Thursday, November 18, 2010

Judge Judy Part 2

In case you missed PART 1.

I wanted to wait until Joe woke up (he works nights) so that both of us could discuss this together with Tall so I impatiently waited for him to get up....

1:00pm- His normal waking time.....still sleeping...

2:00pm- He can't possibly still be sleeping!  Doesn't he know I need to talk to him??

3:00pm- Is he breathing up there??  Didn't the slamming of the microwave several times wake him?

3:30pm-Omg get up already Joe!

3:40pm-I heard the floor creak...yes!

3:43pm-"Why did you sleep this long?" "We have a problem!!"

Joe:  I had over-time.

Me: Oh...Agrah!

Joe:  So what is going on?

Me:  Well Tall slept at Kelsey's house and said that he was sleeping at Brian's.

Joe:  I thought it sounded odd that he was sleeping at Brian's.

Me:  Me too...that's why I started checking about found out!

Joe:  How?

Me:  I looked at the phone records!

Joe:  Ohhhhhh.....ummm.

Me:  We need to talk to him.

So we go to the family room and call for Tall.  He sits down with an obvious attitude.....oh no he doesn't!

We argued with him for at least an hour....

We didn't get anywhere....

Tall seemed to think that he didn't do anything wrong...

Tall walked away in a huff....

We sat there stressed out...

Tall didn't look at us or talk to us the rest of the day...

He didn't talk to us the next day either...

On Tuesday I said that we needed to talk...again..

Tall starts off by saying that he was sorry and that he would never do it again....

I asked him why he hasn't tried talking to us...he said we didn't try to talk to him!

He hugged us both and for a minute the world was okay again..

I would love to believe him and so I have to give him the benefit of the doubt...

Hopefully this story will end on Part 2 and Part 3 is never to be written...

You will be the first to know...



  1. I DON'T miss those teenager years! LOL

    Hang in there sweet friend.


  2. I hear you!
    I am doing the teens bit and revisiting the toddler stage too. I am new at the teen boy stage and can't remember the toddler boy stage.

    I am stressed a lot! LOL

    I sympathise with you on the problem of wanting to talk when your husband is still sleeping. We are ships that pass in the night here too. It is difficult when I have something I need to tell my partner and he has still several hours let to sleep.
    Yesterday I woke him up for dinner!

    Do hope there is not a part 3 for u.


  3. Oh babe...I don't envy you. I think you two did the right thing though! Teenagers...oh yeah I do not miss that stage. My husband and I raised 3 girls and we did live to tell the tale! :) I am not finding out things they did whilst being teenagers...sometimes I am glad I didn't know it then!!! LOL

  4. The worst part is, I remember being a sneaky teen and I'm just waiting for my comeuppance!

  5. I am about to do HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY. This has backburnering wiith me for days. I am sending something your way. I hope you appreciate it:-)

  6. atleast he said he was sorry. just hope this doesn't come up again. teens are tough. rose

  7. Well at least things are back to normal for the moment x

  8. Oh, but don't you know? When they're 17 they have all the answers. They're all grown up and can handle everything. (ha.)

  9. Never a dull moment with kids, no matter how big or small!(or tall)

  10. I'm happy you were able to talk - that's always so important. Here's hoping there's no part 3!

  11. OMG this is scary...what will I do when my daughters start doing such things...I'm getting myself a shotgun!

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  13. Oh, this brought back so many memories....
    Mama Bear

  14. I hope for no part 3 too!

    Sometimes it just sucks being the paren


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