->Comment Tab and Select No In Show word verification for comments.  Doing this setting will help you removing Word verification from Comments.

Don't moderate comments - No censoring – Moderation is important for everything except blog comments. People don’t like to be censored.

Turn off the auto-play music -  First, not every one is going to like the music that you selected and you may even offend someone.  Second, your readers might have their own music playing and your music might mess that up!  Third, some readers blog at work and wouldn't want your music playing at their desk so they may even skip your blog all together!  This will potentially get more people to read your blog...and post more comments.  Most people don't even realize that they can shut off the auto-on, so that a viewer has to hit play to hear it. Much more desirable.  Let your readers decide if they want to listen to your music instead of you deciding for them.

These are just some suggestions and are meant to help you get more reader/comments.

If you have any suggestions share them here for the rest of us to see!


  1. Great tips, but I do leave moderation on, it lets me know when I have comments so I can respond to them.

  2. I so agree about the music. It's really annoying. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Strangely, your comment block is to the far left this morning and very tiny! Hard to find. =)

    I agree with everything, but I keep moderation on. I have received spam comments and moderation allows me to weed those out.

  4. Good morning,

    I agree on the comment moderation thing. But I do use the captcha, I was spammed a number of times, and very weird comments were left, my son says there are computer guys in Europe who do that for fun. Huh?

    As for the music, well...I love mine, but you're probably correct. Sigh.

  5. April, get your comments email to you. You'll know right away when you have them without the writer having to wait to see her comment posted.

  6. thanks so much for the tips...didnt even know I had captcha on....went into settings and changed it because I hate that part of blogging myself and dont want to do it to others...thanks again...

  7. I do agree with the music thing, but I do have comment moderation on. For 2 reason:
    1. It let's me know when I have comments.
    2. Several times a week, I get spam comments - strange random quotes or symbols. I delete those. I don't know why but I feel like if allowed to post, they could allow hackers in. I know, I know; but I am one of those people.

    Another way for comments is to ask questions of your readers. Doesn't always work, but worth a try.

  8. Oops! I have music. I also have the captcha and that is because of the spam.
    I enjoy reading the comments I receive and respond back to each and every comment that has been left.
    If there is substance in the post then people will visit despite the do's and dont's
    Just a thought

  9. Hi Java!

    Totally agree! I always make it a habit to reply to each and every comments I get in my blog and I also copy the same reply back to my commentator's blog so that they are aware that I've replied their comments. I think it's a nice gesture to be doing so :)

    I also turned off the captcha thingy - never been the type to fancy this as well as the music thing.

    Btw, I posted about some common web design mistakes on my blog few days back, feel free to read through it! :D

    I'm a full-time mummy (Web Design Mistakes To Avoid...)

  10. Thank you so much for the useful tips re comments
    . . .making your day! :)

  11. Wow. I am surprised you visit my blog at all. I have the music issue. Of course, I get comments fairly often that they like whatever is playing on my music player. Hmmm. And, regular visitors should know how to turn it off b/c I am constantly posting footage and giving them instructions on how to turn the darn thing off.

    On the comments, I started moderating b/c I found comments on OLD blogs from people I didn't know had even visited. It is the only way I can make sure a comment doesn't slip through w/o me seeing it. I don't want a new person to leave a comment on a blog from a four days ago and me to miss it. But, I agree about the captcha business. That is a pain. But, I understand if someone has been spammed. That isn't fun either.

    Anyway, thanks for the tips. Of course, I am going to keep my music and still moderate my comments... but I STILL LOVE YA!

  12. I agree with everything you posted and I used to long ago do those things (that I now find annoying LOL).

    Word verification is a pain in the butt and the music is sometimes annoying. The moderation doesn't bother me too much.

    Great post!

  13. Hi Java, nice blog tips. That is why if I am going blog hopping I'd rather leave a specific URL since if we don't, and when we click the name it goes back to our profile and like me I have 5 blogs and I don't want my friends bloggers to run around which one has my new post. Second, I still put my captcha because though sad to say their are many spammers around, so I left that one. Third, like you I don't moderate comments. Because I own the blog I have the RIGHT to delete comments right hehehe! Fourth, if a blog site has music it's too long to download the site so sometimes I just leave.
    For easy access to any blog make it simple. Thanks for the space and see yah all tomorrow!

    Manang Kim

  14. I hate the word verification (w/ a passion) and music on blogs too! I do moderate my comments because I've gotten some strange ones and spam too.

  15. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the invitation to the over 40 club. If I have time in my schedule tomorrow, I'll fit it in. Have to run some kids around to their social activities.

    Great tips. I am already doing these things because I want to make it easy for people to comment. As far as knowing when someone has commented on a previous post, you can post the Recent Comments gadget on your sidebar, then a glance at that will let you know. I've had people comment on a post I had done months before, and I would have missed it otherwise. And I don't want all of these comments popping up in my email box; and I don't want to moderate, just one more thing for me to have to do. Life is too busy.

