Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Fat

That's what I hear about Short being overweight....that its baby fat. He just turned 10 and weighs 110 lbs. That is 5 lbs more then Grande who is 19!  Yes Grande is skinny but Short is definitely overweight. He can only wear pants/shorts with elastic which limits what he can wear. He's been  overweight for over a year now and nothing we seem to do makes a difference! He doesn't even eat  that much! We've had him to the doctors and there is no underlying medical issues. We've tried no soda..that didn't make a eating after a certain time...that didn't make a difference...we are at a loss as to what to do! 

We also don't want his life to be focused around his weight either. He is just a boy and I think he should be focusing on being a boy and not about loosing weight. His classmates all love him and no one makes fun of him, but how long will that last? He is going into 5th grade in the fall and as kids get older, they might not be as nice! I've heard that once he goes through puberty that he will most likely loose his "baby fat"...which he may...or he may not!  I'm afraid if something isn't done now then he will carry it over into adulthood.

My Mom says its because he was breastfed! Can you believe that?? I nursed Venti for just a short time but did not nurse Grande or Tall. She says that is the only thing different that I've done with the boys.  Yes he was nursed until he was almost 2 but I don't believe what she says!

So here it is summertime. He can't hide behind clothes any more. Its time for swimming...the beach...lots of opportunities for less clothing. I feel for him and I know he is conscious about it.  If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE let me know!!


  1. My brother had "baby fat" when he was younger. One summer he shot up 4 more "baby fat". From your pictures he doesn't look fat to me at all. As long as he's healthy and the doctors aren't concerned I'd just focus on getting in more physical activity, which should be easier now that the weather is warmer. Some people just have a slower metabolism.

  2. My brother was like that as well, and as the previous commenter said, growth spurt did the trick. He is just "big boned" so although he is at a normal weight now, he is built like a linebacker so he looks a bit bigger than the scale says.

  3. Sorry I don't have any great advice, but I would like to say that I think Short is an incredibly adorable-looking 10 year old. I bet he'll have girls throwing themselves at him in a few years! :)

  4. One of my sisters was like that Java. She's the slimmest one now.
    He's only 10, his metabolism is running at the pace his body decrees.
    As the experts say, a balanced way of eating and exercise is the best for him.
    I agree with you, let the kid be a kid :-)

  5. What? Are you sure that theory is right? Oh man... I'm still breastfeeding my toddler now (15 months old) ... hmmmmmmm....

  6. No it is NOT the breastfeeding!! He's only 10, you have boys already so you know how quickly they can suddenly change from boy to man in one summer.
    My little sis was always the chunky one, but in her teens she became the willowy one. I would be careful about your fear affecting him friend. It could be that he will be a big man, not fat but big like football player big. I would encourage exercise more but it has to be fun or else even playing will become a "job" or duty for him.

    With so much media focused on childhood obesity right now it is just fueling your fear....turn it off. My sons both went through chunky times but they are tall & slim now.
    Being a mom is just too dang hard sometimes isn't it? Blessings on you & your concerned heart Java. <3

  7. Sorry no suggestions here. But I do hope he is able to enjoy summer, even though a bit over weight. I think he will "grow out of it" with time.

  8. So long as he isn't overeating, Java, I wouldn't worry. In fact, I agree with all of the other comments. Just go with the flow for how. Encourage him to be a kid and go outside and get lots of exercise (i.e. play with his friends). Boys go through growing spurts in inches. If it continues to be an issue, the doctor can recheck his thyroid. That is the only thing I can think of that would be causing something like this, but I have never heard of a kid having thyroid issues. I am assuming that they have already looked at his sugar levels for diabetes. If so, I would stop worrying. He will probably be the tallest of all your boys. You will laugh at this blog in later years because you called him "short."

  9. I can just tell you my experience... I was 100 pounds in the 5th grade, which is in the 10-11 year old neighborhood. I was teased, tormented, excluded and ridiculed. I had few friends and I hid my body behind baggy clothes until I was a senior in high school. In fact, I kept my hair very long- almost waist length for the specific reason that I could cry in class and I could simply pull my hair in front of my face and no one would be able to tell. It was freaking miserable.

    Short is very, very lucky that he is a boy- because they don't get teased for their weight nearly as much as girls, and that he is already well liked with plenty of friends. That is a blessing.

    I know you said you tried cutting out soda, etc., but have you ever sat down and physically counted out his calories? One of the things I have learned from years and year of yo yo dieting (don't even get me started) is that most people consume ALOT more calories than they think they are. Also, caloric rich foods come in much lower quantity than healthy foods. Meaning, the other night, when I realized that I was on my 3rd pack of fruit snacks for the day, that I could have had an entire lean cuisine MEAL for the 240 calories in fruit snacks I had just gobbled up.

    You are right in that you don't want him to fixate on his weight. Maybe don't even involve him much in what you're doing. But, talk to the doctor and find out what his caloric needs are at his age, height and weight. Then start writing down EVERYTHING. Just write stuff down for a week and see whats actually going into him. I bet you'll be surprised at his caloric intake. Then, start making changes so that you are hitting precisely what he needs instead.

    My parents tried everything with me. Nothing worked. Probably because they didn't do what I am telling you to do... which is a healthy diet. The only way you are going to know if he has a healthy diet- including the amount of calories he is intaking, is if you start recording stuff- including serving size. It's alot of work on your part, particularly when you are cooking meals for the whole family, but it can be done.

