Saturday, January 23, 2010

Overweight Child

Short is overweight. He is 9 years old and weighs 108 lbs....he weighs 3 lbs more then Grande who is 19 yrs old!!! I'm not quite sure either why he is overweight. He doesn't eat alot, but what he eats must be the wrong things. Plus he is a video game/computer junkie so that doesn't help! I thought for sure that once he started playing basketball in December he would slim down but he hasn't. I notice too when he is playing basketball that he gets out of breath. He also sweats alot. The doctor suggested things like no food after 6pm, drink only water, etc., we tried that for awhile and it didn't make any difference. Tall went through a chubby phase when he was in 8th grade but it didn't last but a year, but Short has been having weight problems now for the past 2 years.
Has anyone else had an overweight child? Have any suggestions?


  1. i am so there with you. my 9 year old daughter weighs over 90 pounds, she is tall but still has a stomach. she honestly would be more active if i encouraged it. i will tell you something i have done with my 13 year old (6 foot, size`13 shoe, 190 pounts) if he wants to play a computer game he has to earn it by playing that many minutes on wii fit or wii sports. most days he is ok but he still tries to get out of it. i figure he is at least up and moving. if he is playing the wii or xbox he has to be standing not setting and sometimes i make him move around while playing it. anything that helps

  2. Hi Pam!
    Thanks for the tips! That is a good idea to get him to stand while playing. He did have a Wii and traded it in for a PS3...should have kept the Wii! He definitely needs more activities. My 2 oldest never had any problems but they played outside way more then Short does. I just worry because I don't want him having problems as a teen...thanks again for your help!!

  3. Hi there. If your little one has ever taken swimming lessons, why don't you try it out again? Check to see if the local pool has public swim. Have him try a few laps to see if he likes it. If he does, encourage him to try all the strokes. Even better, have Mommy or a big brother get in and race him :) But if your boy doesn't like it, he can just splash around. Swimming is so healthy. Do that a couple of times, and see if he's interested in swim team.

    It's winter, so it's pretty hard to get exercise in. If you have a facility near you, try rock climbing! It'll be hard to him at first, but he'll be amazed at how strong he's getting after a few times.

  4. Holy cow! I'm so stuck on the fact that your 19 year old only weighs 105 pounds! He must be really really short- or way underweight! (Although he sure doesn't look like it!) How did he end up so teeny tiny?

    I don't know what to do about the weight thing with Short either... I was an overweight child and my parents were consumed with it, which did NOT help. However, I do wish something had been done when I was young so it didn't carry over into adulthood.

    Then there's also the theory of growing wide and then growing tall... I guess alot of people/children in our family tend to grow in this way- they will gain a bunch of weight and look chubby for a period of time. Then they'll go through a growth spurt, shoot up a few inches and suddenly be thin or right on target. It could be that once short hits puberty that all that baby fat will just be gone.


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