    I think I've done everything correctly. Would you mind giving me some feedback and letting me know if you had any problems when you left a comment? Did you have to jump through any hoops? Did it reject you at first? Did everything go smoothly, or do I need to change anything? Thanks so much.


  16. Hi, Java,

    (So sorry to leave the below comment here. I tried to send you an email through the "contact" tab; but every time I typed in the verification code, it wouldn't accept it. It kept saying wrong code. I tried several times.)

    Again, thank you so much for visiting my blog. That was a nice surprise. I have often thought how neat it would be to do some modeling as an older woman, but I wouldn't know the first thing about how to pursue it and where and how to get work. Would you have any advice for me on how to break into modeling and any other modeling tips would be appreciated as well? I love pretending I'm a model on my blog as you can see by my last post and my What I'm Wearing Posts. It's a lot of fun, and my husband is so sweet to take the time to take the photos. Currently we just have a cheap point and shoot camera and no photoshopping or retouching; so the photos are very basic. I'm sure they could probably be improved a lot. Thank you that you take the time to respond to people. That is so neat. I feel we may have a long term blogging relationship in our future. I love making friends in the blogging community. It has really enriched my life.


  17. I've just added the over 40 bloggers button on my sidebar, down near the middle with my other buttons. Please add my link to the list. Thank you.


  18. I've just added the Follow Friday 40 and Over button to my sidebar down with my other buttons. I look forward to joining in on as many Fridays as possible. Thanks for hosting this. You have so many neat things on your blog. So exciting.


  19. Just added the Meet Me on Monday button, Too.

    Sorry for so many separate comments. I didn't think it through and realize I'd be doing all of this, or I would have put them all in one comment. But I did want to let you know.


  20. I really dislike listening to music on blogs, even if I like the music as it distracts me from reading the posts.

    I am now guilty of none of these things having finally removed Captcha!

  21. I so agree about the music. Sometimes I like to listen to my music as I visit my blog friends and then BAM I'm overwhelmed with noise. And it's not always easy to find where you need to go to turn their music off. Frustrating.


  22. I've been toying with the idea of turning off word verication and seeing if I can stay away from the spammers.
    You've convinced me. keep your fingers crossed. I got tired of some guy in Japanese leaving me what I was sure were porn messages.

  23. I couldn't agree with you more! I've never had a problem with spammers since I turned off word verification, I'm notified through email when I have a comment so I don't have moderation on and I avoid blogs with music...even ones with substance. I don't have the time to find where to turn it off. I've received only 2 very weird comments and that's what the delete key is for!!!

  24. This was a great post. You are so right. I did take the music off my work/photography blog maybe six months or a year ago because of just that issue. Lots of people liked looking at the pictures with specifically themed music I selected for it, but it was also a bit of a pain, and I know some people had to hate it. So I got rid of it.

    I still have music on my personal blog, because I like listening to it. But this was a very bad week and the music now hurts me to hear it. I think I will take it off. This week has been the worst one of my life.

  25. @April - I get an email notification whenever a new comment is posted!

    @Merri Ann - Your welcome!

    @Joan - I'm not sure what you meant! The comment box looks ok to me! Sorry you had troubles!

    @Ellie - I've never been spammed (knock on wood)...your son is probably right! And if you love your music then leave it on! Its your blog..these were just suggestions!

    @BeaderBubbe - Most don't even know they have the captcha on! Your very welcome!

    @Christine - I get emails when I have a new can always turn that option on. If I get a comment I don't like then there is always the delete button! And yes I agree about asking questions..good tip!

    @YogaSavy - You are very right and its your blog and if it works for you then I wouldn't change a thing....these were just suggestions!

    @I'm a full-time mummy - that's a great idea to copy the same reply back to the commentator! I will definitely check out your tips!! Thanks!!

    @dj Goddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio - Thank you!!!

    @Robin - Of course I visit you! Its your blog and you can do whatever makes you happy! These are just suggestions! Its funny how you said, "I give instructions on how to turn the darn music off!" lol....and thanks..I still love ya too!

    @Charlene - Glad to hear! Thanks so much!!

    @Manang Kim - That's a great tip that you are leaving your URL when you comment! Especially when you have more then one blog like you do! I agree about the music taking too long to download! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

    @ourlifeinaclick - I would moderate too if I got some strange one! :)

    @Trudy - We would love to have you join us tomorrow so hopefully you can stop in! Yes I get an email when someone comments....I meant that when I post a comment on someone else's blog and then they post a follow-up comment, I might not see it unless I go back and look through the comments! That's a good way to know though so thanks for that tip! I will gladly check out your comment section and let you know!!

    @Trudy - No problem on another comment! I don't know any other way to remove the code thing from my contact form! It doesn't give me a choice! I might have to look for another contact form! I just tried it and it worked so hopefully it is ok!
    You should definitely look into modeling since you are interested! Modeling is not just for 20 year olds! You would want to check into Lifestyle can google that for some ideas. What you want to do is look for a photographer in your area that does TFP (Trade For Pictures)...that means that they take pictures of don't get paid but you get free pictures....there are lots of photographers that would do that for you. Then you want to put a profile on a website like or any one that you find and like. I think you will do great...your photos are great whether or not they are from a point and shoot or not!
    Looking forward to our friendship and getting to know you better!

