Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation: Day 4 and 5

 The last 2 days have been lots of fun..and not so fun! On Monday it was so darn hot and we spend most of the day on the beach. For dinner we just had pizza but it was really good pizza!! The evening was spent on the boardwalk and Joe and I ended up in an argument (that is the not so fun part) was over something stupid (aren't they always) and we made up then but I hate having an argument...let alone having one on vacation! We don't argue very often and so I was upset that we had one...we didn't go to bed mad and Tuesday everything was fine.

Tuesday was quite a lot of action on the beach! I love people watching and I had to take a picture of this guy....wonder where he got those trunks?:

And then I had to take a picture of this girl....I think she lost part of her suit somewhere where we can't see it:

Then all of a sudden the ocean cleared out and everyone was pointing at something!!
What could it be??  A shark??  Nope!  A group of 5 or 6 STINGRAYS!!!!!

 I never saw people run so fast out of the water!!  The Stingray stayed in the area in front of us for awhile!
After all that action, we built another sandcastle!

For dinner we went to Phillips Seafood House:
 Then we played miniature golf...Grande didn't go because he was meeting some friends on the boardwalk:
 I beat all the boys by 6 points!!

In the beginning of the week they said rain on Wednesday so we thought we would go to the outlets but now its going to be sunny and so maybe we will go on Thursday!

See you tomorrow....I'll be at the beach photographing other people.....I'm terrible aren't I?


  1. Hi Java! It looks like you are having fun at the beach! Is that Ocean City? I live about 3 1/2 hours away from Ocean City. Have a great day!

  2. You are hilarious!! I hope I'm never at the beach when you are there people-watching... with your camera!!! :D Keep enjoying vacation!

  3. People watching is one of my absolute favorite things to do. That shot of that girl's back end is kind of gross. I guess you see it all at the beach!

  4. I love to people watch too! What a fun vacation! I think your photos are great. Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Candace~♥

  5. I am a people watcher too, and would be doing the same think you did (taking pics), haha! I love it! Hope the rest of your vacation is wonderful and don't worry about the argument with hubby. Seems like when we finally have an opportunity to relax and get rid of some of the stress, arguments are easier to arise, and yep, usually over the stupid little things. I'm sure it's all completely forgotten now. Have fun!

  6. Love the beach. Going back over the 4th! Yeah. Looks like everyone is having fun on your trip although that 2nd pic made my eyes hurt. LOL.

  7. Enjoying your vaca from here Java! Thanks for sharing.
    I'm due to go on one myself.
    Have fun today :-)

  8. People watching .... am guilty of that especially sitting at a cafe.
    Enjoy those special moments with family

  9. I so love it when I win miniature golf against all the guys in my family - and then I'm just gleeful, positively full to the brim of joy. And they are so miffed a girl beat them. I do not know where they got that attitude from, so I just have to assume it's a guy thing!

    We're going to the beach in 9 days! I cannot wait! I already know where the fresh seafood store is - and they'll prepare it for you before you get there if you call in advance. And they make these awesome not really hushpuppies but so much better with an orange butter dipping sauce. So Yum!

    One year at the beach it was sting-ray mating season and they came into the shoreline twice a day! Ugh!

    Enjoy your sunny day!

  10. Oh that looks so fun! I think I need another vacation, and one involving a beach!

  11. I can't beleive the way some people dress in public. I always say I need to send them a mirror.
    Anyway, glad you are having fun.

  12. Oik! That girl's bathing suit looks positively horrid! (and uncomfortable too ... like a gigantic wedgie!!!)

    I hate it when my hubby and I argue too. It doesn't happen often but I have a hard time letting go of it afterwards because I feel so badly about it. Funny thing is that my husband forgives so quickly and it is all over and done with for him! But I'm left feeling all upset inside. I'm learning (or trying to learn anyway) that when we are finished arguing and have made up, it really is over ... and to just let it go and move on, without that horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach. Hope you just let that one go and enjoy the rest of your vacation, sting rays and all! :)

  13. I love your blog...LOL I bet he got those trunks from his sister... LOL...

  14. Oh isn't that all part of the fun of the beach, the people watching! Love the photos, glad you are all having such a wonderful time

  15. I love people watching!! My absolute favorite thing!
    Looks like you are having a great time.
    Gee, that is great you rarely fight.
    We tend to speak loudly fairly often but we make up alll the time (LOL). I think it is our Italian side (LOL) Oh, I by the way my husband only has an Italian side,he his full blooded!

    Anyways, enjoy!!!!

  16. OMG! Java you're so horrible, ha! ha! ha! but I love it. Yeah, take some more pictures...people absolutely lose their sane minds when they dress for the beach, yikes! Wow, stingrays, that would have done it for me...but yeah, take some more pictures. Vacations are stressful even though you're not feeling it but, so what. What's that in the background in the restaurant? Carousel horses? No, no, you don't have to respond to that - you're on vacation. Comment tag isn't necessary.

  17. Oh dear, a fight on vacation. I hope you had great make-up sex. (can I say that)
    those swim suits were funny. I can't believe what some people wear these days...WHEN THEIR BODY IS SCREAMING NO.

  18. Some awesome pics, sorry about the fight, glad you made up, and good for you on the mini golf win!

  19. OMG about that guys trunks, the girls suit bottoms... talk about bottoms!
    Stingrays sometimes come that close to shore when they are being chased by Orcas! (Killer whales)

  20. I would've been scared in the haunted house, too! i'm a weenie, lol.

    Was that girl's bikini bottom for real????? i cannot believe that. how did you get her pic without her noticing? you are sneaky! i love it!



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