Thursday, January 28, 2010

Circle of Life

I decided to start blogging because #1 I love the computer...#2 I love reading other blogs...and #3 I wanted to document my least from now on out. When I read other blogs I sometimes feel guilty for the uneventful life that I have. I read about miscarriages, illness, losing a family member, accidents, job losses, divorces, etc. Reading these makes me so sad for those involved. I am an emotional person anyhow....heck I cry over watching "Biggest Loser" and "Everyone Loves Raymond"...but reading these true life experiences really does effect me. I also like reading them to "see" and "hear" the happiness that does come after sad times and that brings a smile to my face.
One never knows when something tragic might happen...or when something fantastic happens...that is why I am realizing that life is so precious and it goes by so quickly. My boys seem to have grown from a child to an adult overnight! Where did the time go?? I can think back when Venti was 16..but where is 8, 11, 13?? Those years don't seem to be there in my mind and I just want to go backwards and relive them so that I can imprint them into my mind and never forget them.
When we have a baby, we can't wait for milestones like first tooth...sitting up....walking, etc...rushing them through life and before you know it, they are a teenager! How I wish I would have savored every moment...documented every little thing so I could look back and say, "oh yes...I remember that like it was yesterday"....growing old is hard for me. I am a little girl in my mind...wanting to say young...wanting my boys to stay young...wishing Joe and I were still in our 20's. Why is the cycle of life so sad? I don't know anyone that looks forward to getting old. I know its inevitable and because of that...I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it....

This picture was taken 7 years ago

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  1. Love this picture of you and your handsome menfolk, Java. I'm still a girl in my heart, too. Let's not ever lose that, girlfriend! Best part is, my hubby knew me when I was a girl and says I'm still his girl. blessings, k


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