Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I got it!!

The job offer!!  If you remember back in December I had a job INTERVIEW.....well they called yesterday and offered me the job!!

So now I have a decision to make.  I don't dislike the job that I have now but I am a store manager which comes with a lot of responsibilities and stress which is why I left my last job!  I have goals I have to meet, meetings to attend and budgets to keep.  I didn't start as the store manager and was just promoted in October after being there for 3 months because the other manger quit.  I currently work for a beauty supply distributor which is the field that I have an interest in since I have my cosmetology license.  The new job is working for the Dept. of Revenue in the personal taxes department...working at a computer...which I love the computer!  Parking is an issue and would cost $145 a month.  The salary is pretty much the same for both jobs so I don't have to factor that in.

The future is probably better at the Dept. of Revenue but I have so much flexibility where I work now.  If I want to come home for lunch I can...or pick Short up at school or run an errand...but I won't be able to do that at the new job....but there is way more room for advancement at the new job and none at the job I am at. 

What to do...what to do....I accepted the new job because they don't want me to start until February 7th so I have time to really think about it.   I wouldn't have to give my notice until January 24th.
I just don't want to make the wrong decision!

How does one decide??  I know some people make a list and I tried that...but it was equal.

Any insight you would have I'd love to hear!!!


  1. That's a tough one. I love the idea of being flexible in your current job, and the fact that it's in the field you enjoy. But the possibility of advancement in the new job is a definite plus too.....oh boy oh boy oh boy.....what to do?

  2. That IS a rough decision and let me back up a second....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

    For me...your current job sounds A LOT more interesting....(based on your cosmetology background)....you also have FLEXIBILITY which to me, means A LOT!!! It also seems like the work would be A LOT less boring where you currently are.

    you said the new job is on the computer but trust me it doesn't mean that you can BLOG THERE lol (not that you were thinking that!! hee hee)

    You were promoted where you currently are (which means they obviously like you)....the new job has a large parking fee...your current job doesn't.

    Bottom line.......do you have high career aspirations or do you want to work just to make money? What is more important to YOU? Flexibility or promotion? I would opt for flexibility but it is YOUR CALL!

    Good luck with either decision!

  3. forgot to also say...with both salaries being virtually the same...(but one has a hefty parking fee) I would stay put! Just sayin...


  4. Congratulations on the job offer! That's great! Now the tough part.. the "Decision". I think flexibility wins for me. It's not easy to find a job that offers such flexibility. Weighing everything out is definitely the route to go. My immediate thoughts after reading your choices, I think that you actually wrote your own destiny, in other words, I think while your current job may not have any more rungs on the ladder, the fringe benefits are a plus.

    However, with all that being said, a new job, a new career is like a new window being opened and can sometimes be exhilerating!

    I'm sure after some soul searching you'll find the right answer and which ever direction you decide, you'll inspire those around you! Good luck..

  5. This is tough, I worked at my sons' high school while they were there, and afterwards, mainly for the flexibility and able to be there and out early to go to their games..I probably could have found a job with more money, etc..but I needed that flexibility..To be honest, even now that flexibility would trump the other job..I would stay put if I were you..its a hard call..


  6. I agree with Caren ... the flexibility is huge. Unless the new job is something you are interested in for a career. Sometimes advancement is overrated. Some of the happiest people I've ever met are content with their job being a place to make money ... they enjoy the place they work but their passion is a hobby or their family ...

    I stayed at a job for 8 years just because of the flexibility. I was good at it and I liked it well enough but at the end of the day it was low stress and comfortable ... it freed my brain for other pursuits.

    Good luck with your decision....

  7. Congratulations! My advice: pray, pray, pray. You'll have the answer. Go with your gut after praying; that's what I do, anyway!

  8. That's a tough decision, take your time over it and good luck!

  9. Congratulations! Well if both salaries are the same but you have some hefty parking, doesn't that bring that salary down a bit??? Also, I am one that would love flexibility in my job so to me it is a no brainer to stay where you are at. Not that my opinion matters and hope this doesn't make you more confused. Does your hubby or kids have a thought on this matter?

    Good luck!

