Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tis the Season....

Every year I try not to get stressed out over the Holiday's but here we are....14 days away and I see lots of things on my list...not checked off.

With 4 children (and a new daughter-in-law) I always find Christmas overwhelming.  Not only the expense, but finding all the gifts...purchasing them...wrapping them....its enough to make me dislike Christmas!  Dislike Christmas you say?  Yes....Christmas isn't what its supposed to be about.  It has gotten to the point of just a day full of present swapping!  It starts with this maddening day of shopping on Black Friday (myself included) and doesn't stop till Christmas Day...sometimes even after that with the after Christmas sales....

Wonder what my kids would do if I put oranges in their stockings?  If there was one present under the tree?  They would surely think there was more hiding somewhere!  All this is my own fault for getting swallowed up in all the commercial hype!  My parents did it to me...and now I am doing it to my own children.

And its not like they need anything either!  NONE of my children could even think of anything they wanted for Christmas!  That tells me something!  They don't need anything!

Our Christmas Tree is disappointing this year!  It is already tried up and the needles are falling offf at lightening speed!  I make sure it has plenty of water too!  And how comes that fragrant balsam smell is overwhelming when we bought it, now I can't even smell it when I walk right up to it!

Is it just me or does anyone else feel this way?  Its so much work for one day and its really not what Christmas is supposed to be about!  What I enjoy the most about Christmas is celebrating Jesus birthday and spending time with my family.

I am feeling somewhat better.  My ears are still ringing and feel clogged.  I went to the ENT on Thursday and he suggested I see an Oral Surgeon for TMJ and thinks that's the reason for my ears being the way that they are.  The vertigo is mostly gone so that is a good thing!  I went back to work yesterday and had so much catching up to do that I ended up staying late....AND I have to go in today for 4 hours!

Between work, not feeling well and all the Christmas mumbo jumbo I made Rice Krispie treats yesterday....there's one left and I'm pretty sure I ate the majority of them!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you tomorrow for the


  1. Ahh, the joys of Christmas stress. Take a moment, close your eyes and just breathe today. Sending relaxing thoughts your way!

  2. Our family used to go all out on Christmas and it was fun, but since we've been struggling financially after I got laid off four years ago, well, this year there won't be anything under our tree. Last year there was very little as the year before. Those have been some of our best holiday's ever. No stress, no worry or guilt, just genuine enjoyment of the season and all it means.

    I hope you'll feel better soon and get the things done that you want to so you can enjoy the season!

  3. Right there with you... can't get into the Christmas spirit this year. Thank you for putting it out there. Its the way I feel too, but just couldn't get it onto the page.


  4. I hear ya on Christmas! I'm skipping 99% of it this year, due to my injury.
    Mmmmm@ rice krispie treats .....I add peanut butter to mine.

  5. There seems to be a theme going on in the blogsphere. I just wrote a somewhat similar post. Remember to just stop a moment and revel in the season. It will be okay. Have a great weekend and I'll try and join you Monday for the Monday BlogHop. I always enjoy those when I do them.

  6. My 3 kids are all grown now, so they each get a few things for Christmas. I try to budget not more than $300 on each one. Their father will spend upwards of $1000 on each though.

    I do, however, have to take my youngest shopping after Christmas. Her 20th birthday is December 26. We usually wait a few days and hit the sales.

  7. Hi Sweetie-
    First of all and out, in and out...
    Now, although, I agree it is commercialized so much, you are still remembering what it is really all about.
    You are simply overwhelmed by all that is all going on with you personally, I most certainly can understand that this year!
    Take some time to relax and enjoy quiet time and of course do nothing but be with family!
    Hugs and peace...Naila Moon

  8. I'm overwhelmed! Christmas isn't about all this STUFF!

  9. I used to work in retail, & I hated Christmas for all 5 years. The way people acted about buying gifts was disgusting. Since I'm at my new job this year, I'm actually on top of the shopping & wrapping. I'll be totally finished in the next few days, just in time for my boyfriend's big family Christmas party next weekend. I'm excited to focus on that instead of shopping & wrapping.

    Hopefully you get caught up soon so you can start enjoying the important things about this time of year!

