Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wishing it all away.....

I was leaving work the other day and the elevator opened and in stood an elderly lady that I had never seen before. 

It was just the two of us riding down the 10 floors.

I sighed...

She sighed...

I said that I wished it was Friday....

She said, "no...don't do that"....


"Don't do that"

"Do what?"

"Wishing like that"

"Wishing like what?"

"Wishing it was Friday"

"So what's wrong with that?"

"Your wishing your life away.....that's what we all do....I wish it was Friday...I wish it was Summer....I wish it was my vacation.....your wishing it all away....then when your older, you'll wish you were right back here where your wish first started"

I blinked a couple of times....

And I looked at her....

Really looked at her...

Her face showed heavy lines of age..

Her hair was a beautiful snowy white color waved into pin curls..

Her eyes twinkled in the dim light of the elevator..

And it was at that moment that my whole life flashed in front of me....ok...not really, but you know what I mean!

And here I was wishing it all away...

I nodded...."Your right"...I said..."I never thought of it that way.."

She smiled....the creases around her mouth deepened even further...

That elevator ride down 10 floors ALWAYS stops and picks up other passengers...

But not this time..

It didn't stop once...

This lady and I were meant to be in the elevator together...

It was meant for me to hear those words..."don't wish your life away"...

I wanted her to tell me more..I didn't want the door to open...

She opened her mouth to say something....

And the doors open and she swiftly walked out and disappeared into the crowd..

"Wait!"....I said...but she didn't hear me...

Everyday I look for her...

But I've never seen her again...

Almost like talking to an Angel...

And talking to an Angel doesn't happen every day...

So don't wish your life away....I'm not going to any more...I'm going to live in the moment...cherish every second...every minute..every day...

When you start making your days count, you'll never again have to worry again about counting the days.

Today is a gift....that's why they call it the "present".....


  1. Oh, sweet Ms. Java...thank you for sharing this...I needed to be reminded of this, too!!!

  2. Oh, Java, this is so powerful! What an amazing encounter.

  3. I just love this story...with age comes wisdom..oh that we all would learn from her!!

  4. Excellent advice--but difficult to live by so much of the time.

  5. Very neat and memorable experience. And I bet you're going to remember it for a lifetime. ;)

    Even hearing that lesson right now... I can't "hear" it *right now*.

    I wish I could...

  6. ...Two weeks ago I found out that Matt's wife is pregnant. I can't even bear to write about it, it's so painful. I can't even allow myself to think about it. All I have done the last couple of weeks is wish all of this was just... over. Would anyone ever really want to revisit the most painful time in their life Java? I almost emailed you when I found out, but I just wasn't ready... :(

  7. I find myself wishing my life away more often than I would care to admit. I recognize it when I'm doing it, but like Emily (above) said, it's not so easy to stop doing it.

    Definitely something I think most of us could stand to work on. Lovely story. Thanks for sharing it!

    ~Mrs B

  8. Remember being a kid and wishing we were 18 so we could do what we want? I agree w/the lady u met.. She is wise and right about wishing for it to be another day... Besides, what is the rush? When Fri. comes it just means that its closer to Monday where wishing for Fri. comes again?? lol

  9. My Mom used to say that to me. Of course, I didn't understand it then, but I do now.

  10. That is such a good post. We all do it, don't we. But this really is a reminder that we must treasure every moment, for life really does zip by in a flash and, before we know it, we will be that old lady in the lift.

  11. That's an amazing story and such a good reminder!

  12. Thank you, Java, for a beautiful, sweet story that hits home. I was wishing for spring but think I'll enjoy today more.

  13. My granddaddy told me that when I was a kid and I've never forgotten it! Great advice!

  14. What an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Very inspiring and gave me a smile. Thanks :)

  16. Great post and I believe maybe God did send an Angel down to the elevator to speak thru him to you.
    I had a freaky thing happen to me today, check out my post.

  17. how very true her words were and how lucky you stopped to listen.

  18. love that story :) and I LOVE chatting with older people because the old women are so wise and helpful, and the old men have such funny stories. You always come out of a conversation inspired.

  19. Your story gave me the chills while I was reading. I do believe she was sent to you, possible so you could share the story. So many times I have said the same thing. I wish it was Friday, wish it was summer, wish it was time for vacation..only to find the days, and years, flying by and life passing too quickly.
    Thanks for reminding us to enjoy the moment, live for today and not to wish everything away.
    Thank you God, for sending the Angel to Java!

  20. What an awesome experience for you, and she is so right.
    It's hard to do, but yes, she is right!

  21. What a wonderful reminder that every day is precious. Every day is a gift from God that we should enjoy and use wisely. I wonder if that lady was an angel. Thank you for sharing this!

  22. a lesson we can all learn from. I think we are all guilty of wishing our lives away....thank you for making us stop and think.

  23. What a great story... Thank you for sharing!

  24. I have often thought this exact same thing. We spend so much of our lives wishing it was Friday or waiting until we lose weight or whatever that we're wishing our lives away.

  25. What a great story - and a great reminder! Too easy to forget sometimes. I also love "Today is a gift....that's why they call it the "present"....."

  26. Great moment in an elevator. Thanx for sharing it with us. Wise words form a wise woman or.......

  27. Love this post and the mantra we live our life by:
    don't wish it all away, live in the moment!

  28. Good case in point. And be careful what you wish for because you always get your wishes !!!!!!
    Love and peace,

  29. What a great story, and a much needed reminder. My mom always says that to me, when I start saying I wish the week was over, or if I wish something I am waiting for would come... She has said it to me so much over the years; sometimes I even stop myself from wishing our lives away. It is hard sometimes to do, but so important to live every day for today. Another great saying a friend told me was, "live everyday like it is your last, one day it will be, and you will be prepared."

  30. So true! It's the same like complaining about raining, and warmth. There is need and beauty in what each day brings!

  31. The woman was right we do wish our lives away instead of enjoying the present. We live life in the fast lane and its time to slow down and smell the coffee!
    New follower. You can come visit me at

    I never thought I would be over 40 and 50 is just around the corner.

  32. that's awesome-- my mother in law says something similar to me

  33. I'm a new follower to your blog, too (awesome site, by the way).

    Watching my 44 yr old sister-in-law die of ALS gave me a different perspective on life and with that I stopped wishing my life away. I try very hard to appreciate each and every day.

  34. Great post and reminder to live our current life.

  35. Just wonderful, really, wonderful post.


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