  10. Follow your heart - which one has the possibility of bringing you more joy?

  11. After thinking about this more... I am going to give you my VERY SELFISH opinion. If the new job possibility means that you'll be posting less than I say stick with your current job, because anything less and I would miss you.. :(

  12. After exploring both possibilities, I would then pray and ask the Lord for help. He knows what would be best for each of us and wants us to be happy :)

  13. Congratulations. This is a tough decision. I would fast-forward to my ultimate goal and decide which job is going to help me get there. Good luck!

  14. Congratulations on your new job offer!Flexibility hours sounds great! Good luck on your decision!

  15. Congratulations. I personally think you'll be happier if you stick with your current job because of the flexibility and it's what you're interested in. Taxes day in and day out sounds very boring. But if advancement is more important to you than flexibility and an interesting job, then go for it.

  16. Another job choice dillema-my motto is never say no to a government job-you will be set for life... but that is just my motto-it is not for everyone... you chose best last time so I have no doubt you will do it once again.

  17. That for sure is a tough decision. I don't enjoy working with numbers and I like flexibility and freedom so for me it wouldn't be hard to decide.

    On the other hand the new job can offer you advancement in the future.

    No matter what you decide don't doubt your decision. I do that and it sucks.

    Good luck and remember do what makes YOU happy.

  18. I'd look at the longer picture if the pay is the same. Sure you have more flexibility now but what are you benefits in the long run? Retirement and insurance? Which is more beneficial in that area.

  19. My question is--why did you apply for the other job in the first place? Less stress? Will the lack of flexibility and the parking fees be less stress than where you are?

  20. Congrats! You have a little time to think about it but whatever you do will be the right choice.

    (I know, lame middle of the road answer)

  21. Congrats!

    When all else is the same, choose what's best for the kids.

  22. Just trying to catch up with all my fav blogs and so I've been reading over your past several posts - busy girl!

    New job? I hate making big decisions, but I find that if I follow my gut, I rarely go wrong.
    Good luck!!

  23. Congrats on the job offer. I'm glad you have time to decide which is best for you. Maybe as a test run, pretend at your current job you have NO flexibility by using none, and see if you would really be happy giving that big asset up. As a mother, flexibility is my deciding factor.
    Good luck on whatever you decide.

  24. I was a Mall Store manager. I was never into the career part of it. Flexibility is a great thing. Not having to come into to work sick because you have the keys, is a great thing. You know, in your heart, what is right for you. Just do that.

  25. Congratulations!! (Now imagine a giant pink font in bold with fancy lettering & balloons & stars all over the words.)

    Keep making the best of your life & dreams. That's what matters the most.

  26. Congrats on getting the offer. Wish I could help. My advice - "follow your heart". What does it (or your gut) tell you?


  27. Congrats on the job offer! I'm really not sure what I would do. How much do you like the freedom of your present job? If you really do then the new job would not be for you. Good luck with your decision!

  28. Do you really want advancement? Unless I've misread, you left your previous job because of the extra responsibility/time/stress, and now you've got the same in your current job and that's why you're thinking of leaving it?? So if that's the main reason for taking the new job ...

    I had a job where I was on the computer all day (not blogging!!), and there's no way I wanted to log on when I got home!! You CAN have too much of a good thing!

    Congratulations, and good luck making your decision!

  29. Well, you have covered making the list. That offered you the insight of balance.

    How are you looking to grow?

    Why are you looking to grow? Does looking to grow fit what your talents and skills and callings are?

    Are you in a place where you are looking to make a name for yourself?
    Are you in a place where you need to grow so that you can send kids to college, buy a new home, make a financial investment of some kind?

    Those are all questions I ask myself when faced with this type of situation.

    What is the most important accomplishment you want to make while on your job?

  30. Congratulations!! How awesome you got the job. I don't envy you having to make a decision.

  31. Congrats on the job offer. I understand where you are coming from as that same thing happen to me many years ago. I went with the job that seemed to have more career opportunity, however, benefits, retirement and insurance costs should also be considered along with parking cost. When you still have your children to consider, that flexibility means a lot!

