Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sparkly Christmas Ornaments and I'm a guest author today!

Short, Joe and I made some really pretty sparkly Christmas ornaments! They are so easy to make!

We made 2 different kinds.

Ornament #1:

Clear Glass Ornaments (you can get these at the craft store)
Any kind of Christmas stickers (we used Sticko® Christmas Lights Stickers)

Place stickers on the glass ball! Simple and easy!

Ornament #2:

Clear Glass Ornaments (you can get these at the craft store)
Glitter Glue (we used blue and green)

1. Remove ornament topper and put aside.
2. Squeeze Glitter it Ornament Glue into ornament. Turn ball on its side and slowly turn the ornament, covering the interior of the ball with glue. Pour excess glue into cup. Return excess glue to bottle or use again from cup if creating multiple ornaments.
3. Replace Ornament Topper into ornament!

Today I am a special guest author on my very good friend Cate' blog: "Moments Of Whimsy"
She is doing a series called: Encouragement for the Journey.

This is an excerpt from her blog:

Midlife Madness

It’s a big deal looking in the mirror in the harsh light of day and acknowledging that yep, those wrinkle are no longer subtle, the chest is requiring some major hydraulic assistance and the chin has decided to sprout (why Lord? Why?).
All is not lost though. If one is armed with a sense of adventure as well as a healthy dose of humour, midlife can be a time of re-discovering oneself after years of being consumed by nappies and school runs. A time when life truly becomes less about what you look like, and more about who you are.
My name is Cate, and I’m a midlifer….welcome to my world.
Let me now introduce you to a new series that I have been hosting here at Moments of Whimsy. ……..

Please be sure to come over and visit Cate and read my guest post!!  (They are 6 hours behind us so the post will probably be up midday today!)


  1. I love the glitter ones, might have to try that!

  2. Very nice Java! I really like those glitter ornaments. I have some clear ornaments hanging around so I might have to go get that glitter it ornament glue!

  3. Your ornaments are so pretty. What a good family activity to do during the holidays. I'll go now and read your guest post at Cate's.

    Hugs sweet friend,

  4. That actually looks like a craft I could have accomplished when my kids were small (LOL). Those ornaments turned out very nice!!!!

  5. Hey, Sweetie. I've missed chatting with you. I hope all has been well in your world.
    What a wonderful idea these ornaments are! I've bought those clear crafty things in years past thinking I'd do something with them. I still have them. They still have the tags on them. Now I know what I can do with them.

  6. That's such a great project. I may just have to do this with my kids. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your guest post. I'll pop over and read it. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. Very cool ornaments and I will be anxious to read your guest post!

  8. those ornaments are beautiful and what a great winter project for kids! I especially like the clear ones with the stickers on them.
    Congrats on being a guest author!

  9. It's already Friday here in NZ and your post is up my friend :-) I'm sure that it will inspire others the same way it has inspired me.

    Love the ornaments too :-)

  10. wow, really love those glitter ornaments a ton! Looks so easy too! Gonna try that this year! Thanks Java!

  11. great project to do for xmas decorating. thanks rose

  12. Your ornaments are so pretty! Hope I can remember to do this with my grandson when he is older!


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