Thursday, August 26, 2010


Joe and I have been married for 24 1/2 years!
Plus we dated 5 years pior to getting married!
With Venti getting married it really makes me think back to when I got married myself.

I think about all the up and downs we have been through...
All the happy times...
All the sad times...
I think about everything we have share together and all the memories we have created...
I think about the family that we made...
I think about all the parenting we have done...and what we did right..and what we did wrong..
I think about how our choices will effect how our sons lives...
I think about how each of us has changed...
I think about how different we are from when we first got what we have become today...

I think about how we have changed mentally...and physically...
I think about how Joe looks now then he did the day we got married...
I see the lines of age on his handsome face..
The roughness of his hands from work...
The sweet smile that now has tiny lines beside it...
The head that used to have thick soft hair that I loved to run my hands through has now become the soft shaven head that I love even more...

And I think how different I must look to him...
My body carried and gave birth...4 times...
My hair that went from brown to blonde...:)
My face isn't 20 years old anymore...
Our imperfections that we both have...
Those imperfections that we have come to love..

I think about how different we are here and now...24 years later...

And yet we haven't changed one bit..

I think about how we grew up together...

Yes grew up...not grew old...

I have been with him over half my life..

I love him more now then I did when we first got married...
Because I "know" him now...
I really didn't then..

I would marry him again...
And again...

I can only hope that my sons get to experience what we have experience...

True love...

I hear it everyday....many times a day...."I Love You"...
And I know he means it...

If you are married, would you marry your spouse again?


  1. Very beautiful entry. Congrats.

  2. U two look better than ever!... Older and wiser..

  3. After reading this wonderful post, how can anyone vote "NO"?

    You look even "hotter" than you did then! You know what suits you more and you look classy. Your husband is one lucky fella.

    And we are lucky to have read this post. My 13-year wedding anniversary is coming up on Sept 7 and I was wondering about whether to do a post about it, but I don't know if I will be able to. I wish I could be as successful at it as you evidently are. But you know what, maybe having a good marriage and being able to live with someone else is about being comfortable under your own skin first.

    Thanks for your positive presence and kind influence.

  4. oh yes I would! :)
    It's a great feeling to 'know' each others. Life is calm, no big fights...easy to discuss about everything...I love it!

  5. I thought I was doing good. Hubby and I will celebrate 11 years next month. I think you should start planning a celebration party and another honeymoon once you hit 25. You & your hubby are both very lucky.

    By the way - I love the comment about Growing up together and not growing old. Perfect!

  6. I really enjoyed reading this. I would probably marry him again. The only thing is that I might look further for someone who loves to read, plays an instrument and sings.

  7. A very beautiful tribute to your marriage and to your husband. What a nice place to be in life.

  8. What beautiful words you've written concerning marriage!! Yes, I would marry my hubby over and over again...even after going on 34 years of marriage!!! Hope the rest of your week is blessed!!! Love your blog!

  9. what a lovely post your husband is a lucky man...

  10. That was the sweetest tribute to your marriage. Thanks for sharing. Very beautiful.

  11. Awww...that is such a sweet post. You and your husband are so blessed to have found each other and been able to share so many wonderful years together already!

  12. What a beautiful post. I hope I can write something similar in the future about my marriage. This October, we will have been married for six years.

  13. I would in a heartbeat...he is my soul mate, my other life...this being said after 35 years, five kids and a dog note to him...."come grow old with me, the best is yet to be...."

  14. You guys look so cute in that wedding picture. So young, right? And you are equally as happy 24 years later. I love what you wrote about growing up together. I feel that way about my marriage too. Growing together is what makes it work. Congratulations. You've set a great example for Venti.

  15. Jeez, you made me cry. I love weddings, weddings, weddings. I should have been a wedding planner. That was a super great post.

  16. Congratulations on 24 years. It's such a rare accomplishment these days. You're a beautiful couple. Marriage rocks!

    Warmly, Michelle

  17. Such a beautiful post! A day couldn't possible be bad if we can make lists like that. Day to day things can rattle us, but the smooth lines of the "big picture" are what really matter. The recent picture of you two has a peaceful happiness to it. You have somehow managed to get more beautiful as you got older. Not in the sense of a beautiful aged quilt(although I suspect that is the case too), but something that could be envied by many a twenty year old! Could I buy a bottle? A case? A truckload?
    I love my life. I love my family. I am more aware of how age can factor into things after a serious illness last year. I aged ten years in one. Still, I'm grateful, perhaps even more now, for each day.

  18. Oh such a beautiful post! And you guys look awesome... 24 years ago, and even now!

    I went out with my hubby for almost 10 years before we decided to get married 3 years ago so, for me now, it's almost half of my life! :)

    I voted yes by the way!

