Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Home!

I am over whelmed with the show of love from you guys!  Joe was so kind to let you guys know and he kept reading to me each and every comment that you sent me!  I am truly humbled and just know that all the love and prayers you sent me didn't go unnoticed!  I think Joe also enjoyed reading them...especially when his name was mentioned!

So whew...what a couple of days...let me start from the beginning.

On Wednesday I had a doctor appointment.  We changed family doctors and so this was my first appointment there.  I also went because I was having ear problems.  The doctor said that I had some fluid behind my ear and probably some blockage and she prescribed antibiotics, a nasal spray and a decongestant and said to let her know if it didn't get any better.

Thursday I went to work and my new employee, Lisa started which I was very excited to be finally getting some help!  We were talking and getting to know each other and I mentioned that my ear was really bothering me....she asked what was wrong and I told her that my right ear was clogged and that it had been like this for 2 weeks.  She asked me if I ever tried "ear candling"...I said that no but I knew what it was because my Aunt does it in her salon.  She said that it works wonders for unclogging ears!  I said that I should try it and she suggested I go across the street to a Health and Nature store to buy some and she would do it for me!  I was all excited because my ear had been bothering me so much that I thought it sure couldn't hurt to try! (wrong!)

I quickly go over and buy 4 candles because the girl at the store told me that it usually takes 2 candles to work effectively.  I get back to work and we quickly set up everything.  She does one candle which takes about 20 minutes...boy is that every weird...not sure if you've ever had that before but the crackling sound that it makes and everything is the strangest thing.  If you don't know what ear candling it!
After it was done, you are supposed to cut the bottom open to see what the candle was able to pull out of the ear...we cut it open and there was hardly anything in it!  Darn I thought....guess I didn't have much in there!
Buy then it was about 12:30pm.  I got up and thought, "wow...I can actually hear better!"......I was all excited and thought that it did work!  About 1:00pm I went home for lunch....I had nacho's and cheese and chocolate chip cookies....very healthy right?  hehe.....I was feeling great.  Joe had just gotten up (he works nights) and I told him about it...he said he never heard of it.  He was glad that my ear felt better!

I got back to work a little after 2:00pm.  Around 3:15pm I was putting something up on a shelf and I was like...."whoa....I am really dizzy"......I sat down in the chair and called Lisa over and said that I didn't feel good.  She said, "oh no...I hope it wasn't the candling" that point I was VERY dizzy and couldn't even stand up and my ear was making this weird piercing noise!  I called my doctor and told them what was going on and they said that Dr. Waters would call me then it was about 3:30pm and every minute that went by I was feeling worse and worse.  I told Lisa that I wanted to go back to the office area which was closer to the bathroom because I wasn't feeling very well.  She helped me walked back and I sat down...the whole room was spinning.  I called the doctor back because she still didn't call me and said that I needed to come over asap because I was getting worse....they said to come right over and the Physician's Assistant would see me.  I called Joe and asked him to come and get me.  Luckily Vera was there from one of our other stores or I wouldn't have been able to leave because it was Lisa's first day and she didn't know how to work the computer!
Next thing I knew I felt like I was going to vomit.  I grabbed on to the desk and held on till I got to the bathroom.  I just made it and got sick in the bathroom.  I stayed in there till Joe got there.

The doctor's office was only about 10 minutes away.  When we got there, I got out of the car and got sick in the parking lot (I will never eat Nacho's again....sorry....TMI).....Joe somehow got me into the waiting room and only sat for a couple of minutes.  They took me back and the doctor asked what was going on.  I told him about my ear and the ear candling....he said, "Ummmm".....he took my blood pressure and apparently didn't like what he was seeing and asked me to lie back on the table....well that wasn't good because as soon as I laid down, the whole room was spinning...I sat up and said I was going to be sick....he grabbed the trash can and I got sick....several time....blah!!   He opens the door and yells, "I need a basin in here!".....finally one shows up...just in time and I get sick again.  He looks in my ear and says that he need to go talk to Dr. Walters on what to do.
Dr. Walters comes in the room and almost with an attitude says that I need to go over to the ER immediately.  At this point I didn't care because I was feeling BAD!   They grab a wheelchair and rush me out to the car.  He said he would call the hospital to let them know we were coming!!

