Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Judge Judy

8:45pm Saturday
Tall: Mom can I sleep at Brian's?  Joey is going to.

Me:  Brian who?

Tall:  Brian Jameson

Me:  I didn't know you talked to him anymore....but yes, I guess so.

11:30pm Saturday

Grande:  (just got home from work)....Where's Tall?

Me:  Sleeping at Brian's house.

Grande:  Brian?

Me:  Yes Brian....hummm....that does sound kinda odd...he doesn't talk to Brian anymore and he hasn't been to his house in 2 years!

10:00am Sunday
I look at our Verizon account online and look at who Tall has talked to last....if he really did sleep at Brian's house then he would have text his girlfriend Kelsey several hundred times...right?

Not one text after 9:00pm Saturday...that's over 12 hours and not one text to/from her.

Me:  (Texting Tall)....I am going to be driving past the Jameson's...should I pick you up?

Tall:  umm no we are going to church soon they will bring me home after that

Me:  U don't have clothes for church

Tall:  im just going as i am i always use to when i went with them

Me:  I can bring some over

Tall:  we already left its fine i'll be home around lie 12 12:15

Me:  U said u were leaving soon.  I'll text Carol (Brian's Mom) to make sure she doesn't mind u going like that

Tall:  nevermind they are dropping me off real soon im with joey not Carol!

Me:  Ur not telling the truth.  I'm calling Carol.

Tall:  mom what is your problem

Me:  U didn't stay @ Brian's!

Tall:  yes i did

Me:  Ok I'll call Carol to make sure

Tall:  why are you making this such a big deal you put a lot of trust into me

Me:  cause u r lying

Tall:  okay im with kelsey now that was the only thing i was lying about she got me earlier because we wanted to hangout before she had work

Me:  U r lying!  U did not stay @ Brian's cause I checked!  Get ur a** home cause u r grounded forever!

Tall:  how did u check?

Me:  Get home now!

Less then 5 minutes later and he walks through the door.  The look on his face was priceless....like wow how did she figure it out...and damn I'm busted!

Tall:  Okay..so I stayed at Kelsey's...what's the big deal??

Me:  Your 17!  You have no business staying at any girls house!!

Tall:  I've known her for a year and I didn't think it was that big of a deal!

Me:  Well it is! If its not that big of a deal then why did you lie about it?

Tall:  Because you would have never left me go!

Me:  So its better that you lied..and got caught and now your in big trouble?

Tall:  It was worth the risk. 

Me:  Worth the risk?  So you are grounded forever and you don't seem to care?  Where was her Mom?  Her sister?

Tall:  Her Mom is out of town and her sister was away for the night.

Me:  So you guys were home alone all night?

Tall:  Yes.  We didn't even sleep in the same bed together and we didn't have sex!  (hmmm really?  then what was all THIS about??)

Me:  Omg and you think its ok that you lied and slept there?

Tall:  Okay maybe I shouldn't have lied but you would have said no and I wanted to spend time with her because I love her.

Me:  Exactly!  So why do you think it was okay to do it then?

Tall:  I don't know but everyone lies.

Me:  But its not okay to lie...especially to your parents...and you said in your text about trusting you so how can I trust you now?

Tall:  I guess you can't.

Me:  Wow...you don't even seem to care that you lied and your not owning up to what you did!

Tall:  I'm going upstairs.

10 minutes later

Me:  (texting Tall who is upstairs)....How about if I tell Kelsey's Mom?

Tall:  Ok

Tall:  there.  I just broke up with her  I guess this will settle everything thanks the girl I love is no longer in my life

Me:  Don't blame me for ur mistakes

Tall:  ok well you can ground me forever but i now dont have the best thing in my life anymore

Me:  That's ur decision

Tall:  i cant date someone i cant see thanks really its fine

Me: Then u really don't love her cause I don't know anyone that breaks off a relationship because they r grounded!

Tall:  no its not the fact im grounded but its fine she is crying and there is nothing i an do dont worry about it mom and dont tell me who i love ever

Me:  What?  U r being ridiculous!  U don't care who u hurt!

Tall:  k mom

Me:  U brought this all on yourself and ur the only one that can fix it

Tall:  there is nothing to fix we are done now end of story

Me:  And again, u don't love her then and if u don't want to fix it then it is the end of the story

Tall:  i know its the end of the story

To be continued....


