Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Beauty Tips!! Summer Beauty Tips!

Glamour galore! We can all transform our appearance simply by bothering to attend to details — and a little regular care and attention doesn’t take as much time as you might think.  Summer time means cookouts, parties, dinners, reunions, picnics....lots of socializing!

Grooming is an extremely important part of ensuring you look and feel good everyday.  This can  involve investing extra time in yourself but you must remember that you deserve it and is a great way to build your self confidence!  Remember that life is about YOU!

Here are some guidelines!

Summer Beauty Tips

1. Wear Sunscreen: The number one rule of thumb when preparing for the hot sun is to lather up with sunscreen that has a SPF rating of 15 or higher to protect your skin from those treacherous sunray.

2. Use Bronzer: Tanning is out Bronzer is in, let's face it in the summer the sun gives you all the heat you need, do you really want to be trapped in the tanning bed? They have a variety of bronzers and spray on tanners that will create the same look as a tanning salon, without breaking your wallets.

3. Makeup without Foundation: It is not recommended to wear foundation in the summer, if you do decide to wear foundation wear very light and subtle colors or opt for tinted moisturizers they are lighter and more gentle to the skin.

4. Color, color, color! It is all about color in the summer use vibrant colors like green, pink, gold and loud colors that reflect the summer time atmosphere.

5. Your Hairstyle: Let's face it hair seems to get oily, sweaty and greasy in the summer due to the humid temperatures, so instead of creating a ultra chic look, summer is the time where you can be playful and stylish while you wear your hair loose in a wet in wavy style or very loose ponytails for a girlish look.

 6. Body Scrubs: Scrub & exfoliate your face daily to keep it looking fresh and to give you a feeling of renewal.

7. Waterproof Mascara: If you plan to be near the beach/water or any outdoor activity use waterproof make up and mascara so your make up won't smear all over.

8. Frizzy Hair: Deep condition hair weekly since the humid weather can cause frizziness to your hair.

9. Avoid Blow Dryer: Avoid using the blow dryer in the summer, the sun gives you enough heat already instead use an alcohol free texturizer to do the trick. 

10. Accessories: Summer is a time for fun in the sun, if you want to look fashionable the must have accessories that look good and also protect you are a nice straw hat that blocks the sun from your face and beautiful sunglasses designer or faux will do the trick and you will be already for fun in the sun.

Have fun, gals!  Keep it beautiful, keep it easy, and most of all, remember that looking your best makes you a better mama and life a little brighter!!


  1. #1 is my hardest, I never think of it. Bad Bad Bad
    #3 I own mascara. That's it! Sad.
    #4 No problem with colour, it lifts the spirits.
    #5 Ponytail, easy and fast
    #8 is the one I have to adhere to. I have body curls and they can friz. UGH

  2. After reading this I think I will dress up and have fun while doing it.

  3. Well it is over 100F every day now here so we are in the pool every morning and my hair is already complaining - thankfully it is a salt water pool but still it's not great! However I do already have a nice tan despite the factor 100 sunscreen I am using, so bronzer is not necessary. But I am going to get me some deep conditioner for my hair so thanks for the tip!

  4. i'm not good about the summer weather and how it affects me good tips. rose

  5. Oh yes, YES YES YES, sunscreen is a MUST and although I don't have much to BOAST about, I have used sunscreen for years and at almost 59 years old, I don't have all too mahy wrinkles.
    The hair is an issue ---we are retired, have a hot tub and are in and out it several times a day and so my hair I never quite know what to do with
    and living in the country
    and not usually seeing anyone
    I have to be careful not to get lazy about "staying sexy looking"

  6. Thanks for the tips! I would add three...water, water, water...drink lots :)

  7. You wanna know something funny? I NEVER wear foundation in the winter and ALWAYS wear it in the summer! lol In the winter I feel like my skin is so much clearer and I am happy with just a little powder to clear up the shine. In the summer, everything seems red and blotchy and putting sunscreen on my face just makes me feel even more blotchy and sweaty and greasy.. (and I use a nice l'oreal made for face sunscreen/lotion) I always mix my sunscreen and foundation into my own little tinted moisturizer. Then I do powder over that. But ONLY when I am working or going out. Since I work from home, I don't do make up during the week for the most part. I'm sure that helps my skin a bit anyway...

  8. Oh now I need to dress up and go have fun.


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