Thankfully the hospital is like 2 minutes from the doctor's office.  Joe misses the turn which sends my head spinning and luckily I had the basin with me!
We get to the hospital and Joe runs in for a wheelchair.  He pushed me in where they say they will be right with me....just what I wanted to do...sit in the ER with a basin full of.....okay I'll spare you those details!
After I sat there about 5 minutes I told Joe to go tell them to hurry because at this point I didn't think I could sit there much longer without passing out!  He goes and tells them and about 2 minutes later they call me back....but just to the registration!  I no sooner got up to the registration and got sick again!  The nurse acted like she didn't even notice!  Joe told her all the details and she started to hurry up and quickly got me registered.
I was wheeled back immediately and about 6 doctors and nurses came running over.  I could hardly get out of the wheelchair and onto the bed.  They start asking questions and poking around at left arm is pulled over and an IV is shoved into my hand.  I see needles going in and feel things poking in my ear!  I heard the one doctor say that you should never do ear candling......then I hear a nurse saying that her Pediatrician told her to give her son an ear they are all going back and forth about this ear candling while I'm laying there still vomiting and feeling about the worse I've ever felt.
20 minutes later and several meds shot into arm with the IV feels like its going to fall off because it was so cold (I later find out that they were trying to get the fluids in me fast so that's why my arm felt so cold).....I started to feel like I didn't have to vomit anymore and the room wasn't spinning as much.
They then told me that I have Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo...or BPPV....from Wikipedia:

Within the labyrinth of the inner ear lie collections of calcium crystals known as otoconia. In patients with BPPV, the otoconia are dislodged from their usual position within the utricle and they migrate over time into one of the semicircular canals (the posterior canal is most commonly affected due to its anatomical position). When the head is reoriented relative to gravity, the gravity-dependent movement of the heavier otoconial debris (colloquially "ear rocks") within the affected semicircular canal causes abnormal (pathological) fluid endolymph displacement and a resultant sensation of vertigo. This more common condition is known as canalithiasis. apparently the ear candling did something to my "crystals" and it brought on severe vertigo which caused the dizziness and vomiting.

I had to stay overnight in the hospital...was released with an anti-nausea medicine, an anti-vertigo medicine, more continue with the a nasal spray and the decongestant.....all from a candle!!!!!!

Here is a lovely picture (not!) of me (thanks Joe):
Yes I looked as awful as I felt!

When it was time for me to be discharged, the nurse hands me a note for work.  It says that I can return the 10th!! 


That must be a mistake a said! will take about 2 weeks for the symptoms to subside!

I can't be off work that long! 

You will be too dizzy to work...the "crystals" need to settle down and it takes rest.

Yikes!  All I could think about was how will the store run without me?  Poor Lisa just started and now I won't be there!  My boss works out of our main office which is over an hour away and she would have to drive there very day!
I thought I would get sick all over again!

I leave the hospital and Joe gets me all settled at home.  He runs out to fill my prescriptions and decided I better call my boss to give her the news.

I called her and she asked how I was doing and what had happened.  I filled her in and she said I could take off whatever time I needed.  I told her that the doctor wrote the note for me to be off until the 10th but that I would work Saturday since we are only open 4 hours and thought I could do it.  She said that if the note said the 10th, then I couldn't come back until the 10th!  She said that I had enough sick days so I wouldn't miss any pay.  She said that she would take care of everything including the ordering and that I should just concentrate on getting better! 

Whew!  What a relief.  I was so worried that they would be upset that I was taking that much time off but they weren't!  Poor Lisa...she texted me several times and was so worried about me.  She blames herself and I told her not too because it wasn't her fault!  She feels really bad and I don't want her to.  Plus I feel bad for not being there with her while she is learning!

So that's my story.  I am so sorry I wasn't able to put up the Follow Friday post!  I have never missed a week and kept thinking about all of you!  I hope you guys will still come back next Friday!

Thank you all for thinking of me and sending prayers my way.  I am feeling slightly better and the meds do help alot.  I haven't gotten sick since the hospital but I am still dizzy and my ear is still clogged and ringing!  I am going to an ENT next week for further evaluating.

If anyone has had anything happen like this, please let me know!

I'll be resting for the next 7 days...or at least trying to!  My laptop will be burning hard and I'll get to catch up and my favorite thing to!  :)

See you tomorrow for Meet Me On Monday!

Hugs to you all!


