Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow!!  I have lots to update you on!

Welcome to the 20th Edition of Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday is a great day to post an awesome picture that “speaks” for itself, no words needed!

Never Growing Old

Venti and his "puppy" Dudley who is now 5 months old!  He is a Great Dane in case you missed it!

Time to link up and meet!!

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  1. Amazing puppy! Can't wait to hear your news!



  2. Happy Wordless WEdnesday! my post is up. tnx for hosting.

  3. Thanks for hosting Java. I tried my best to post correctly this time, if I'm still doing something wrong just let me know and I will do my best to get it right. I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

    Have a great week.


  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog post about my pregnancy

  5. i love a good coming attraction...

  6. Thanks so much, Java, for hosting this Wordless Wednesday fun! I have found some of the best reads through the hop.

  7. Great photo!! Love animal pictures and posted one of my own today!!! Thanks for hosting!

  8. They are both dolls. When I was growing up we had a Great Dane.

  9. Of course you know what drew MY attention over here. I love giant breeds and especially shades of browns and chocolates.
    You can post pictures of the puppy any time.

  10. 5 months old!????? OMG, how big will he get when he's just a year????? HUGE! LOL!! I know, it's a great dane and they're big, but he looks big enough already!

  11. Well, I didn't know you did Wordless Wednesday or my memory is failing YET AGAIN! LOL Anyway WW I have your button now to remind me, so too cool. I totally love love your pictures, and what a very handsome dog. Need more pics of her for sure, and it's only a baby??? WOW!

  12. What a beautiful puppy!! I bet he is a sweetie !! Thanks for letting me join in :)

  13. Java
    wow the puppy has grown. they are so sweet. I hope your week is going great, and thank you for hosting the wordless wednesday again.

    hugs n blessings

  14. hi there! my name is kim. i really love this meme and i would like to join but i don't know how to post my entry. here's is the link http://myneighbor.info/2011/04/wordless-wednesday/ i wish it qualifies..


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