Thursday, March 10, 2011

The "H" and "F" Words......

I am always cold....and I mean always.  In the summer time I can't wait to go outside and sit in my hot car....I carry a sweater with me and wear 3....yes 3 shirts to work cause its cold in there.  My Mom says its because I'm thin.  I feel like Mr. Rogers when he puts on his sweater every morning!

Until last week...

It started...

I was sitting on the couch, catching up on blog reading and it hit me....

I wasn't sure what it was at first so I didn't think much about it...

Then I was laying in bed...and it hit me again...

And then again....and again....and again....

Hot flashes!!

Omg...I even had a hard time typing that!

Hot flashes.

Something that I heard about...

But never thought I'd have any...

After all...isn't that for Old women??

Isn't that what they call perimenopause?  The stage of a woman's reproductive life that begins several years before menopause.

But I don't want to!!

That means the permanent end to my fertility!

No more babies...

I wasn't planning on having any more but I want to make that decision and this is something that I can't control.

Makes me really sad thinking about it.

How can that be possible.  I remember when I was younger and heard the term "menopause" and laughed it off thinking that was something that won't happen for many, many years....when I'm "older"....

And here I am...

How did I get to this?  I swear I was just starting my period....I didn't get mine till I was 16 years old.  My mom said she thought something was wrong and was ready to take me to the doctors.  That really was like yesterday.  I can remember it clear as day.  Thirty years ago.  Why oh why can't time stand still??  I didn't ask for this so why does it have to be?

Some women look forward to this time.  No more periods.  Good bye tampons.  I guess there are some positive things about it but right now I can't see that.  All i can think about is that the term menopause is something that happens when your older.  I'm not older in my mind...but my body isn't listening.

I'm trying to find the lighter side of all of this and really got a laugh out of this video.

If you want to enlighten me on any of this...please do!


  1. I can totally empathize with you. Mine are almost over which is great; but to be old enough for them to be finished is sad. Oh well, the evolution of life. LOL!!! One of your MMOM bloggers had some great suggestions. Monica @ is a very good list. I added one more to her suggestions & that was to carry one of those small personal, battery-operated fans in your purse. They really help. I did HRTs for a few years during the worst of it, but weaned myself off those several years ago. Good luck & if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to try to help. It's definitely not fun.

    P.S. I kept looking for the Wordless Wednesday party yesterday. Have you discontinued that?

  2. I am a warm blooded individual and have had hot flashes since I was a kid. I've had low blood sugar that contributed. But, no one ever believed me. Now I'm 52 and have menopausal symptoms and worse hot flashes. Plus I am diabetic and if my blood sugar rises I get a horrible hot flash with it.
    One thing I have taken is soy tabs and black cohosh. I looked it up to see what herbs to take for menopausal symptoms and those were the 2 recommended. They have helped me some. I get them at Walmart because the are fairly inexpensive there. But, they run out fast. So, my husband buys them for me in bulk. LOL

  3. It's funny to here them called hot flashes. In England we call them hot flushes!! Thankfully, all that is behind me. YAY!! Thankfully, I didn't really seem to get many of these hot flashes(!), so I guess I was very lucky. Good post!

  4. Bright side: You are now firmly planted into cougarville! Whether you act on the title or not is one things, but you should still wear your coug-badge with pride!

  5. It's happening to me too, love that video :-)

  6. Love that video. Please share any tips for coping as you learn them. I haven't crossed that bridge yet, but would love to be prepared. Hang in there.

  7. LOVE the WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER bumper sticker. LOL

    I'm not sure about all this change of life stuff either. I've been told that I'm in perimenopause but still haven't had anything more than weird periods- every other month for a couple of years; twice a year for one year; once a year for two years...have no idea about any of it except what I've heard. I sometimes think I'm just sitting here waiting on the bomb to drop--the hot flashes and mood swings, etc. Although who would really recognize the mood swings as different- I've always been moody and hot natured. LOL

  8. The video made me LOL! Thanks for that.
    About the hot flashes, check out Soy pills. They really helped me, and are all natural.
    Welcome to the club!

  9. WELCOME to my world! I recently wrote a post entitled "Where's My Thermostat At" on my blog at

    You ain't seen nothin yet. But the good news is that you're not alone. Isn't life wonderful?


  10. I love the video, laughed so hard, thanks for posting.

  11. Don't consider yourself old just because the process has started. It takes years to complete. It began for me around age 45 and I'm still doing the hot flash thing these 6 or 7 years later. I was the person who always wore pjs and had to have a sheet and blanket even in the summer. Now I sleep in my underwear and rarely use covers. And I have been spotted in the checkout line at the grocery holding a bag of frozen hash browns to the back of my neck to try and cool off! Ya gotta laugh!

