Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Stories...Part 1

I'm still trying to play catch up from the wedding, but I wanted to do a post to update you on some of the wedding details!  After all, you were along for the ride every step of the way so I wanted to make sure you got all the juicy details!!

I wake up Friday to find a lovely surprise.....my period!  Yep it decide to show up 10 days late and the day before the wedding...sigh....I guess I wasn't kidding when I said I'd have to squeeze tampons into my little clutch purse!  The rest of the day was spend doing last minutes things for the wedding and at 5:00pm we headed off to the church.  The rehearsal went as planned and we all headed to the restaurant.  Joe had called there and spoke to the event planner there and told her that we did not want to have alcohol....cash bar only...when we got there, she had a table set up with wine and beer!  Yikes!  I quickly took her aside and told her that Joe had called and said no alcohol!  She said, "oh...none?".....ummmm yes....no means none!!   So she quickly started tearing down the table and put it all away....next thing I knew people started asking for the wine list!  I had to go seek her out again and told her that people were ordering alcohol.....she said she would go tell the waitresses.   Next thing I knew, Venti comes up to me and asks why we weren't having alcohol....I told him that we decided not to.  He looked disappointed and I felt badly about that!  I find out later that someone picked up the tab for all the alcohol....we have no idea who that was.  The dinner was delicious and everyone enjoyed it....the bill was $893.00 and can't imagine how much more it would have been with the alcohol as we saw lots of people drinking!

I asked Venti where he was sleeping that night and he said at Mocha's house because he didn't have a bed at our house and they did at her house and Mocha was staying at the hotel with the bridesmaids.  I was sad that he was staying at our house...he could have slept on the couch but I guess he wanted a good nights sleep!

On Saturday I arrived to get my hair done at my appointment time of 9:30am....when I get there, they didn't have me in the book!  I was no where in their system and they couldn't figure out why!  I had the appointment card with the time and date and yet they didn't have me scheduled!  I just about had a panic attack!  They said that the girl that scheduled me was new and must not have saved it in the computer!  Ugh!  No worries they said....they started calling all the scheduled appointments and bumped everyone up an hour!  Another thing that I had to stress about!!   The girl took over an hour to do my hair and I was very happy with the way it turned out!  I headed home to finish getting ready....

When I got home I was very surprised at what I saw.......

To be continued......


  1. Oh how terrible regarding the hair appointment! But at least they managed to do it. Phew! Looking forward to the next instalment.

  2. I'm so glad you liked your hair, that is an important thing for us girls.

    I love love your dress....

  3. That exact same thing happened to me at the salon on MY wedding day. Turned out ok though, always does. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the wedding.

  4. I hated that, too, getting my period on an important day. I had gotten it on two separate occasions, both weddings. Neither ended good.

    I will say that since hitting menopause, I don't miss it.

    I was going to say the hairdressers BETTER have made good on your appt.! Glad they came through for ya!

  5. ,,,,,,,and,,,,ya saw what??? Oh please, please don't leave us hangin' on a limb like this!!!

    Oh honey, you are a tease!!! :o)

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed and beautiful 'fall' day!!!

  6. Oh why would you leave us hanging like that?
    Come on spill it! LOL
    Ok, I will wait on pins and needles for the next segment.
    Until then...it was nice that someone picked up the alcohol bill.
    Peace...Naila Moon

  7. I had the same thing happen to me not long ago, at my hairdressers. But luckily it was not a wedding day. I can´t imagine the stress you must have been going through. I´m glad it worked out and from the pictures I´ve seen, your hairdo was lovely.
    Can´t wait to read the rest.

  8. aaaaggggghhhhhh.....I'm dyin' here. More details, more details!!!!!

  9. I bet is FLOWERS!!!!!! from the father of the groom ;) tell us moooore tell us mooooreeee!!

  10. Maybe you were stress because of the wedding, that's why you have your period.

  11. At least it was the day before and not the day of.

  12. you left us hanging can't wait to read the next part!!!

  13. Glad the hair turned out so good!! I would have flipped out though in the begining!

  14. How amazing the hair place worked with you like that! I can't believe how many trials you had to go through to get to this wedding but I loved your second dress so much better than the first. It was beautiful (esp. with your bling touch!) - you did good, looked good, and I can't believe you left us hanging....

  15. it seems there always has to be a problem show up getting prepared for a wedding. good, you got your hair done. rose


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