    Also, is he involved in any sports? If he's not, try to get him into something. that's one of the biggest regrets about my own childhood- I never got into a sport. "Fun" exercise will sustain him through young adulthood before he has to start going to the gym on his own or doing something else.

    I've lost steam on my writing, so I'll come back if I think of anything else.

  10. Oh, and no, I didn't grow out of it. I maintained my overweight body until college. I know I weighed 100 pounds in the 5th grade, and I know that when I got my license when I was 16 that I picked a completely random number for my weight 179- it was COMPLETELY made up. I was probably more like 200. During that time, I was a cheerleader and in dance for PE, but I was not active enough, and I was probably eating too much.

    I do also agree, as I said before, that when he hits puberty, he may shoot up 4 inches in a year and look like a beanpole. My newphew's BFF was EXTREMELY overweight all through elementry school. He couldn't run. Everything his mother cooked for dinner at their house started with a carton of sour cream (seriously). And both of his parents were heavy- mom definitely overweight and dad, flat out obese. That kid hit middle school, shot up several inches and is now fit, trim, muscular and good looking.

    Again, the advantages of being a boy. He's going to be taller than the rest of us.

  11. He is adorable! My brother went through this as well. Once he hit puberty and a growth spurt, he lost all his "baby fat." Encouraging healthy eating and activity is the best you can do and not focus on his weight. I have confidence that he will lose it while growing up.

  12. Hi Java - has short been growing much this past year or has he stopped? I know with boys they can go through a long relative non growth stage whereas girls keep shooting up so by about 12 they are often taller and then around 13 to 15 boys start growing like weeds and if they have carried any excess weight it drops off overnight seemingly. Other thing is, does he get lots of exercise? If he is out and about all day long doing energetic things that can only help. If it is neither of these things then it may very well just be a phase, if he does not overeat as you say is the case.

  13. I know of a lot of kids who had baby fat and one day they shot up.. and no more baby fat. Don't worry. He'll get bigger soon. As long as you have him busy and eating right let him be.

    Now if he's 230 lb at 16 years old thats when I start worrying.

  14. As long as he's healthy, the docs clear him, and he has a good body image, then I would focus on being healthy. The weight will work itself out. My own son that just graduated, mentioned that he thought he was starting to go soft around the middle. We didn't make a big deal of it, but then last night, he went our for a run by himself and then to the gym to lift. Keep up a good example and never let him hear you say a negative thing about his body or yours for that matter.
    From one who STILL struggles with food issues and body dysmorphia

  15. My boy is the SAME exact age as Short, and I noticed that he's developing a bit of a tummy, too. I'm not worried about it because he's active as anything, he eats well, sleeps like a log at night and just this summer he's taken to sleeping in during the mornings (normally he's an early bird). I know that kids this age start putting on weight, getting ready to grow 10 feet over night. I hope this helps ease your worries, but it sounds like you're doing all the right things. It'll all work out.

  16. My son was heavier at age 10. Then we he turned 13 he grew 6 inches and lost 30 pounds. Don't fret it. It's still the kid weight hanging on. The teen will be stretching soon!

  17. He's precious! My son, now 19, went through a chunky period but around 17 he just kind of 'stretched' out.

  18. Hi Java
    first thanks so much for stopping by my blog, aznd I will be happy to join your over 40 group!! As long as all the ladies don't mind a gent commenting on their pages! As for short, weight can be a problem as you get older, I was in the same boat as he, by 8th grade I was 150 lbs, I was always pretty active but it was not until High School that my body really started to change, I was about 175 in high school and started playing football and wrestling, although I was heavy (5'10" tall) and not very tall my body did not look too heavy, I carried it very well as my muscle ration increased and my fat ratio decreased. All was good until I became in active, and that was where the real issues come to play. As you get older it gets much harder to remove it. My best advice would be to get short involved in some type of martial arts program, something he can do the rest of his life, I found mine at age 37 and it did wonders for me until I moved at age 50, now its just a struggle....sigh...if you do decide to go that route just find a school that teaches discipline and not just fighting, if you watch a class make sure that they are taught more than just sparring, speaking as a teacher as well, its much harder to teach technique and discipline rather than just let them fight.. And if short follows in growth like his brothers he will be tall, so Chinese or Korean arts would be better suited to him, because his legs will be longer.
    well just my opinion, I'm sure as his mom, you will know what is best for short, since you know him better than anyone else..
    Very nice to have met you.


  20. Balance! Eating, exercise and keep an eye on it and he should be fine but you are right to be concerned, just keep that watchful eye on it!

  21. Our youngest boy also weighs too much, he is 8 years old and weighs 112 pounds. I am hoping it IS baby fat and he will grow much taller later on and lose the fat!
    He is teased at school which is not very nice... he is the tallest and heaviest boy in his class... but a gentle boy... so he gets teased.

  22. Odds are he will grow, and his looks will change dramatically...but it IS hard to be self-conscious and kids as well as grown ups can be cruel. I would try going gluten free - healthier anyway, and there are lots of good options out there these days. Also keep the dairy to a minimum. And try to get him to do something active an hour a day. These 3 things helped my daughter slim down significantly! She is a healthy eater, but doesn't know when to stop. Also just put lots of fruit and cut up veggies out when he's starving for dinner. and water with lemon. He'll be fine!


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