Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vacation: Day 6

Today was super hot!! I think it was the hottest day yet! If you didn't get in the water then you were sweating your you know what off!! The waves were really rough today! Joe and Short were out in the water for most of the day!

Grande and Tall came out for a couple of waves!

Then we saw Santa Clause on the beach!!!

For dinner we went to Harbourside!

After dinner we went to the Haunted House! Short didn't want to go!

We saw some scary stuff!!!

Then on the boardwalk we saw this lady all dressed up in Silver!  I think she collected more money then I make in 2 weeks!!!
I can't  believe we only have one more day here!  Time went so fast!  I wonder what the adventures the last day will bring us!! 

Hope to see you then!


  1. I went to the jersey shore on Monday! the sites you see on the beach! LOL

  2. Love your pics. Those are some scary thingys. LOL.

  3. ugh, this makes me sad. I'm stuck in landlocked Colorado, I need the ocean! Only a few more weeks till I head back east. People watching is the best at the shore isn't it?

  4. Love these pics! You have a beautiful family! The girl "Statue" is eerily awesome! Santa not only got a tan, but lost weight! Haunted House...what fun!!! (poor Short)

  5. Santa on the beach-I guess even he gets to take a vacation. Did you ask him for anything?

    Maybe I ought to paint myself up and go over to Pier 39. I always thought I was in the wrong prefession(teaching-we don't make anything)

  6. Your photos just made me have another dose of reality. We're moving from Hawaii in another week and I have taken this beautiful place for granted. I can go to the beach at any time and enjoy the ocean.
    I've seen Santa on a beach every year at Christmas and we have several silver people on the Waikiki strip every night. What craziness!
    I'm glad you're having a good time :)

  7. Wow, that silver lady is awesome.... as is the haunted house.. but I propably would have been like Short and not liked it that much.. scary!

  8. Great shot of the water. I always try to get a splash with people, but I'm always a little to early or a little too late.

  9. oh my!! silver lady... HMmmmmmmmmmm


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