  32. Decisions, Decisions!
    My first thought was to take the government job for the benefits especially retirement. I wish I had taken a job at the county hospital for the insurance and retirement benefits.
    On the order hand, no amount of money, or benefits, can make up for a job
    That offers flexibility. Luckily, you have a good week and a half ton ponder, think and pray. You will come up with the Right answer for you!

  33. Fore me it would be clear-cut. I'll take flexibility over a chance for advancement any day. Good luck whichever you decide.

  34. Congrats on the new job offer! I know it's a very hard decision. I went through this myself a few years ago. I wanted a job with less stress and I was sure the new job would give me that. Well, I found out that the new job came along with its own stress (all jobs have some form of it. I had alot of flexibility with both jobs, but more so with my old job. Plus there's alot to be said with staying where you know everyone and feeling comfortable.

    Anyway, I've since returned to my old job where I'm now making more money, but I lost all my seniority when I took the new job. Had I stayed put, I would have so much more as far as vacation time goes. But, I had to try and get it out of my system though. I often wish I had just stayed.

    However, that's me, and doesn't necessarily apply to your situation. Everyone's different.

    I do hope it works out for you.

  35. Go with your gut feeling. Which one do you think you'll be happiest at? Do you want to put up with the inconveniences of the new job? It is a tough decision since both are great pluses. Just a thought here...which one will you burn out faster at?
    Good luck. I know you'll make the right decision.

  36. You have to go with your gut....and what you ultimately want. If you feel like the new position will offer advancement, don't get hung up on the fact that the starting salary is the same. If there is room for advancement, the salary in 6 months a year may be totally different. If you are more interested in flexibility, stay where you are. Think about what you like most and least about the current position and see how the new one relates. Also, a big factor to consider is if you were so happy at the current position, would you have really started looking elsewhere in the first place. Finally, when you make a decision, go with it and don't look back. If you do, you will drive yourself crazy. I was in the same situation about 11 years ago, when I had to make the same decision. I ended up going with the new company, and although my start wasn't much different from where I was, I ended up in a totally different position, and I am forever thankful I took the leap... Good luck!

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  38. I had to delete the last one because I (among other things) am a LOUSY speller.

    It is an attitude you have to adopt.

    EVERY DECISION IS THE BEST DECISION YOU HAVE EVER MADE because you will NEVER know what the alternative choice might have brought you. Even if you come to think you may have made a poor one there is still that unknown as to what (possibly awful) thing may have transpired if you had gone the other way. Also, this ATTITUDE is much better for your physical and mental health.

    I seldom write serious blogs. But, this may be a good subject for me to post someday.


  39. I. Have. No. Idea. I hate making major decisions. do like Ben Franklin says.....make a list of Pro's and Con's for each
    then decide on your priorities and the things that are most important to you.

    I do like the less stress, felxibility, of your current job...those parking costs are HORRID. aren't they going to cover that???

    hard decisions. don't worry...be happy (tee,hee)

  40. Congrats! And to have a choice is wonderful! I think though there is some truth to the phrase "the grass isn't always greener on the other side". The initial rush of a new offer, job, challenges, roles, etc is an adrenalin rush and one which you want to start immediately. BUt, when that rush simmers is when you will be able to make the choice that is right for you. Good Luck on your decision. Keep us posted.

  41. Have to agree with flexibility. I started at my current employment 10 years ago, I had to cut my hours for health reasons. My boss liked me and thought I had value elsewhere, so now I LIVE where I work. If I need to have a day off I can take it without worrying. I am the only person on my shift, so I make my own schedule of when to do what, at age 67 3/4 ( 68 in May) this is so important. I wouldn't take another job now for more money because I like the flexibility so much. Good luck in whatever you decide and hope you feel better soon.

  42. We always work on a 'when in doubt, don't' type philosophy. What works is prayer. Take it up in prayer and wait for an answer. If you feel doubt about one--then don't.

  43. I think you should do what you would love most and could see yourself doing in the future long term.
    Good luck and get well soon!
    ~Naila Moon

  44. It sounds like you feel the new job is a better one in the area of finances. But your present job and flexibility sounds like it suits your interests and home life. If you aren't feeling despair over money maybe you should stay where you are.

    I would feel stress trying to make the "right" choice too. In the end, follow your heart and you can't go wrong.


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