  12. I really can't wait until I no longer have to deal with that time of the month! Bring it on. By the way, I love the video!

  13. Welcome to the world of older women! LOL My perimenopausal phase was cut short by having to have a total hysterectomy at age 46, which is another whole set of issues! However, I do not miss the monthly visitor!!! Ten years later, I still have occasional hot flashes though :)

    I loved the video, too!

  14. although i've only experienced a few hot flashes, periMENopausal symptoms has been at my doorstep for a while now. BLAH!
    I empathize with ya Girl...hang in there and dress in you can start peeling 'em off when the themostat rises!


  15. I can't believe you wrote this as I just posted the same exact post! We must be on the same 'flash' wave length... Take a look at my recent post called, "One Hot Mama"!

  16. i to am always cold i think a ht flash would be great

  17. I haven't laughed so hard since I don't know when! I love you JAVA! I LOVE YOU! You have brought the JOY back into my life! FINALLY I know what's been missing! MENOPAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    That clip is from Malcom in the MIddle I think? I didn't watch the show but I recognize the mom. LOL OMG ROTFL

  18. Ah bless you, you are not old just mature and beautiful xxx

  19. I'm not older either (?), but I've suffered for the last couple of years with hot flashes. Hate them, but they seem to be getting better. Black cohash (over the counter) once a day has really helped me.


  20. My whole perimenopause was interrupted by me having my first child at 43 and then twins at 44. I'm now almost 49 ... I think my body is totally confused .. it's not sure what to do at this point.

    I was having hot flashes and horrible night sweats for years before the kids were born ... and now like magic they have all stopped .. along with my periods. Seems to be a win, win for me so far :))

    Loved the video AND this post ... both very funny!!

    P.S. I bet if you really started to think about having another baby ... you'd be surprised at how done you really are. Embrace it and look forward to being a grandmother someday ... I bet you will really enjoy all the fun stuff without the work or the wrecked body.

  21. Going thru this myself. I know its a part of life, we must experience but it doesn't make it any easier. I am not old either, don't feel old, but the hot flashes just keep coming. So many questions that no, one can answer. Thanks for posting the video. I needed a good laugh.

  22. I agree that it's difficult at first to accept the thought of menopause. I went through hot flashes for about a year - but it wasn't the worst thing since, like you, I was always cold otherwise. Soy supplements helped the hot flashes, and now I'm back to being cold all the time! I really didn't have any symptoms otherwise - and now I'm just looking forward to being a grandmother someday! Like EmptyNester, I loved the "War is not the answer" bumper sticker in the video! Deb @

  23. Isn't be 40 sumpin just grand, nothing like those wonderfull hot flashes and night sweats, girlfriend are the best, just wait till you wake up in the middle of the night drowning.

  24. That video had me rolling off the sofa with laughter. Hot flashes are great. You always feel warm and comfortable. I loved them and now I miss them.
    Wanna buy a duck

  25. Java
    I have been having those same symptoms the last couple of years...the night sweats aren't so fun
    :( Hang in there and you can deal with what is going on. I never had any kids but it still bothers me that my natural baby making days are near. We sound a lot alike in a lot of many ways.

    Hugs n blessings

  26. That's clip is exactly how I've been feeling for a couple of months. No lie. I just went for a visit with my gyno yesterday. But, I'm ready to stop having to use tampons...I'm welcoming this time in my life! Maybe I'm just not very maternal, but the thought of not being able to have babies doesn't bother me!

  27. I've been going through the same thing. At first it was scary when all of a sudden I'd get really, really hot...then a couple of minutes I was cold. I hate this!

  28. Loved the video! I can relate to the HF:-)

  29. Oh Java... I hear you, but what is age? it is only a number? You look and are fabulous, and that is all that matters...

    I started getting them about 4 years ago at age 48... and they are still going strong!
    I had a hysterectomy due to the HEAVY periods every 17 days.... so am thrilled to be over periods... but the HOT FLUSHES! OMG they are just dreadful... and ongoing... and relentless... and I could scream they are so bad.

    I have no advice... I've tried quite a few things that are supposed to help... but they only work for a little while.

    I hope you don't suffer too long and can find something that helps you.

  31. Oh and not being able to have any more babies is a nice idea... considering the fact that I've had 6...

    Oh hold on!

    I got two more babies in my 40's WITHOUT even getting pregnant. BEAT THAT. (two grandchildren abandonded at birth... we took them in and raise them as our own)


  32. I think I'm living that video now.....

  33. Just think about them as your "Personal Summers"!


    Very inexpensive and it works for me.

  35. Another one here. I also just posted about this at my blog

    I've tried the black cohosh, soy and stuff...just gave me another problem:migraines!

    I am reminding myself of your most recent post:
    "don't wish it away"....


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