Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why I'm never going to grow old...

When I turned 40 it was a huge eye opener for me. I couldn't believe where all the years have gone. I thought to myself that I have a life too even though I'm a Mom and a Wife and yet I wanted to do something for myself.  

I truly believe that "Age Is Just a Number." Age is but a notch on the tree of life. We are all on a spiritual path. We choose lovers, friends and family to mirror our soul's development. Partners of different ages can accelerate this growth. Therefore even though I am 49ish, I don't look at it as being 49ish, as "Age… Is a matter of feeling, not of years." I'm not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You're as old as you feel. Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty -they merely move it from their faces into their hearts. You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again. Live your life and forget your age. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up wrinkles the soul. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Don't go through life, grow through life and in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the
life in your years..... and I actually look and feel better now then I did when I was in my 20's.  

In my spare time, I take ballet lessons, which I love, and have been doing for 9 years now. I am also a licensed Cosmetologist and have my Real Estate license. I have worked as a Promotional Model in the past which was very interesting!  I take really good care of myself and my husband and I walk 3 miles least we try to!! I love to cook! Cooking for boys is not an easy task! I think I live at the grocery store!

I am truly blessed with my family and I'm so proud to have 4 sons and such a loving husband. I feel beautiful inside and would like to show the world how beautiful I am on the outside! Stay with me on my journey through life when the kids are growing up and moving out and yet your not sure where the time has gone!


 Joe is my loving life partner and hubby for 29 years but we've been together for a total of 35 years! He is so caring, supportive, forgiving and most of all my best friend. He is my rock and I wouldn't have life without him. He loves me as much as I love him! We like the same things and enjoy every moment together!

Venti is 26 yrs old. He is 6'4" and is HUGE! He eats and eats and eats! He is super smart and graduated from Penn State majoring in Civil Engineering. He is now working for the Government. He is married to Mocha and they have our first Grandchild, Espresso!  He is very sensitive and worries alot!....definitely fits the role of first born.

Venti and Mocha


 Grande is 25 yrs old. He graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice. He is the only one that looks like me! He is the most loving of the boys. He has a girlfriend Latte and they've been together for 4 years. He is the life of our family and our home would be boring without him. He only weighed 5 lbs when he was born and is still tiny!


Tall is 22 yrs old.  He graduated from college with a degree in Management Information Systems. He is our quietest child. He loves to sleep alot! Grande and him are best friends. He is very caring! He loves to eat and make fun of people!


Short is 15 yrs old. He is in 10th grade at a Catholic High School. He plays basketball and loves video games and the computer. He is super smart and has almost the same personality as Venti....who he idolizes! He is loving and worries about everything. Our house wouldn't be the same without Short! He came along 8 yrs after Tall.....we thought by waiting a couple of years that we would get a girl...but along came Short and we are so thankful!!

Our 2 handsome MALE cats!!

Ozzie - European Lilac Burmese


Rescued orange tabby

  and the only other Girl in the Family!  Maya!!


  1. Hi! I too am the mom of many boys... we have 5! Ranging in age from 11 yrs to 11 months!

    I just found your blog after reading your comments on Enjoying the Small Things (baby Nella's blog).

    I undertand exactaly what you mean. This last year I turned 32 and thought, oh my goodness... where has the time gone? Where am I? Who am I?

    Beautiful blog and beautiful sons!

  2. Yes, lot's of boyz indeed! Great to see you'll be adding a touch of pink in terms of a daughter-in-law soon enough! Where abouts does your hubby work for the PO, we are in upstate NY

  3. Yes I sure will!! We are in PA...your not too far away!!

  4. Just dropping in from UBP10 and wanted to say hello!

    I'm just in awe! You're blog is beautiful and from what I've just read here, I believe that you are a truly beautiful woman inside and out. :-)

    I will definitely be following you on your journey! I'm truly glad to have found you! :-) SO refreshing!

  5. You have a family to be proud of and I am sure they are proud of you too.
    Come visit me and enter my giveaway. Check out the site I have recommended. It is totally free and will save you lots of money!
    I am following you from FF.

  6. Hi, I loved this. I feel I'm in the same stage, also. Realization and acceptance. It'll be so nice to have a place where someone has a shared view.

    Pleasure to meet you.

  7. I feel the same way - age is just a number. You are so pretty and I look forward to getting to know more about you and your family. :o)

  8. Girl, you are beautiful! I agree...age is just a number!

  9. From a former fashion are breath taking! Your age has nothing to do with your modeling, its all attitude and presence!
    ....I love seeing real women in fashion!
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Hello, "Java!"
    Neat blog, and wonderful ideas you have!

    I myself am mom to 3 boys - very close in age to yours - 25, 22 & 17 years. Add my husband, 3 male dogs, plus one female (shes mine!), 1 cat, a parrot, a cockatiel, and a rabbit, and there's never a dull moment!

