Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Beauty Tips!! Professional vs. Generic Shampoo

Most women resort to generic shampoo brands for the inexpensive cost, bright packaging, and commercials that promise supermodel hair. The commercials on television and ads in magazines don't show the damage to hair from using generic brands, however. For a couple dollars more, sometimes even the same price, informed shoppers can get beautiful, healthy hair from a professional grade shampoo. 

A shampoo is just a shampoo. Or is it? All shampoos work the same way; they all clean your hair. Or do they? What is the difference between professional salon products and generic brands sold at your grocery store and Wal-Mart? Is there one? Some will say ‘No’, but yes, there is a difference.

Professional vs. Store Bought Hair Products

Have you ever gone to a salon and purchased a bottle of shampoo and conditioner, taken it home and tried the shampoo? The shampoo will typically lather up very quickly and will require a lot less. This is because the ingredients used in the professional products are typically of higher quality and have gentler surfactants (type of soap used in shampoo). Professional products want to give you an experience! The creators of the products want you to use their shampoo and feel luxurious, to notice the smell, and to see a difference in your final outcome. They want you to use their product and notice a difference. And in this process, the quality of ingredients used is higher than those sold in general hair care. The same companies that make products for Redken, Paul Mitchell, BedHead, etc, also make products for Pantene, Aussie, L’Oreal and other products in your grocery store.

What Generic Shampoos do to your hair

Hair strands are made up of protein or keratin. They have a softer, more pliable inside called the cortex, and a harder, stronger lining called the cuticle. Most generic shampoos are not strong enough to properly penetrate the cuticle and cleanse the inside of the hair strand, which is the job of shampoo. Instead, they coat the cuticle and only buildup on the hair. Since most store brand shampoos are made with more detergent and sulfates, the buildup they cause is usually waxy and heavy. Especially for women who perm, relax, or color their hair, these shampoos will turn shiny, healthy hair into dull, weighed down strands. 

It’s Really Up To You 

Deciding to use professional products over the generic product is clearly up to you and your checkbook. One way to see if you notice the difference is to buy a bottle of shampoo and conditional from a salon and use it for 3-4 weeks. Notice the way your hair feels and looks. Then go back to your generic brand and see if you notice the difference. If it’s worth it to you, then go for it!

Which one is best

If you looking for a store brand shampoo without the high cost and
yet gives great results then try Clariol Herbal Essences or Pantene!


  1. I absolutely love these beauty tips. I am teh only skirt in the house, of 4 men...so, this is like having a girlfriend over.

    Thank you...!

  2. Great post- but I think the argument should be about the ingredients versus whether or not the shampoo is a salon-staple name brand.

    Almost all shampoos, name brand or not, have the same first few ingredients meaning they are practically the same (you'll notice alcohols and Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, which is what causes the foaming action, but also strips your hair of moisture, it's a harsh detergent).

    I focus on the conditioner since most shampoos are the same and make sure it has no alcohol or that alcohol is very low on the list of ingredients. I LOVE JASON everyday natural care conditioner (http://www.jason-natural.com/products/everyday_hair_care.php) I've tried to Sea Kelp and Aloe on my dry naturally curly hair and I never have to use product afterward, it's that well conditioned when I use it.

    Do you have any brands you recommend in particular?

  3. I love the beauty tips! Heaven knows at 43 - almost 44, I freakin need all the help I can get!

  4. My all time fav hair products ( but they don't come cheap) is the Phyto care line. I might not be high maintenance but my hair sure is.

  5. Excellent tips! I change back and forth a lot depending on how broke I am!!

  6. Great post! I've learned this the hard way!

    I have very fine hair and use Nioxin (for thinning hair, but I don't have thinning hair). It gives my hair SO MUCH VOLUME (not in comparison to someone with thick hair, in comparison to my fine hair, lol), and store bought shampoos and conditioners noticebly leave my hair limp. Even when I'm at the salon, they'll say "so what do you use for shampoo and conditioner...." and I'll tell them and they'll say "Oh" because there really is nothing better for volume.

    Sure, I could get something cheaper at Wal Mart or the grocery store, but my hair would look so, well, yucky, lol.

  7. I buy salon hair products and have for a long time now. I definitely think there is a difference.
    Three things I won't skimp on:
    Hair Care
    Skin Care
    There you have it :)

  8. When I finally for the first time in four years got to color my hair a little while ago I was persuaded to buy the Redkin products to maintain the color and condition. However I found them to be very harsh and made my hair quite dry and flyaway. So I switched over to Pantene, their color and volume combination products and the difference is amazing - my hair feels so much better and looks so much better too and for a quarter of the price. I guess different products suit different hair better but I think the Pantene products are good and value for money.

  9. It is cool blog. I had the same problem when i has bleached hair. http://solutionhairfall.blogspot.com/ Go to the drug store and buy the deep conditioning Dove conditioner. use it every time you wash your hair and let it sit for a few minutes. this worked for me!

  10. thanks for the information. i'm always searching for the perfect hair products. will consider being more selective about hair products. thanks

  11. I have thin hair. Actually, I used to have thick hair until I hit puberty then I lost half of it. It still falls out in huge chunks. I'm always scared of trying new shampoos. If I find one that I like, I stick with it. lol

  12. As a cosmetologist, I would not recommend anyone buy herbal essences or pantene as their store bought product of choice. What I tell my clients who want gorgeous hair but can't afford my retail products; aquage/biomega, kenra, or it's a 10 (it's a 10 is my preference) I highly recommend Dove. The ingredients, from my experience, are less damaging than the others.

  13. I've tried Pantene and it's really amazing!

    Sai, fashion blog at www.fashionbysai.com

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