  10. I feel the same way as you. We have not even started our shopping yet. I'm going to be in MT. and not with my own family for Christmas. We are going to have a small quiet Christmas with Mr.B's brother. He is single and I hate seeing anyone alone on Christmas Eve.
    Some years are harder than others to find the Christmas spirit. *hugs*

  11. oh my sweet, I hear you on this post! I am right along with you. I say every year I am going to 'pare' down and not do so many gifts, they don't need them and it is expensive but every year I 'forget' my vow to go easy on the gifts and go nutso! I also have family get togethers that get crazy too, everyone expecting us to come to their party and then I think 'what about our own party?' can't we spend time with just our immediate without be expected to go to some cousin's place we only see once a year? Ugh, I think I am a bit scrooge-ish this morning...;)

    many blessings,

  12. Oh my goodness... I too have vertigo AND TMJ.... I wear a splint that was fitted by an orthodontist and it is a GREAT alternative to surgery... As a matter of fact, I need to wear it for a week or two again as the pain is sneaking back in... worth a look into for you.....

  13. I love Christmas and I don't stress over it at all. I was a single mom for years so my boys always knew not to expect much, now my husband and I live on only his income so we don't have the money to over-shop.

    Last year we went to Target and spent about $100 on really cheap little items like candy and $5 movies. We played games and they got to pick a present if they won, they had a blast. And they're not young kids either! My son's GF told me of all the houses they had to visit over Christmas ours was the most fun:)

    I love to bake so that part is never stressful. BUT, I will say this...once the day is over I'm over it! I take everything down the very next day and box it away.

    Anywho, that was a lengthy comment!!! I'm sorry for the illness you're going through, I hope you're back to 100% soon:)

  14. Hope tonight finds you rested and less stressed.
    Trying to make the Holiday's perfect for our families can lead to tired, worn out, frazzled women! Many years I would make stuffed animals, sock monkeys, dresses, vests, all kinds of things for the grandkids but that was when they were younger.
    When my children married and started having their families, we decided, as a family, to forgo gifts for the adults. For years, we each brought a 25$ gift, for our Christmas Eve, and drew numbers on the order of picking gifts. When then played the game where you can steal gifts from each other. We did this for years and loved it.
    This year the adult children decided they did not want to buy gifts. They just wanted to focus on a nice dinner and playing games, Our dinner this year is called the International Feast. Each couple have been assigned a country and we are to bring dishes from the country. Hubby and I have Germany!

    For the grand kiddos, that live in Colorado, I have a special Girl's Day and Boy's Day. Last year we took the boys to the Globetrotters and the Girls wanted to have a Baking Fest!
    The ones that live out of state, that are now older, get gift certificates or cash. Easy Peasy!
    So much less stress. I send my brothers family something from the online shopping and I am done!

  15. I guess the bottom line is you have to do what works for you. I love the decorations, I love cooking, but yeah, it does get tiring. I try to get it done earlier than later and i do believe in Amazon in a big big way. Take the help where you can. Set some limits. For your children and for you. Everyone should be able to enjoy the Holiday. It is harder though, when you have been feeling poorly. Last year I had a sad year, as we both had the flu. So, having said that...this just might be your year. Next year can/will be different and you will be feeling better and I bet you'll have the spirit. Just let Go....Let WILL be ok. You are a great person/mother/wife you are beginning to feel better and that is the best present ever!

    Merry Christmas Java! Thank you for all that you do for us all...Your Meet me on Mondays...and Follow me on Fridays and all the days in between.


    Carol-the gardener

  16. Sorry you're not feeling well.
    I think everyone feels that way about Christmas from time to time. I HAS lost its true meaning, and we've all gotten caught up in the commercial aspect, thanks to aggressive advertising and marketing. It's difficult to go against all that.
    Yes, me too!
    Last year, I put a little note to myself in my "early Christmas box" (where I keep stuff like advent calender) - it reads "don't get carried away, you don't have to be all thinhgs to all people just because it's Christmas".
    It is helping to stave off the mayhem.

  17. I can sit and eat an entire pan of Rice Krispie Treats in one sitting! They NEVER last longer than a day in my house!

    Don't worry, Christmas is like planning a wedding. It all works out in the end.

  18. Don't be stressed!!! The best thing that my family did years ago was forget the gift exchange and donate to a charity. I must admit I fought it for a long time because i loved finding the perfect gift for everyone but as we all get older we just don't really "need" anything. We still buy for our two grown sons and each other (hubby and wifey) but the extended family no longer gets gifts. We try to do something special for birthdays instead and spread it out a bit. I love Christmas and right now have the time to enjoy it but i totally understand the stressed out feelings---used to be there ! Hang in there and hopefully all will turn out well for you!

  19. I feel the exact same way about Christmas. It can't be because we're getting older. Naaah, it can't be that!

  20. stress at christmas is oh!so common.hopefully this holiday will be peaceful. take care rose


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