  1. Yikes! Thanks for sharing that-you never know who it might help!
    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. You still look great. Feel better soon.

    I did acupuncture when I had the vertigo from the stones. It went away with one treatment. Something to consider.

  3. Glad to know you are feeling much better!

  4. Glad to see you back. Just go easy and don't worry about anything.

    I send cyber hugs from Delhi!

  5. hope you'll get better soon... God bless you!

  6. That was quite an ordeal. I'm very glad to hear that you're doing better! I used to work with someone who had the same issue with the crystals in her ears, & the doctors didn't figure it out for about 2 months!! She had lots of other syptoms though, so I suppose they were trying to rule things out. I'm glad it didn't take that long for you. That would have been awful!

    Get well soon!

  7. Java, I am so thankful that you are doing better. I had vertigo several years ago for 3 months, then it disappeared just as fast as it came on. Take the time you need to feel better and get plenty of rest.
    BTW loved the ornaments from your previous post.

  8. I had a very similar experience a number of years ago. I was at work one day, turned my head to speak to a co-worker adn the world started spinning. Drove myself home and crawled up the stairs.Then the vomiting began. Dad has to take off work to tkae me to the Dr, who was completely clueless, but sent me to the neurosurgeon. MANY tests later, they decided I had migrianes (but without the actual headache part). Put me on three months wort of Topomax, and I got better, but it took a very long time!

    I hope you recover quickly!

  9. I'm glad to see you're on the mend! I get vertigo from time to time. Not fun! When I first experienced it, I thought it was high blood pressure.

    My doctor (a comedian for sure) told me about the crystals... he said I have rocks in my head, (but everyone does!). When I told him I thought it was my blood pressure, he replied, "No. It's all in your head!" I really liked that doctor but he moved to Lower Insurance Rates State. sigh.

  10. OMGosh... I'm glad that you are doing better. Take care of yourself. and thanks for sharing your experience. HHL

    P.s. you look good ... I don't think you could take a bad picture...

  11. You couldn't look bad if you tried! I am so glad you are ok. I kept coming to your blog yesterday just to see if there were any updates and sending up prayers every time!

    My aunt suffers from vertigo and it has always taken her about a week to recover. And that's what I was thinking you were going to say you had, just because it sounds just like what she goes through.

    So sorry you had to go through all that, but completely glad you are ok!

  12. Hey, lady, glad you are home and recuperating!
    I checked your blog at least three times yesterday for an update.

    I had something close to BPPV once and it was nasty. The first,goofy doc gave me valium for the dizziness. After one pill, I flushed them down the potty and considered doing the same with the doctor! It took three more doctors to find what was going on.

    We have used ear candling before and used it on my kids. It works for congestion, but every natural doc I have ever dealt with has said NEVER to use them if you suspect an ear infection. Generally, when there is any pain or fluid I err on the side of caution. We haven't used them for a while, but I never had a problem. I basically rely on herbs or homeopathy. I'm one of those alternative health people. Too bad the natural store didn't give you a little bit more info on candling.

    Since your boss didn't flinch at your being off, then you need to relax and get better. Don't worry about work. Your health is more important than any job you have or could have. If we don't have our health then it's bad.

    Think of all the blogs you can read while you're off. I'm starting a new series on Wednesday of next week. Drop by for a read!

    I'd pop by with some homemade chicken soup, but you're in another state, so pop by won't work. Oh, well. They say chicken soup has healing powers. I, personally think it's the big fat egg noodles that make folks better.

    Chicken soup, if I could!

  13. I'm glad you're feeling better and at home to rest, but doggone it you are stunningly beautiful even when you're sick and that's not fair to the rest of us.

    Take care of yourself, sweet thing!

  14. Oh my, what a story. Glad that you doing better!

  15. I am so glad you are doing better. I don't think you look bad at all in that hospital picture. (I hope that is okay to say)

  16. Glad you are on the mend! I suffer from vertigo but I never had an episode like you did! So glad you are okay! Take care of yourself!

  17. Glad your home and starting to feel better:) Take care of yourself!

  18. Your story is unbelievable. So glad you got help and that your on the road to recovery. How quickly things can change in ones life. Take care and God Bless.