  1. Sorry but this is really crackiing me up... wow how many VERY similar conversations did I have like that with my DAUGHTER.... wow and she too was always amazed that I figured it out. Good luck with the conversations that will follow.

  2. Parenting teenagers has got to be the hardest thing ever. They just don't get it!

  3. Wow, If the question had been asked 'can I go stay at Kelseys, her mum is away and I want to spend time with her?' what would you have said Java?

  4. Wow! Check you out for calling out Tall. Teenage boys are such bad liars too! Hope everything works out soon though! Happy thoughts to you!

  5. funny how teens can turn things around so it's somehow your fault! He's so trying to pin all this on YOU!

    can't wait to read the next installment!

    and I'm so glad my youngest will no longer be a teen in a month!

  6. Whewwwwww I just thanked the higher being that my son and daughter are now on their own haha...however...however...I just re-lived a blast from the past...both as a parent and as a teenager... yes...4 years ago (plus 30+years) I was a 17 yo male with ragin hormones :-) who also tried to pull one over on my mother and we didn't even have cell phones back then...haha

  7. oh my...I had 3 girls...YES I said 3!!! This brings so back sooooooooo many memories...Hang in there!

  8. OMG! Are you living my life? I think I had that same discussion with my T.K (17 year old)... and how come I always end up being the crazy mom who has trust issues? Thanks for the honest post... I enjoy reading all of the young mom blogs because I get to laugh and remember. Your blog however is honest and enjoyable because I relate to it currently in my life. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the visit (again)! I feel like we are becoming fast friends. Pop in anytime. at www.iheartdigiscrapping.blogspot.com

  9. I have so been there, done that! And I'm so glad my kids are grown and on their own. When my husband found a box of condoms in our son's closet, he brought them to me and asked if he should throw them away. I emphatically replied, "NO!" My feeling was that at least he was being responsible. Unfortunately, kids today have sex like we had goodnight kisses. It's just part of dating for some of them. Keep the lines of communication open and teach responsible sex.

  10. OK I was able to smile and giggle through it...since it wasn't MY kids this time! But I'm proud of you for finding him out and keeping mom's reputations everywhere intact. We might not literally have eyes in the back of our heads, but we have technical savvy! ;)

  11. Oh my, that's a lot of drama so early in the day! It is funny though, they think we are DUMB!

  12. Wow. Your Mom radar is excellent. I am honestly not that surprised that he lied. He is 17 and hormonal. He saw an opportunity and he took it. I am surprised that he was stupid enough to break up with her just because he got caught and then try to throw the blame back on you. I think that was totally a guilt tactic to make you feel bad about grounding him and making him lose "the only good thing in his life" because he lied. That was dumb. He should have known that you are way too smart to fall for that. If he is going to break up with his girlfriend that is his choice. Not your fault he lied, he got caught, and he chose to handle the whole thing by breaking up with her. Hormonal teens...

  13. OK. You have me quaking in my shoes (says mother of 13 year old!!!)

    BTW: Do I have to get my kid a phone and learn how to text so we can have a conversation that long?

  14. I don't miss those days, let me tell ya. They do make it to grown-ups, though, eventually....thank God.

  15. Since I would have thought it weird he wanted to spend the night with someone he was no longer friends with, I would have called the mom on Saturday to double-check it was okay for him to stay and to make arrangements for Sunday. OR I would have checked the Verizon account Saturday night to see what was up. But then I was never a very laid back Mom. :)

  16. Oh, you KNOW it's not the end of the story! KIDS! They think are so smart and then they get busted, and they just keep diggin their pit a little deeper and deeper.

    Can;t wait for the continuation

  17. Man this is a conversation I could have had with my oldest...but if he stayed the night with his gf, he'd be praying for only a grounding!

  18. this unfortunately becomes a common story. a parent do the best but these teens at times ignore parents. rose

  19. OMG. That sounds awfully similar to some conversations I've had. And Tall's answers were almost word for word what MS said. They're not so different, are they?

  20. Ouch on this one. How are things now? I honestly don't look forward to the teenage years, but I suppose everything is a phase or a streak at any age. There will be difficulties....even when one is 40, right?


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