  19. absolutely! I'll marry my hubby again and again. He is the love of my life, my best friend, my only one. We are also growing up (not old) together, we share the same hopes, goals and fears. We don't have children (and not sure if we will)but like Big told Carrie (SNTC2) when she asked if the 2 of them would be enough: babe, we are not enough, we are too much. Thanks for sharing your love!

  20. What a sweet post! I married the love of my life when I was 18 and that was 55 years ago. We share 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild and triplet great grands due in Dec. Yes, there are ups and downs, good and bad, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it, oh wait maybe a minute or even two. My hubs says when we are asked how we did it, always says, its respect, you have to respect each other first.

  21. That was so sweet. Yes. I would marry my husband again. He is a rare find.


  22. I blogged about marriage a few weeks ago, when we were approaching our 23rd anniversary! It's amazing how much we can change and grow together, when so many just grow apart. I would marry mine in a heartbeat, and in an awesome dress without the pufy sleeves (like mine!).

    You both look wonderful, then and now.

  23. What a wonderful post on marriage!!! You look gorgeous together! Heres's to another 30 plus years many more years... HHL

  24. Hi, just found your blog and added your button to my side. Thanks for the link back.

  25. Isn't it a glorious thing to realize 24 years later that you're even more in love than you were back when you thought you could never love someone more than you did at that time? I see it in my brother's life & some of my friends. I hope one day God blesses me with this treasure. Congrats Java! You both look blissful!

  26. I would most definitely married my husband again. He is my best friend, my supporter, my confidante. We, too, never tire of saying I love you. We don't walk out the door into the yard without kissing the other one and saying, "I'm going out back. Love you." And we both know we mean it.

  27. This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen written on marriage. (And if you tell me your gown was tea length and your bridesmaids were in dusty rose, we had almost the same 80's wedding). Although I've been happily single for the last 10 years, and realize marriage is something I don't want for myself, I have to tell you, seeing things like this makes me warm & fuzzy inside for those who still honor their life partners in this way. Congratulations to you both! Seriously - fabulous post - it exudes love, and that's what matters most. <3

  28. beautiful post-no regrets, no ill will, just endless love, and may the next 25 be just as sweet

  29. Love your post!! It's beautiful!! Your example will compliment Venti's future nicely!! No doubt of it!! Thanks for sharing! Yes, I WOULD marry hubs again... Would he marry ME again??? Hmmmm... LOL!! ;p

  30. Well said Java! Congrats on your almost 25 years. I hope you are celebrating the silver anniversary!

  31. Beautiful post Java! Congrats! I would absolutely marry El Jefe again... only I would do it the FIRST time!

    Have a beautiful day!

  32. A few things:
    1- YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! Beautiful lady, you look so young!!
    2- This brought me to tears....tears! I have been married 17 years and feel the same way..
    3-I am sad to see the votes... my prayer is for YES to be 100%!

  33. That was really beautiful Java. Truly. You are blessed.

  34. What a lovely post!

    And yes, I'd do it all over again. 15 years have flown by.

  35. FUN post! Love the wedding pics and compared to today.

    Happy love!

  36. Lovely post and quite honestly you look far more fabulous today than you did back then to me.

  37. You two look adorable!
    YES I would marry my Stew again in a heartbeat! We have been married almost as long as you two, and we love each other just as madly now as when we first met. soppy gits we are!

  38. What a lovely post! You look great, by the way!! I can totally relate to what you’re saying. My husband and I celebrated our 35th anniversary in May, and I would marry him again in a heartbeat!

  39. You are both so beautiful and getting even more so every photo that you post! Just wonderful! Java, thank you so much for your guidance and support, I've started my new Friday blog hop over on my blog and I hope that you link up cuz listen girl you've got lots of fresh ideas and tips to help us all stay young and fresh. I welcome your posts always. Bye for now, Roz over at La Bella Vita

  40. Absolutely totally agree with your post today! I would marry my man of 28 years again in a heartbeat. We have had a blessed life together and know that the best is still yet to come. Enjoy your love!!!

  41. What a beautiful post!

    We will celebrate our 20th anniversary in September and I would absolutely marry him again in a heartbeat! I say this all the time because it is true, my husband treats me like a Queen, every single day. All of my 'real life' friends have always been jealous of how much he pampers me - all while helping out with our children (when they were young), the dishes, the laundry, etc. I am very, very blessed indeed!

    Thanks for sharing your heart!

    Teresa <><

  42. Congratulations! =)

    Hope you guys have a great weekend. Take care.

  43. Happy Happy Anniversary sweet friend. Loved seeing the photos. You both look even better now.

    BTW...YES I would marry my George again. He's not just my husband and lover, but my bestest friend too.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  44. I would so marry my husband in a heartbeat! We married at 18 with everyone telling us it would never work, we were too young etc etc!!! Well, 35 years later, two kids, and four grandkids he is still my best friend! We too grew up together and not apart! Loved your post!

  45. We have been married 24 years this Oct. And yes I would marry him again.

    Love Leanne NZ


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