  19. Happy to hear you are on the mend!

  20. Sorry to hear that and I hope you get well soon. Im a follower. God Bless

  21. So glad you are better, Java! Do you have any books an audio/CD? Now is a great time to catch up with those. I've always read that too much time in front of the computer is not very healing (and sometimes makes nauseated as well), so I hope you spend some time relaxing away from the computer too. It's hard. After I had eye surgery I couldn't even see for a few days, so learned to listen to music & books on tape, taste teas - and even meditate - much differently! Feel better all the way around soon!

  22. I am happy that you are back. My mom experienced vertigo like that. It was pretty scary for her. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery! Get some rest, girl! Candace

  23. So glad to hear that you're home and on the mend! What an awful ordeal. And, as other posters have said, I don't think you could take a bad picture if you tried. You're a beautiful lady even when you're sick!

  24. Glad to hear that you're home! I've had ear candling done before, thankfully with no side effects, but your situation is something to definitely keep in mind.

    My day suffered from inner ear/tinnitis, and when it would flare up he would be on his back in the day for a day or two. Very debilitating.

    Get your rest, and sending you healing light for a swift recovery!

  25. Wowser! Yikes! Hope you are feeling better! You are still gorgeous in your hospital garb! Hugs

  26. I've been thinking about doing ear candling on myself and the family. This story has put a stop to that idea! So glad you're doing better! Hope you can get back on your feet soon...

  27. I have had that kind of vertigo before and it is NO FUN! It came on with a sudden dizziness and nausea, just like you described. It did take awhile to subside, but the good news is that it did go away. I have no idea what caused it, but I suspect it was a neck adjustment. I hope you make a speedy recovery.

    As for the ear candling, my friend swears by it, but I have been reluctant to use it. Now I am quite sure I never will! Instead I go to an ENT doctor who vacuums (!) out my ears when they get plugged with wax.

    Thanks for sharing your story and the important health information. Take care and get well.

  28. (((HUGS))) I am so sorry! Hope your all better soon!!
    Bless your sweet heart!

  29. Oh sweetie, I am so glad to hear you are and be well!!!

  30. How scary, glad you are going to be ok. I have used the candles a few times, with little to no luck of any change...guess that was actually lucky in itself! Take it easy and take care.

  31. I am so glad you are feeling better... Considering what you went through, you looked AMAZING!

  32. I feel your pain...I have had vertigo attacks previously...once I had an attack while standing atop a coal silo about 150ft in the air..that is a story for another time..hopw you are feeling better !!

  33. Sorry to hear about your bad time, but glad that you at least have an answer - although not a fun time ahead. I had my first major bout of vertigo earlier this year after watching Avatar 3d! It laid me out for 4 weeks with the identical symptoms to what you had.

    Hang in there x

  34. Glad you are home and be sure you do rest now. I never knew ear candling could cause such problems. I had it done a couple of decades ago, but it caused me ear pain when I didn't have any before the candling so I never went back. Does sound like doing it when you have an infection is a really bad idea. I would not have known that, either.

    Well, take the time to really relax and recharge. Best to you! :)

  35. This very same thing happened to me back in 1985-ish.... but not from ear candling. I has tickets to go to a Christmas concert in the evening... made dinner for the family.... stoood up... and down I went.... I couldn't get on my feet... the dizziness was something I never had experienced and then the vomiting. My sone was 4 years old at the time and as I crawled tothe bathroom I remember him saying to his I am vomiting into the bowl... Dad... Mom can't make it on the potty and it is coming out her mouth instead (sorry, tmi). Long story short, I was down for three months with vertigo before returning to normal... with no driving allowed. Since then, no more carousel rides, bad colds bring on tiny binges of it, and anything that spins. So glad to hear your recovery is on the way and your boss was s understanding. Here's to many good days ahead.

  36. I have done ear candling, but I have never had a "problem" when I did it. It was just a general cleaning out the ears sort of thing so it was no big deal. However, after hearing your story I don't think I would do it if I was actually having an ear issue!!! I hope that you feel better soon. After reading your other comments, I probably would consider the acupuncture. I have other friends who have had great success with that for all kinds of problems. So, that could help a lot. Plus, I have never heard of anyone having problems as a result of acupuncture. In any event, I am glad that you are home and your boss is being so cool!

  37. Yikes! I've never had vertigo, but my husband had it a few months ago. He was so sick and couldn't even walk. Hope you feel better soon.

