Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation: Day 2

Venti and Mocha arrived at the beach this morning around 10am! It was so good to see them as its been 2 weeks since we saw them last! We made turkey sandwiches, filled the cooler with lots of drinks and headed out for a day of sun!

Venti, Mocha, Short and Joe road the waves!

Grande and Tall better have lots of sunscreen on!

Looks like Tall had enough sun!!

We had some really good seafood for dinner!

The kids on the boardwalk!

It was NOT a good hair day at the beach!  Windy and humid!


We had some really good Polish Ice on the boardwalk! Yum!

Venti and Mocha leave tomorrow.  2 days just isn't enough!  The boys want to play a game of  booce ball while Venti is is a tradition of ours to play it at the beach!  Anyone else familiar with the game of booce?

Check in tomorrow for Vacation Day 3...should be fun!  The boys are going to want to pack in a lot of activities since its Venti's last day here!  And its Father's Day!!


  1. It looks like everyone had a great time...and what a good looking family!

  2. Looks really fun! Happy Father's Day to Joe!!!

  3. Lucky you! Sounds like a lot of fun with your good looking family! Enjoy!

  4. Looks like you are still having fun.

  5. I love going to the beach too... only it's winter here now and COLD! Your family looks like they are having a blast at the beach.

  6. I'm having fun living vicariously through your vacation. We love that Polish Ice on the boards!!!


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