    I look foward to following your blog!

  11. I just found you from your button on Feathering an Empty Nest. Reading your profile on your left column sounds a lot like me. (minus the modeling). I have been married to my hubby for 27 years, been together for 30. We live on my great Grandfather's land that used to be a dairy farm until my Dad retired about 10 years ago. I have two grown children and two grandchildren. I can't wait to find more over 40 friends. Yahoo!!!

  12. Wow! Finding your blog has been great! I'm 45/life since turning 40, has thrown me some serious curves. I was pretty spoiled up until I hit 40. The positivity here will be great for me. I grabbed the button at the speed of light. Looking for bloggers over 40 has been a goal of mine.

    Your family is beautiful! I believe you must feel like you live at the grocery store! I at one time had a house of 2 boys and 2 girls. No one was tall-I'm 5'2"/dad 5'5". But still "lived" at the grocery store!

    Love the cats too. Gorgeous. Okay, this is a long comment. I'm following your blog every way I can-email,reader...don't want to miss anything.

  13. I love that you are modeling and having fun with your children and family as you never grow up. I also like to pretend for me that I am still young also.

    Smiles, Cyndi

  14. Hi there! I am checking out your blog from New Friend Fridays!! It looks like you have such a great family! I can't wait to check out some of your recipes. I am always trying to find great, healthy recipes to cook for my family. Would love for you to visit my blog! I am a follower now! :)

  15. I just read your full profile, Java. You sure are outnumbered in your house! :) I love your philosophy on age. I'm of a similar mind and certainly don't look my age and it saddens me greatly when people that I know or meet are affected in on way or another by the number of years in others.

  16. I love your blog and totally understand living in a house full of men I have 2 sons and grew up with three brothers no girls yet hopefully that will change when my sons bless me with a grandchild someday a girl would be really nice...spoiled like a princess for sure, you have a beautiful family and are one beautiful lady I see why your modeling what took yo so long to get started?? I enjoyed reading your profile and am looking forward to belonging to a great group of over 40 women I to believe its only a number but still hate to admit the 40+ I am...
    The Pondering Princess..Pamela

  17. You cannot possible know how much your blog has blessed me this morning! I had modeled when I was younger. Now, I'm a farm wife and my 4 lovely daughters are getting bigger every day and I have hit this wall that caused me to look up and say"I'm how old?" I love your attitude towards age! There are probably many gals like me who need a cheerleader. Thanks-

  18. Oh my goodness, your shaved main coon looks as chuffed as what my boy did when we shaved him. We laughed ourselves silly at how strange he looked ... we had no idea his legs were so long. I adopted mine when he was 5 and have 2 years of hell with him, but it was worth it to see his trust restored and his personality appearing ... don't think he'll ever be a totally happy and confident kitty, but he's getting there :-).

    I am definitely not the model look, but must compliment you on how awesome you look. Your boys are just gorgeous!

  19. Lovely lady, beautiful family, beautiful thoughts. So glad I landed on your page

  20. I just turned 40 and I had some significant problems leading up to it. I don't like anything that involves aging, but it is certainly difficult when, physically, things are challenging. I don't know what I want to do with my life either. At least I do know that I LOVE blogging.

  21. Love your blog! I'm 45, mom to 3 boys and a girl, and an empty nester...age is just a number!! Im new to blogging....check out mine if you would like!

  22. Hello Java!
    I am your newest follower - I am also from Pennsylvania and have a house full of testosterone! (Although mine are a bit from puberty)
    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  23. Your pictures are stunning. Your website is pretty and I've enjoyed coming by to read your offerings. Keep 'em coming, lovely lady!


  24. Love that I found your blog. I am 41, actually 42 in a few weeks. As I always say, getting older is better than the alternative LOL. Wow! You should have at least gotten female cats :) My husband and I have five kids, two oldest are girls so in a few more years, I will probably be the only girl in the house too.

  25. Hi Java! I'm also a PA native (except for a 3 year stint southern NJ). I have 2 girls and 1 boy, all who went through the Catholic schools (my oldest even went to Catholic college. I grew up in Delaware County, but now I live in Montgomery County. I'm part-time empty nesting (son is here 3 days a week) and my youngest is in school in western PA. My oldest lives in Delaware.

  26. Just stumbled across your blog! Have only read your about me so far, very cool! You have a beautiful family! And gorgeous cats! (Yay for you for rescuing!). I'm 43, and while age never bothered me...aging badly, and I am due to some serious health problems. But I'm still trying to "look as good as I can" even while feeling like crud, lol. Everytime I hear myself say my son is about to turn 23, I think "huh?" I can't believe I'm middle aged. My hubby is 51! I can't believe that either! :D Anyway, my 16 y/o daughter, our 3 dogs, and my 2 "step grandsons" are gonna keep me young! You're beautiful as is your family and I'm inspired your have started the 2nd half of your life with such gusto and new direction! Very cool!