  38. I'm sorry that you had to go through that, but I appreciate your warning.

  39. I am so sorry about the horrible ordeal you have just been through! It made me dizzy reading about it! lol
    I have never heard of "ear candling" but trust me I won't be doing it anytime soon.
    My right ear ALWAYS feels like it is clogged as well. I was just at the doctor and she said it is fine.
    Years ago I had some sort of positional vertigo too....the doctor said it comes and goes and because of it I have to ALWAYS sleep on my left side with 2 pillows....he explained it all to me but I didn't understand.
    Another time years ago I was letting my hair dry naturally (came to work with a wet head)...was outside shaking my hair dry and about an hour later BOOM!!!! Vertigo! Had to take an ambulance from work to the hospital. My ordeal was not nearly as bad as yours.
    I am sooooo sorry you had to go through that!
    I hope you are feeling much better and no ear candling for you!

  40. I've had vertigo a few times and know how un-fun it is. Very glad you're feeling better. Will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  41. I am so glad that you are feeling much better!

  42. What a scare. I'm so glad you're home, safe and sound.

  43. Yay! So glad that you are out of the hospital!! I am praying for your continued healing and well being. I just cannot imagine all that you have been through.

    Do take this week to rest and take care of yourself.


  44. Wow, Java, what a lot to go through. Hopefully you will be feeling so much better ..back to your old normal self by the Holidays. I know it is hard but just try to rest, order online if you have to and just work on getting better. I think all of us had rather you feel better and be well we can skip a week anytime you need it.

    Carol-the gardener

  45. GASP! Bless your heart! Stay away from candles unless you burn them to enjoy the SCENT! Take care of YOU and follow the doctor's orders.

  46. Wow what an ordeal! I hope the symptoms die down sooner rather than waiting that whole time.

    I have ear candling done to me and my mum has vertigo. I know that if you ever have any ear problems you should never have an ear candling done because it disrupts your balance. That's one reason why you should lie down for 15 minutes after each side is candled so your inner ear goes back to normal.

    Of course not everyone knows that and not everyone is told that when they go and do it for the first time which is really frustrating because stuff like this can happen. If it's done right ear candling can be very beneficial, but I would never direct anyone with an ear problem to do it.

    My Mum has experienced pretty bad symptoms with Vertigo and hers won't ever go away, but at least it subsides and can be managed to a degree. Of course some things set it off, sometimes it's as simple as turning the wrong way, but over time she learnt all of that and she's able to adjust and go about life as normal.

    I have a type of vertigo from another condition as well so I know how bad it can be with the dizziness and wanting to be sick. Talk about unpleasant! It's good to hear the doctors got their stuff together so quickly and that you're home now.

  47. Get well soon! Recover nicely and with the love of your friends & family, and some nice music helps too.

  48. I'm so pleased you are back and okay (ish!) I considered ear candles for Hubby when his ears blocked and he protested so much I didn't get them. He got his ears syringed and moaned about that too but it worked. My friend had the same as you. She kept going dizzy and fainting and was worried it was her heart. It took ages to diagnose it but she soon made a recovery after they found out what it was. Take it easy and don't worry about the Friday Follow....everyone will be back on friday and all be happy you are there. Good man Joe, Hubby would have left me outside...he hates hospitals!

  49. Hi Java!
    So glad you are feeling a little better and you found out what was going on!
    it is a little odd how the internet can connect us to others as I have been suffering with this too for the past few weeks! It hit me about 4 weeks ago and I had my daughter drive me to the doctor the next day. She said BPPV and gave me a motion sickness medicine and told me about the maneuver you can do to "make the rocks (or crystals as she called them) go back into place. I also went to the chiropractor and he did the maneuver, but none of it seemed to help! I hate that you kept throwing up, but I am the opposite, I don't vomit very often. Normally I just feel like I need to and wish I could to feel better!
    I have to say, when I told my hubby about crystals in the ear, he said "Um, *what* kind of doctor did you go to?" I assured him that she showed it to me in the medical books and I looked it up online!
    I will say mine didn't really get better and I developed a major headache too. Went back to the doctor, got antibiotics and steroids, just in case it was sinus. Those didn't seem to help, but I actually started feeling some sinus pressure and drainage then, so the next thing I tried was a major decongestant/expectorant (all this while waiting to get into ENT office!) Those last meds have seemed to help the best overall. Or it seems that way at least. It may be that the crystals have just found their way back to their designated places in my head, lol! Either way, I have an ENT appt on the 13th.
    Good grief! Who ever knew that a few rocks could cause such a mess? Be sure to take some time to rest! You will also learn how to move so as to keep the effect from being so bad!
    Look forward to hearing from you during your little break! :-D

  50. First of all glad you are home and taking it easy.
    I have had vertigo and it is not fun! Unfortunately for me, I also became deaf at the same time...another story. Get well soon and see you here. btw-we will come back for Follow Friday, are you kidding?