    @Trudy - Great! I'll add you to the Over 40 list!

    @Trudy - We will see you tomorrow for the Follow Friday!!

    @Trudy -Oh its fine! I don't mind at all! I appreciate you letting me know!

    @Aging Mommy - Yeah!! I know you took yours off because I was so excited!

    @Kat - Yes I listen to music too! I agree!

    @M-Cat - You can always try it and see! I don't have any problems. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I don't want you getting any Japanese porn messages! ha!

    @Annette - Me neither! I agree with you!

    @Emily - I am so sad to hear that you are having a bad week! I am here for you if you need to talk!

    @Eliza - Thanks!

  26. I love comments too. I agree with most of these things. I don't know about always commenting back since I don't think MOST people come back to see the responses. If it's a comment that requires a response, then I usually will put it in the context of my comment on their daily blogpost. Otherwise, I'm there for everything else! :-) Susan

  27. I am so with you on the word verification!!! Totally irritating! Especially when I want to comment via my phone like now. I also find music playing on a blog interferes with the thoughts I want to post and while I love music, I wind up muting my speakers so I'm not distracted by the music. I also agree with commenting to your posters! Very good way to show your appreciation & encouraging them to come back. Great post!

  28. Okay, I totally get all the points you made, and I'm with ya on all of them, but there's one thing that's been bugging me for soooo long. I can't seem to be able to comment back to the people who comment on my blog when those comments come to be via email. The return email is almost always How can I get those email comments to leave the email address of the commenter? Or do I just have to go to their blog and email them? So confused....

  29. I agree with all that you wrote, except for 2 things...#1 I just started moderation and I love it. I love not having to worry about what is going on in my comment section when I am not home. And #2: Maybe it's just me, but I would rather have a follow up comment right on the blog I put it on, rather than put it on my comment section where my readers don't know what the person is talking about.

    Interesting post.

  30. Java,

    Thank you so much for the modeling tips!!

    And I've already left my links for the Follow Friday with both of my blogs: and

    Thanks so much for hosting this. I'm sure I'll meet many more great bloggers.


  31. thanks for the tips. when i get a comment, i feel it's best to the other blog as that person is most likely to read the response. Have a good da. Rose

  32. Thanks for your post on this, Java! I checking out right now, if i have word verification on my blog. I had to install the comment moderation, after some jerk posted a very long ad for Viagra on my post. I hope noone stays away because of that:)I just unchecked the Captcha! I agree with music on a blog, it sometimes scares me spitless! Have a great weekend! (Love it, that Grande knew who to turn to, when he needed help!)

  33. Great post! I do all the things you suggest. I respond to each comment on my blog and also try to visit the commenters’ blogs and leave a comment for them in return.

    I don’t need to moderate my comments because I have a good spam filter and also have all comments emailed to me. If a spam comment somehow gets through (hasn't yet!), I'll just delete it. I use Wordpress and the plugin WP Thread Comment. With that, my response is emailed to the commenter.

    I also use (and LOVE) CommentLuv. It rewards people for commenting by placing a link to their last post when they leave their blog URL.

  34. Good ideas. I do all of those. If you want to know if you have comments you can have them sent to your email.

  35. Those are all great tips!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that my blog has moved and you can now find me at :)

  36. I do the moderation so I know when someone actually posts a comment without having to go thru all my posts & remember how many comments there were previously.

    As for the music, I like that on mine, but know just what you mean about it. I can't figure out how to take it off automatic play, HELP!!! (I just deleted it for now 'til I can get ideas of how to do that)

  37. Just typed a big long comment and it said service unavailable.
    Love your post!
    I respond to comments via email unless a blogger doesn't have their email address.
    That is the way most that I comment back and forth with do.
    I never go back to a blog and check to see if I have a comment to a comment....unless I know that that is how that blogger does it because of the type of blog they have. If someone comment on my blog comes to my email and I answer them that way....unless like I said they have it were I can't/

  38. I have and will have capthca on. This morning there were 10 spam comments 3 of them enlarge and p....y comments. I don't need neither of them :)
    I posted about Disqus on my blog Disqus on Blogger
    It's easy to use, you can reply and you get email if you got response to your comment > you can go back....etc. Much, much better way to be connected than basic Blogger comment system.

    I moved from Blogger to WP and noticed that far too many Blogger bloggers do not have Name/URL or OpenID option which means I can't leave a comment. (Yes I could with my google/blogger link but that takes people to the wrong, old address.)
    Google shouldn't disconnect people but it does if BLOGGERS don't change their settings!

    Happy Sunday! :)


  39. Thanks for coming past my blog. I like these tips. The etiquette of commenting is hard to master sometimes.


I love, love, love comments!! Thank you for taking the time and for making my day!! I read every single one and if you ask a question please be sure that I will get back to you as soon as I can!