  27. Found your blog by way of Mom Bites!

  28. Java, your attitude about age is right on, i.e., it's just like mine! LOL Also, I like to think I will never lose my little girl heart-the one that likes to be silly and giggly.
    Your family is so handsome, even the kitties. They should give you a discount at the grocery store. :o) blessings, k

  29. You are such an inspiration to all women! Thank you for being strong, independent, and beautiful..inside and out1

  30. Hello! Beautiful cats! I also have a adopted Main coon/american short hair, he talks all the time, but, it's not a meow. I am your newest follower! Please follow me back at My Blog Thanks, Denise

  31. Just joined up to follow you-found your Wordless Wednesday's on another blog I follow and came over to check it out.
    What a sweet family you have-good looking boys-and you are beautiful!!
    Would never guess 40-were do you hide your wrinkles?! lol
    Look forward to reading more.
    Have a great day.

  32. Hello! I am a 41 year old mama & wife...and I have 4 boys and 5 girls, ranging in age from 19 down to 2 years old. I am so glad to have found your blog! You are beautiful:) And I agree with you -- age is just a number! I still feel like I'm in my late twenties sometimes! Thanks for becoming a follower to my blog, and I look forward to joining your Follow Fridays and Meet Me on Mondays!

  33. Hi, I am over 40 and the mom of five beautiful and talented daughters. I am grandmother to 6 grandchildren too. :) Your blog is a great idea! Thanks. gahome2mom/at/gmail/dot/com

  34. Hi! I'm a fairly new blogger and I saw your over 40 button on a blogger's site. I'm also from PA: Havertown; and went to PSU. I now live in FL, and run a summer camp in Maine! I have grown kids, and have reinvented my whole life in the past 8 years since getting divorced. Please check out my blog: I love this whole female blogging community!

  35. Hi Java

    Looking good! ... :0)

    Your family looks wonderful. I have two girls one of 22 and one of 16.

    Thanks so much for inviting me to join your Over 40 Bloggers Club and I'm very happy to do so ... :0)

  36. My dear, you are a very beautiful woman! I too, have four kido's (3 boys and a girl), and am just a tad younger than you (BARELY qualifying for your club; I know, I'm just a spring chick! ;)... but would love to stay young forever. :D I think you will. ;)

  37. I love your philosophy on life! I wish I had your confidence!! :o) I love your blog!!!

  38. I love your nicknames for the boys, so appropriate. I too am a 40 something mom blogger. So glad to have found you.

  39. I am 54 and can"t believe I'm looking forward to 60! I hated turning 25 and when I found out that it wasn't a big deal, I didn't have to think with the age issue again!!! Patsy from

  40. Read your full profile and admire all your varied interests and beautiful family! (even Brody!) Found you through Grandma's Briefs and looking forward to reading more! I'm a tad bit longer in the tooth than you, but try my best to stay young!

  41. Hii, I just stumbled over your blog, I love your attitude. You have a beautiful family. Looking forward to reading your posts and following you through your journey. xx


  42. One of the best About Me pages I've read! I just love your positive attitude and how you are encouraging to women.
    I turned 40 last year, and it didn't hurt all that much - LOL. I'm not in the past shape of my life, but it has surprised me how much more comfortable in my own skin I have grown to be.
    Love that you took ballet! I need to find something like that.
    feel free to stop by my blog:

    Time Out For Mom

  43. Lovely family, Java! So nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blogs and for your lovely compliments. I will join in on your hop as soon as I can. I'm uber-busy this month with NaNoWriMo!

  44. You are gorgeous and your writing reflects your beauty. I'm so happy I found your blog. Although I'm a bit older than the over 40's crowd (more like over 60), I hope you don't mind me following your blog. I, like you, refuse to grow old. My inner child is alive and kicking so what better why to spend my time than hanging around with like-minded people. Thank you for sharing pieces of your heart and soul. I look forward to visiting your site again and again.

  45. Just found your blog from a button on Grandmas briefs blog and would like to put your button on mine. I can't believe you're over 40 you look fab! Youh have a gorgeous family. I've never heard of a main coon cat but he is very regal!

  46. I loved reading this!! I am 41 and mom to two boys ages 9 and 14 and one awesome girl who is 20!! (yikes))
    I have been married for almost 25 years to my best friend and high school sweetheart. At this stage in my life I have just decided to take an early retirement from government accounting and become a full time professional photographer!! Can you say SCARY!!

    I'd love to meet new blogger friends who are in this stage of life over at

    I'll keep on following your journey :)

  47. Wow i would love to be like you in 20 yrs time..:D You're an inspiration! You're so blessed! :D

  48. Hi I just found your blog, and I've been wanting to connect with other bloggers of 40! YAY!!!!!!!

  49. As an old NZ song goes (, life begins at 40! Glad to have stumbled across your blog.


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