    Oh and just for Joe-You are a good man and thanks for updating us!

    Peace....Naila Moon

  51. Wow I bet you never do that again! Glad you are on the mend.

  52. WOW!!! So sorry to hear you had such a bad experience! Guess I won't ever be trying ear candling :)

    Glad you're on the road to recovery!

  53. Welcome back! I'm glad you are feeling better! Just take care of yourself and rest!

  54. Wow, what a scare! I'm glad you made it to the ER in time! We'll all be here! You just rest! You're health in more important. When you're ready, we'll be ready!

  55. Oh bless your heart, what a horrible thing to go through! I've heard of and considered ear candling, but now I know I won't do it (you only have to hear a bad story to scare yourself out of it!). I'm glad your boss was understanding and you have some time to take care of yourself.

  56. Here's a hug going out to you for a speedy recovery. My sis-in-law has Meneires Disease & has lots of problems with balance & dizziness. I know it is a rough thing to go through. I'll be thinking of you.

    Warmly, Michelle

  57. get well and rest - positive vibes going your way!

  58. I'd never hear of ear candling before. And from reading about your experience with it I don't think I will ever try it.
    I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  59. Oh Java! What a horrible experience for you! So glad you are on the mend and able to take time off of work without worrying about your boss being upset with you.

    I had a problems with the crystals in my ear after a car accident years ago. The crystals were dislodged and then until they went back into place, I experienced vertigo and nausea. Not pleasant at all! But the good news is that it does heal with time/rest. So take time to take care of yourself and let your body heal.

    As for ear candling, I have been tempted before because I sometimes have sinus issues and it sounds like it would be soothing ... however, I saw a number of warnings on the internet about the high incidents of people getting hot wax burns in their ear as a result! Some have even had permanent hearing loss. So I decided not to take the risk - if the person doing the candling just happens to move at the wrong time, it's frightening to think how easily you could be burned.

    Now, after hearing your story, I will definitely not try it. Having experienced that horrible inner-ear vertigo when I was recovering from the car accident, I never want to experience that again!

  60. WOW!!! WHAT an AWFUL experience!! I've never heard of ear candling but thanks to YOU, NOW I KNOW NOT to GO THERE!!! BLEH!!

    I am glad you're starting on the mend and will keep you in my prayers that they will get your ear situation worked out and that you will have a full and QUICK recovery!!


  61. Wow! Glad to hear you are on the mend! God bless!

  62. Glad to hear you should be ok. Enjoy the time off, if you can. Hopefully you are better in no time.

  63. Glad that your feeling better !
    I have never heard of candling. I know if my ears were clogged I would have done the same thing!!

  64. I get clogged ears a lot - a Dr. showed me how to clean them with peroxide. I've never tried candleling - and now I don't think I ever will. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  65. OMG that sounds aweful. I hope you are feeling much better. Take some time off and take care of your self.

  66. I have never heard of such a thing! I am so glad that you are home and resting. And I'm glad your boss was adamant about you staying out until the 10th. Take care of yourself.

  67. Welcome home! I'm so sorry you went through that, and I hope you will be fully cured soon!!!

  68. Oh my gosh Java! I had to go back and read what had happened to you. That is scary!! I don't know if I could handle vertigo...I get motion sickness very easily. I'm glad you are on the mend and feeling better. Enjoy your time at home and relax!

  69. Wow, I had not stopped by this past week to realize you were ill. I am glad you found out what it was, and are taking the time you need to heal. One of our Asst Managers had that recently, and she was pressured to return to work, and was of absolutely no use because she could not stand for long. Take care of yourself!

  70. I just found out about your horrible experience last week. I'll be praying that you recover fully and don't experience any symptoms in the future. I'm so glad they were able to diagnose the problem as soon as they did.
    Blessings and (((hugs))),
    Deb @


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