Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily Happenings!

I hope all of you had a really nice Thanksgiving!  I sure did!  Lots of family and lots of food!  Sure makes for a great day!

Here is a recap of the days of my life since last Wednesday!
  • Joe, Short and I headed out searching for our first live Christmas tree in 10 years!  I was very excited to have a real tree again!  We haven't had a real one in such a long time because the last one that we got we had it all up and decorated...about 2 week later we see some weird "things" on the ceiling...upon closer inspection we find that these weird "things" were spiders!  The tree had a nest of spiders in it and they made a huge spider web above the tree and on the ceiling!  YUCK!  We took the whole tree...ornaments and all and threw it outside!  It took me this many years to try another one!!
  • Found the perfect tree!  I inspected it for spiders....appears to be all clear!
  • Tree is up!  Decorations on!  Check!
  • Thanksgiving day was great!  Everyone was at my parents house...both my sisters and their familes, Venti and Mocha...my in-laws...it was a lot of fun!

All the Grandkids!

The adult table!

My in-laws

My parents

My sisters

Venti and Mocha

Joe and I

  •  We got home from my parents house about 8pm.  We had looked over the Black Friday ads all day and knew where we needed to go....Walmart.....we had to do what we had to do!
  • We laid down and tried to get a couple of hours of sleep but neither one of us did.  We got up at 12:15am, got dressed and headed to Walmart.  We got there at 12:30am and they handed out maps of the store and showed where you needed to go for what item.  We headed to the food section where they had 32" TV's on sale for $198 (for Short).....when we found the line, it was already down one whole isle!  Joe was number 44 in line and they only had 100 TV's....at 12:30am and the sale didn't start until 5:00am so that meant standing in line for 4 1/2 hours!  I said that I better go find where the laptops (for Tall...$198!) were because I was going to wait in that line.  After wadding through the crowd I found the line that was already in 2 isles over near the Health and Beauty section.  I get in line and find that I am number 63 and they only have 66 laptops!   I called Joe and told him what number I was and he couldn't believe it!
  • After about 2 hours of standing in line I've bonded with everyone around me....after all what else can you do in the middle of the night...impatiently waiting!
  • 3:00am and they decide the better "re-count" the people in line.  They get to me and I'm number 70!  Remember...they only have 66 laptops!  I start freaking out and so does the 4 people in front of me that thought they were getting a laptop!   
  • Another re-count...opps they counted wrong...I'm still number 63...whew!
  • My butt is numb from trying to find something soft to sit on....I tried a package of Depends....nope...a package of Always maxipads....a littler better.....I make a bathroom run (they allow you to go and you only get 10 minutes to go and get back!) and grab a pillow on my way back....success!  But by then I think my behind was so numb that I couldn't feel anything anyhow!
  • 5:00am....omg finally...I begin to think I'm going crazy!
  • They have 1 register going for the 66 laptops.  Nice!  I'll be here another hour.
  • 6:00am...yep....just checked out.  Joe paid for the TV an hour ago.  TV and laptop in hand...success!
  • 6:20am.  Breakfast time!  We get to our favorite restaurant and I order pancakes.  I was so hungry from being up all night...I didn't even have a drink while waiting in line!
  • 6:30am....these pancakes suck!  I've never had worse pancakes!  I eat them anyhow because I was so hungry!
  • 7:00am....bedtime!!
  • 2:00pm...Joe and I both wake up....can't believe its 2:00pm!  Half the day is gone!
  • 6:30pm.  We meet friends of our for dinner that we haven't seen since last year.  It was great seeing them and dinner was delicious!  I had cheese ravioli!
  • 10:00pm.  Is it bedtime yet??  How can I be tired when I just got up at 2:00pm??
I had to work Saturday....blah!  As you know from my JOB my boss quit and it was just me and the part-timer...well it ended up that I had to fire the part-time because she was getting "high" on her lunch break...and announcing it when she got back....not good...she had to go....so then that left me working by myself for the past month!  I just hired a girl that starts tomorrow....yippee!  Once she is trained I won't have to work so much!  I've been putting in 45-50 hours a week!  That plus run a family doesn't leave much free time!  I'm hopping things get better once the new girl starts.  Then yesterday I get a letter in the mail from the PA State Department of Revenue for a job!  I definitely can't pass that up!  I have to call to set up an interview....wish me luck!

Saturday afternoon Joe, Short and I made some really cute Christmas ornaments!  I'll do a post on Thursday about it!

Sunday Joe and I put the outside Christmas lights up!  Another check on my list.  Now I just have to put the inside decoration up....and clean the bathrooms...not sure which one I want to tackle first!


  1. Wow!! You are making me tired, reading this!! Your tree is lovely! Can't wait to see the decorations you made. I need some inspiration. We just got back from a week away so I feel so behind w/ the holiday prep. We tagged our tree before we left so hubby and I are going to cut it down today. Lots of decorating, shopping and baking to be done!!

  2. I cannot imagine getting up in the middle of the night to go shopping. Or to stand in line for hours for one item. I think I might be in the minority here though. Seems like everyone but me was out shopping for black friday.

  3. Your tree is very pretty. We are doing renovations and everything is complete chaos!I can't decide whether to put a tree in the barn or not. We will have a tiny tabletop one. My youngest is sad about not having the giant tree. Everything will be so nice when the house is finished, but this is a crazy time of year to do this!
    My shopping was nothing compared to yours!

  4. your tree is gorgeous!!!!
    I love your home it is beautiful! Your chandelier is exquisite!!!
    What a fabulous family you have!

  5. Good luck on the new job!!!

  6. Wow - my hats off to you for the whole Wal-mart trip. At least they are more orderly about things then when my boys were little and we trampled each other to get the last Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy!

  7. You have more stamina than me, for sure! Nothing would be worth it to me, standing in line for 5 hours!! But I admire you for doing it. You go girl!
    Good luck with that new job too! Sounds great!

  8. Congrats on getting your Black Friday items. It would have sucked to be up all night and not even get what you wanted. Your entire experience sounds exhausting. That job sounds like a nightmare. I am sorry that it just does not seem to be working out. I hope that the interview goes better and turns out to be something that you do want/enjoy. Good luck!!!

  9. Jave, that was one huge thanksgiving, for us, it was just me, te wife and the turkey.

    Here's my wordless wednesday post, hope you stop by. I follow back


  10. Totally enjoyed all the family pictures. It reminded me of the big family reunions we used to have every Thanksgiving when I was growing up. You are blessed, indeed!

  11. sounds like a great and enjoyable time. rose


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