Saturday, August 14, 2010


I had the luxury of eating breakfast this morning with one of my sons.

Just me and my son.

Its unusual to have just myself and one other at the table.

I made us some Waffles!!  Yum!

We sat down and pulled our chairs up to the table...

We poured the syrup into the steaming hot waffles...filling every nook!

We started eating...enjoying the silence and savoring every bite of the delicious waffles...

He broke the silence...

"Chase's girlfriend Angel is cheating on him!" (Chase is his best friend)

(I almost choked on my waffle)

"What do you mean?"

"Angel likes 2 different guys...Chase and Andrew"

"Oh!...What is he going to do?"

"He's probably going to break up with her"

"Oh...well yeah I guess if she's cheating then he should break up with her"

"Yeah...he's upset about it"

"I'm sure he is....just be a good friend and be there for him"

"Yeah I will"

That was my breakfast conversation with my son.

And that son...

Was Short....

He's 10!

Happy Saturday!

See you tomorrow night for Meet Me On Monday!!


  1. They start so early? I am really behind the times. I love those one on one meals with my boys and miss it now that they have flown the nest!

  2. LOL, funny how that young, that they figure one can't like someone else? How deep is the like? Mom, u should of asked if the like was deeper than the like for know,

  3. @Yoga Savy: When I worked in the schools kids would send/bring flowers on Valentine's Day.. these were kids from first grade!. lol

  4. Oh Mercy!! And this is where it all starts, LOL! Tell your son to stay far away from here:)

  5. How cute and the waffles sounded delicious!! I have a 10 yr old too but she hasn't filled me in on the soap operas yet.

  6. Only 10?! I´m so glad my girls are all grown up! Just watching my neighbors 16 year old give me gray hairs.... :)
    Good advice!

  7. I thought when you posted Cheating..... You cheated on a diet or something. LOL

  8. I thought you had cheated by using microwavable waffles or something.

    :( Why is everybody so mean to each other and cheating on each other... I am more than a little sensitive right now. And I did almost ask you to call me. :( I'm spending 5 hours a day in an outpatient program at the local hospital.

  9. I meant 4 hours, not 5. But I wish it was 5 hours. Actually, I wish it was like, 24 hours. :(

  10. They start young eh? lol
    Our youngest son (well, he's our grandson really)... is not into girls yet!
    Thank goodness, already been there, done that with our 3 older boys!

  11. It is so funny what the definition of "like" and "going together" is at that age. When I was in the 5th grade it meant you held hands at recess. Woohoo. And made googly eyes at lunch and stuff like that. There really was a lot more commentary among your girlfriends about said boy than there ever was contact with said boy. Too funny.

  12. I always think it's so funny they're "going out" when really they aren't. One of my sons was talking about a friend who was "going out" with a girl - and I asked, "Does she know?" LOL

  13. I wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I've left you an award here:

    Also, you are absolutely gorgeous! I adore that modeling photo of you. The pink bow is so beautifully placed. *swoon*

  14. good morning! I am not over 40 yet (but on the verge of it...) but anyway I am adding your button since I love your blog! I also married my HSSH and have been together for more than 20 years now. Feel free to stop by (my latest post is about age and feeling young).
    ps -you are stunning!

  15. just got to read your post. that's good advice you gave to your son. friends are important. for the last 2 day, i have helped 2 different friends so the spring cleaning is still on. friends in need, you answer the call. can't wait to finish this mess. Rose

  16. Wow! He's a good man to be there to support his upset friend! lol At least his definition of cheating was that girl liked 2 boys! I spent my career in the medical field. I wish those were the kind of explanations our little patients, (younger than 10) were sharing with me!
    Have a wonderful day and take care!


    P.S. Thanks for the sweet email about me not looking 85! However, what you don't know is that picture was actually taken over 45 years ago! lol lol

  17. They sure do start younger and younger, don't they! At least it sounds like he and his friend both know what constitutes a healthy relationship.

  18. Reminds me of some of the conversations I've had with students over the years…

  19. Kids say the darndest things.... here's one for ya... I have two dogs and one is just a puppy. He tries to hump my older dog but backwards (his head). The other dayIi am outside with my mans child, who is 11, and he goes look-hes humping Mousse, and they are both boys-maybe hes bi? Shocked and dismayed he follows up with-nah hes probably just curious-OMG my jaw dropped and I almost fainted!

  20. I well remember those precious times when they sit and spill their guts (and how you react determines if they ever do it again!). Man, I had to develop a serious poker face from that age forward and learn to just listen (especially to what wasn't said)! Ya did good Java; no freak outs!!


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