Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding Stories....Part 2

What I saw when I got home was Venti and all the groomsmen at our house!  I didn't think I would see him until we got to the church!!   They decided that they were all going to get dressed there.  I didn't know they were coming, which was fine but then they all started saying they were hungry!  I didn't want to be responsible for any groomsmen passing out in church so I hopped on the phone and called for 6 pizza's to be delivered!  An hour later I had 5 empty boxes and lots of full bellies!  I was worried that I didn't order enough but thankfully I did!

Everyone was dressed and ready to head to the church!  A couple of you asked what kind of church it was a Catholic Church.  We got there at about 1:00pm.  The ceremony was to start at 2:00pm.  I pinned all the guys flowers on and then went in to see Mocha...she was just starting to get dressed.  My Mom and Dad came in to get their flowers pinned on and my Dad got teary eyed when he saw Mocha!

 1:55pm and the priest comes and tells us that its time to go!  I lined up first and everyone got in place.  I walked to the doorway of the church where Grande, Tall and Short were waiting for me.  Grande and Tall walked me down while Short walked behind me with Joe.  They all gave me a kiss and I sat down in the pew.  Everyone was down the isle and the music changed.  We all stood up and turned to watch Mocha come down the isle.  I looked over at Venti looking down at Mocha and I saw my son desperately trying to hold back tears....his mouth turned down and his eyes got all watery....that did it...I started to cry, Joe started to cry, Mocha's sisters started to cry, Mocha's Mom and Grandma started to cry, my Mom started cry....everyone I looked at was misty eyed.....Mocha and her Dad reached Venti....Mocha saw Venti with tears in his eyes and she started to cry.  Then Mocha's Dad started to cry!  Oh my!  I heard Mocha's Dad say to Venti that he just wanted him to take care of his baby....Venti said that he would.
The ceremony was all went so quickly!
No one fainted....just lots of tears!

After all the pictures, the wedding party and the parents boarded a 32 seated party bus!!  It was awesome!  We all had some champagne and headed to an orchard to take some outdoor photos.  2 hours later we arrived at the hall!!  Everyone was about 3 sheets to the wind by then!  We were all individually introduced and then walked to our seats.  Dinner was rolls, salad, Chicken Piccata and Beef, green beans and red potatoes.  It was really good but I had a hard time eating with all the excitement!

Grande speech was amazing!  People all night long were telling him how good it was!  Tall also said a speech and he did really well.  I knew then from the look on Venti's face that he didn't regret his decision to have his brothers as his best men!

The rest of the night......

To be continued.....


  1. Sounds great! No wonder you didn't do Meet Me on Monday. You're probably exhausted. I cry at weddings when I don't even know the people! I'll be a mess when any of my four daughters marry! lol
    Stop by my blog. I'm having a "Barn Party" this week.

  2. It sounds like a beautiful day.

    Hugs & love,

  3. just spent some time catching up with the wedding details. everything was so beautiful! (her dress, gorgeous). What an exciting time for all of you. Kind of makes me want to urge my children to hurry up and get married. Not that what I say makes any difference. :)

    Thanks for sharing this special time.

  4. Oh my goodness. I started to cry while reading this. Sounds like it was such a touching and sweet wedding. My oldest is 22 and next oldest 17. I just wonder when I'll be going through this?

    While I was reading this, I was thinking about how beautiful and elegant you are and a mom of four boys. Then remembering that my mother-in-law was a mom of four boys. I was amazed at what an amazing job she did with them all the while keeping her femininity. She was elegant and beautiful like yourself.

    I guess it just amazes me because I've seen some moms of all boys become rough and tough and lose their femininity, or maybe they never had it to begin with. I don't know.

    You've raised some fine young men. You and your husband must be very proud.

    Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

  5. Yay thanx for posing the details! WE DID IT! ha! I have only posted pics so far, haven't sat down to do a recap like this, good idea. Had some funny and scary episodes also.
    Congrats Java! I am so happy for you!

  6. Sounds great Java, any pics int he orca=hard???

  7. Wow. All that crying and everyone still looked so amazing. That is awesome. I look like a train wreck. I am feeling teary just reading this. What a wonderful day. This sounds like the joining of two families and not just two young people. That really is fantastic.

  8. Thanks for posting a wonderful love story. I can not wait to hear the rest of the story!

  9. awwww the crying is just adorable... I especially loved that your dad cried when he saw Mocha! such a lovely family - thanks for the updates.

  10. How very lovely everything turned out to be! Now only 3 more to go! LOL I'm sure you can wait just a bit before having to go through all of this again, but what beautiful memories to look back on and cherish. How does it feel to finally have a daughter to go with those 4 adorable boys?

    So glad it was such a happy and love filled day for all of you!

    Peace and Blessings,

  11. I love how you described all the tears that started flowing - felt like I was right there seeing the "tear" wave going on in church!

  12. it seems that crying is a part of a wedding, cry for happy. sounds like a pretty wedding. rose

  13. Oh what a wonderful day for you all. I know that I'll be a blubbering mess at my kids' weddings!

  14. I love reading about this wonderful wedding!!


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